Five Ways To Track Your Health With Your Mobile Phone

We are living in a busy world. Everyone is running to meet the ends of life. So, most of the time, having a healthy body and achieving are often forgotten. That’s why it is essential to set a reminder for exercise, to eat, and to sleep correctly. It will help you not to get regret doing nothing for your body.

Benefits of tracking the health

If you regularly track your health without any failure, you will get excellent results. It will not only help to improve the physical condition but the mental state also. Let us discuss some of the benefits:

  • Will be more aware of the health:

Using a health tracking device will give you constant reminders about the things you need to do to maintain health. This will help to make you concerned and aware of the health. Devices like fitness trackers and watches have sensors, and it will give an alarm or notification to your phone when there is any change in your body like heartbeat change, weight gain, etc. So you will be aware of your body and health.

  • Help to ensure a good night sleep and mental state:

There are sleep trackers that can help you with the sleep schedule. It will calculate the period you needed to sleep, how long you have slept, what time you have to sleep, wake up to maintain good health, etc. It will help to analyze the sleep behavior and sleep cycle. For people suffering from insomnia, these trackers can be a great help. You will be able to adjust the sleep pattern and to follow it for good health. And if you think there is disruption, then you can consult a doctor.

  • Help to strengthen the immunity:

The trackers will analyze the time you eat and the type of food you eat. It will provide you suggestions about the food you have to take for good health and immunity. It will help you to eat food at the right time and in the right quantity. It will help change the diet plan to a good one that includes all the body nutrients. You have to track the weight, dietary supplements, exercise, quantity of water, food intake, etc., to attain a better immunity.

  • Help to avoid diseases:

If you are tracking the health, it also means that you are undergoing general checkups every year. By doing these checkups, you are reducing the risk of getting diseases. You can prevent the body from getting diseases like Alzheimer’s, arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, etc. You have to do annual checkups that include checking the glucose level, cholesterol, chest x-ray, dental checkup, urinalysis, Pap smear, blood chemistry, etc. It will help to make sure your body is getting enough water and nutrients and is working fine.

  • Help to improve the cardiac condition:

By tracking the heart rate, you can easily understand when there is a problem. It will help you to know how much hard workouts or exercises you can do. The trackers will measure complete health and fitness over time, based on the resting condition’s heart rate. You can use trackers on the wrist, armband, and chest to monitor the heart rate. Among these, the chest is the best option to get accurate data. This will help you from heart attacks and other problems related to the heart.

Health With Your Mobile Phone

Ways to track health with the phone

You do not need all wearable gadgets like smartwatches or fitness trackers to track the health; your mobile phone is enough for it. It can track fitness, sleeping and eating patterns, calories, and much more. Mobile phones can act as a powerful and useful tool to maintain your health. There are many apps and software that can help you to track fitness. Some of the ways to track health using a phone are:

  • Enter the information manually:

This can be considered as the primary way to track health. You can follow the weight, pressure, glucose level, energy, etc. You can use the apps to add notes to your phone to enter the information. You can make a list of to-do-list which include the exercises, diet, and other plans. There are many apps like MyFitnesspal that help you to track the diet.

  • Link the phone to the apps:

You can link your phone to different fitness apps and trackers you use. When you do this, the phone sensors can select the type of health information you want automatically. The apps will use the phone’s stock hardware to provide specialized health-related functions. Apps like the Runkeeper uses the phone’s GPS to track the outdoor activities you do like running and walking. There are apps like zombies, run which can monitor activities like treadmill running.

The sleep tracking apps will use the accelerometer in the phone kept near the place you sleep to monitor the sleep’s length and depth. Some apps can detect the heartbeat rate when you place the finger on top of the phone’s camera. The apps also use a camera to detect the saturation of oxygen in the blood. You can use the phone to scan the calories, nutrients, and ingredients in packed food items.

  • Connect the phone to other devices:

Smartphones have a great benefit to track health. But if you connect the phone to other tracking devices, it can provide additional help. You can pair the phone with other measuring health deceives. The Glucose Meter, Blood Pressure Monitor, Fit-Bit, Jawbone, Spark, Weight Monitor, Pulse Oximeters are a few to name used to measure oxygen saturation and heart rate.  The heart rhythm monitors are a lifesaver like Alicor device, peak flow meter to monitor breathing patterns or asthma conditions, etc.

  • Get access to the health records:

The health care providers will handle most of the information related to your health conditions and store data about health in electronic health records. You can access the data like test results, medications, vital signs, visit summaries, etc. You can collect the information from the patient portal through the phone by downloading it. You can also share the data from the phone to your EHR. But the thing to be noted is that this method may not always be safe.

  • Keep a log:

Try to become a life logger. You can keep a log of all the activities you have done for maintaining good health like a workout routine, eating habits, sleep routine, drinking water, etc. Smartphones can automatically capture these data and convert it to live logs spanning over a few years. There are apps like Instant for lifelogging that will help to keep track of your life and support throughout a time. The apps will collect data like the places you went, sleep, weather, work, and the time you spent on the phone, and it will add the data to the dashboard. It will also provide reports weekly and will help you to interpret the data.

The best method to ensure this long term health is by tracking. The use of various gadgets equipped with health apps like mobile phones to follow the fitness regime brings significant health and wellness benefits. There are plentiful mobile apps that can help you accomplish the tracking health will provide many long term benefits.

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