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Are you one of those people who did not take the Coronavirus pandemic seriously, and are now wondering how to keep yourself safe? You keep hearing fancy terms in the news – social distancing, disinfecting – but have no idea how to start doing them. And the more you delay, the more you risk exposing yourself to the virus.

Disinfecting refers to the process of cleaning with chemical products that kill viruses. This is why disinfecting products like bleach and wipes are going out of stocks in stores and pharmacies. People are stocking with cleaning supplies by disinfecting their houses, they feel more prepared to face this challenge.

About Germidin

Germidin are cleaning wipes that are used for disinfecting. They are made of alcohol, which is known as a soft disinfectant and used in healthcare facilities to clean surgical instruments. Alcohol-based disinfectants help contain the spread of viruses and bacteria.

In view of the recent coronavirus outbreak, government and environmental protection agencies have been asking people to use disinfectants to protect themselves. Along with hand-washing, disinfecting is an important safety measure. For disinfection, only products with an alcohol content of over 70% are effective, and Germidin is one such product you can bank on.

Germidin Pro

How To Use Germidin

Coronavirus is a kind of virus that can be easily killed by alcohol-based disinfectants. This alcohol-based disinfectant wipes are very easy and safe to use. When they come into contact with a surface, they kill the virus and bacteria.

One bottle of Germidin contains 60 wipes. They can be used on the body as well as to clean and disinfectants small surfaces. Make sure to pay attention to how long the disinfectant is in contact with the surface you want to clean. 1-2 minutes of uninterrupted contact with a surface will be enough to kill most viruses.

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Benefits of Germidin

Kills virus – These disinfectant wipes kill all kinds of germs, fungal infections, bacteria, and most importantly, all forms of virus – especially the coronavirus which is currently causing a global pandemic.

Gentle on the skin – Most people avoid using alcohol products for the skin because alcohol is known to be drying. It can also react harshly on sensitive skin. But these wipes, despite containing alcohol, are gentle on the skin. If you are tired of washing your hands every hour, you can simply take one of these wipes and wipe your hands carefully.

Non-corrosive – Corrosive liquids chemically damage the surfaces they come into contact with. Disinfectants like bleach and peroxide are hard disinfectants and can damage the surfaces they come into contact with. Alcohol is slightly gentler and does not react or damage most stuff – except glue and rubber products.

Acts quick – Alcohol works by coming into contact with surfaces, killing viruses, and then evaporating. It is important that alcohol is in contact with a surface for a long time before it evaporates. Despite this, this formula

Does not stain – These cleaning wipes are completely colorless and odorless. They don’t leave a stain over hands, or fabric, and even furniture if that is what you are cleaning. It also leaves no residue of any kind.

Purchase And Price of Germidin

To make sure you only receive the authentic product and not a duplicate, make sure you only buy from the official website of the manufacturers. Especially for a product as important as this, and during such a sensitive time, one should take all precautions to ensure you only buy high-quality and effective products.

Currently, the website is offering 50% off on these disinfectant wipes so that people can buy more for half the cost. The website offers three exciting deals:

  • 1 pack of Germidin Pro – This pack contains one bottle and will cost you $34.99
  • 2 pack of Germidin Pro – This pack contains two bottles and comes with one free bottle. It costs $69.99
  • 3 pack of Germidin Pro – This pack contains three bottles and comes with two free bottles. It costs $99.99

The website accepts all major credit and debit cards, as well as PayPal. For the benefit of the customers, the manufacturers are providing free shipping for a limited time.

Germidin review

Pros of Germidin

  • Helps in killing viruses like the coronavirus
  • Also kills bacteria, germs, fungi
  • Acts fast and immediately kills viruses
  • Does not chemically damage anything
  • Does not leave a mark or stain
  • Does not leave a residue

Cons of Germidin

  • Does not clean products, only disinfects them
  • Can react with some things like glue and rubber
  • Alcohol in these wipes can be flammable
  • Can only be used for small surfaces

Special Offer: Germidin Pro – Cleaning Wipes: $34.99 (50% discount per unit)

Customer Testimonials

Mia – I’m a nurse and I work with alcohol disinfectants all the time to clean medical instruments. I highly recommend these alcohol wipes and use them myself at home. They work great at killing the virus and can be safely used to disinfect household products.

Stephen – At work, I was finding it difficult to follow the advisory of washing hands every hour. So I ordered these wipes online and now use them all the time. They don’t dry my hands and I can use them on everything from my glasses to my laptop.

Ali – When coronavirus pandemic came to the US I was very afraid because my job involves meeting lots of people. But I also have a newborn at home and I did not want to risk anything. I bought these wipes as a safety measure and so far, I’m happy to say that they have been doing the job.


At a time when a highly contagious virus has brought life to a halt, it is our responsibility to be as safe as possible in our day to day life. And after social distancing, disinfecting with alcohol is the best thing we can do. These wipes can be used on everything from skin to small surfaces that you come into contact with every day – like laptops, phones, glasses, tables. Order these without thinking twice and safeguard yourself from this deadly virus.

Germidin review

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