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You need a sharp and healthy mind to reach the top of your career. When you start becoming forgetful and do not remember basic things like your address or what you say or even what you are about to do a second before, then you know that you are getting old. Medically, a doctor would say that these are the early warning signs of dementia.

The human brain is incredible. It is a complex network of nerves that supports a lot of functions, including memory, speaking, focus, sleep, and so many more. As you grow old, the neurons are unable to communicate properly, and this results in a lack of coordination and memory loss.

Nootropics can be beneficial, but only if the ingredients in the supplement are of the best quality. If you are looking for a good nootropic supplement, then you need to research the product carefully. Follow the steps given below and consider the following points when you are looking for a nootropic.

  • What Do You Need – If you want to use a nootropic supplement because you are unable to get your work done during the day, then this product is not for you. It is for people who are slowing down with age. They are not lacking in energy, but are slowing down mentally. There are other supplements that can give you extra energy.
  • Consider The Products Claims – You will find a product that looks interesting and makes a lot of promises. The product may have a lot of potential, but you need to step back and consider a few things before buying it. Check the ingredient information. Now compare the information with what you can find on authoritative websites and sources. You will get to know more about the ingredients used and whether they are harmful or if they have the health benefits as promised. Products using natural ingredients are not evaluated and approved by the FDA, and so you will need to do your research.
  • Be Careful About Entering Credit Card Details– Make sure that you don’t pay a large amount of money by entering into an autoship program, which you have not authorized. Find out about the return policy and get all the details before you purchase a product.


About GenBrain

GenBrain is a nootropic supplement. This supplement has been created by Charles Mayer. It improves the brain’s neuroplasticity, allowing users to remember as much as they can. The product was initially used as a treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It proved to be an amazing program that helps reverse the diseases.

GenBrain can be used by anyone, whether you are 20-year-old human or an old man. In both cases, it helps treat difficulties in learning.

Who Can Use GenBrain?

GenBrain is for anyone who has trouble focusing and is suffering from a lack of attention or anyone who needs to make the best use of their brain’s functions.

This product is for all men and women above 18 years of age who need to have a good memory and communication skills. If you are a college-going student and have trouble memorizing your syllabus, GenBrain can help retain all that you have learnt.


Given below all the active ingredients used in the formulation of GenBrain:-

  • Bacopa Monnieri– This plant is used in ayurvedic medicine for its numerous health benefits. It is found in North India and has been used in medicines and supplements for improving brain health. The properties of Bacopa Monnieri include improving the well-being of the cerebrum and supporting memory. It improves cognitive abilities. The concentrate of this ingredient is used in the formulation of GenBrain pills.
  • Vinpocetine– This ingredient is derived from the Periwinkle plant, which is found in Central and Southern Europe. It is a vital ingredient in many supplements and medicines that are used for treating damaged brain cells. The ingredient helps increase the flow of blood to the brain. When used in GenBrain, it transports Oxygen and supplements to the cerebrum.
  • Ginkgo Biloba– This ingredient is a vital part of Chinese medicine and has been used to treat a lot of health problems since ancient times. In GenBrain, the function of Gingko Biloba is to boost memory and provide mental clarity. It also helps enhance psychological speed, vitality and insight.
  • Acetyl L Carnitine– The ingredient is commonly known as ALCAR. It improves the capacity of the brain and is also known for its ability to improve the brain’s vitality. Traditionally Acetyl L Carnitine helps improving memory and learning. It also has anti-aging properties that slow down aging.

How Does GenBrain Work?

GenBrain is a nootropic which means that it is a brain supplement. It helps improve memory, focus and provides mental clarity. Given below are the ways in which GenBrain works: –

  • Enhanced Memory– GenBrain has become popular with users who have a problem remembering things. Using the supplement gives you a fast review time and enables you to have improved memory in a short time. The effects of the supplement are permanent.
  • Better Focus– Most people have a problem at work because of decreasing capacity to remember things with increasing age. This nootropic supplement helps you to remember things. It improves memory and focus, so that you can perform well at work.
  • Mental Clarity– If you do not have mental clarity, you cannot perform well or have rationality, mental sharpness and efficiency. GenBrain helps improve mental clarity.

GenBrain is a brain supplement that improves the efficiency of brain functions. It works to ensure that the brain can carry out its functions effectively.

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Benefits of GenBrain

GenBrain gives you a mental edge over others. Whether it’s your personal life or your career, you will always be ahead of others. GenBrain gives you the ability to remember things so that you can deal with stress and pressure at any time. Whether it is the pressure of your work or academic test, the neural performance of your brain is improved after you start using GenBrain.

Now you don’t have to spend hours trying to memorize phone numbers, your syllabus, your friend’s name or address. When your brain function is not optimal, be it due to age or due to stress, you cannot perform well.

With GenBrain, your brain’s performance will be sharp. The supplement gives you mental clarity and focus. Give yourself the gift of improved mental function, memory, motivation, intelligence, attention, cognition, concentration, and finally, success. When you have mental clarity and sharp focus, the sky is the limit for you.

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Side Effects of GenBrain

Although the product is a blend of natural ingredients, and there are no likely side effects, the ingredients used in the supplement can cause mild side effects that may be temporary. These may be allergic reactions, which will go away quickly. However, nootropics do have some side effects as given below:-

  • Increased blood pressure
  • Skin allergies
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Stomach ache

Purchase And Price

The product can be purchased from the official website of the manufacturer. The product may also be available with some retailers. However, it is recommended that this supplement should be purchased only from the official website of the manufacturer to avoid being cheated with copies or inferior quality, imitation nootropic supplements. Purchasing imitation can cause serious side effects which may be detrimental to health.

You can purchase a supply for 1, 3 or for 5 months. The price list is given below: –

  • The price for one bottle of GenBrain is $49. You will be charged shipping of $ 9.95 with this package.
  • The price for 2 bottles of GenBrain is $33 per bottle. You get an additional bottle free when you order the 2 bottles. Shipping is also free with this package.
  • The price for 3 bottles is $29.60. You get 2 additional free bottles with this package. So you are paying only for 3 bottles, while you get 5 bottles. Shipping is free with this package also.

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Money Back Guarantee And Return Policy

The pricing is quite high when you compare it with the other nootropic supplements available in the market. However, the manufacturer offers you a $15 credit. If you are dissatisfied with the product, you can return it and claim a refund, but you will have to bear the cost of the shipping the product back to the company. The manufacturer also offers auto subscription if you are happy with the product’s results and wish to have a recurring subscription.

You will need to return the order within 60 days from the date of purchase if you are dissatisfied with the results. Contact the customer service of the company to initiate the return and refund.

Customer Reviews

Janet ~ People used to call me stupid. I would forget names, addresses, appointments and everything else. Nobody trusted me to do any work properly, and I was afraid of being a social outcast. I had a friend who advised me to do something about it. She read about GenBrain and asked me to give it a try. I tried it even though I don’t believe that these kinds of supplements really work. But since I had nothing to lose, I ordered the bottle of GenBrain. But amazingly enough, the product worked for me. I don’t forget anything, and I am slowly regaining that trust that I have lost.

Peter ~ I wanted to move ahead in my career, but with so many youngsters in my firm, I didn’t get the chance. I didn’t know what to do or who could help me. One of my friends, who was using GenBrain, asked me to try out the supplement for just one month. He promised me that I could return it if I were unhappy with the results. So I tried it for a month and used the recommended amount. The difference is so significant that everybody at work and outside work has noticed it. I am going to continue using GenBrain for as long as I live.

Pros And Cons of GenBrain


  • The product is an entirely natural formulation using ingredients that are not only natural but also clinically approved.
  • It helps improve concentration and enhance memory.
  • It improves the ability of the brain to process things quickly.
  • The product is gluten and caffeine-free.
  • You do not need a prescription to buy GenBrain.



What is GenBrain?
GenBrain is a nootropic supplement for the brain that enhances your mental ability and helps you focus.

Who can use GenBrain?
GenBrain can be used by any man or woman who is over 18 years of age.

How can you use GenBrain?
Each bottle of the product contains 60 tablets. Take 2 tablets in a day, morning and evening, along with water and with your meals.

How soon will the results be visible?
The results will be visible within 6 weeks of use of the nootropic supplement.

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Based on everything that we have learnt about GenBrain, it appears that this product is genuine. It delivers what it has promised, namely improved mental clarity, focus memory and attention. It enhances the brain’s functions so that you can perform better.

The formula contains 4 vital ingredients, which work together to improve memory in adults. The formula is completely natural and effective. The ingredients in this formula have been known to enhance productivity and intelligence.

However, the manufacturer does not offer free samples or trials packs. While having samples and trials would be advantageous, there is a money-back guarantee, if you return the product within the prescribed time limit.

The biggest advantage is not having any autoship program, which means that your card will not be charged for large amounts without your permission.

Overall, this product is genuine and will give your brain the boost that you need to move ahead in life.

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