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When you have a baby at home, you tend to take additional precautions in terms of health and hygiene. You clean your hands before touching your child; you keep your home clean; you are careful not to fall ill so that your baby stays fit. Babies have a developing immune system and can fall sick quickly. An unwell baby can be very cranky and can keep you up for long hours at night. Generally, if your baby breaks into a fever, it means that they have an infection, and it can be a worrisome sign in babies at times.

However, fever in young children isn’t uncommon. But they can get fussy when you try to monitor their temperature. Babies cannot stay still, and trying to measure their fever is really a task. You cannot put a thermometer in their mouth or their armpit without them throwing a tantrum. Wouldn’t it be great if you could check your baby’s temperature without having to touch the thermometer to their body? Fever Patrol is a product designed to meet these needs precisely. You can save yourself and your baby the trouble of using complicated thermometers by using Fever Patrol.

Fever Patrol Digital Thermometer

About Fever Patrol

Young children are very susceptible to illness. With traditional thermometers or older digital thermometers, you may have to measure your child’s temperature by keeping the thermometer in their mouth or the armpit. Moreover, the same thermometer might be used by other family members too. These methods may cause further bacterial infection in your child. However, with advanced technology, Fever Patrol saves you and your family from this problem.

This gadget is a new-age digital thermometer that allows you to measure your child’s temperature without having to touch them. It works within a second and gives you precise results. Not only does it measure body temperature, but you can also use it to measure the temperature of baby formula, foodstuffs, bathing water, and more. So, even as your kid sleeps, you don’t have to trouble them to measure their fever. You can simply point it and record the temperature.

How Does Fever Patrol Work?

If you are still using the traditional or older versions of digital thermometers, you will have noticed that you need to wait for a full 2 or 3 minutes before you can get an accurate reading. Your baby, obviously, does not share your patience, and you may never get a precise measure. However, Fever Patrol works within a second. It also has a color alarm that indicates whether your child has a high, mild, or no fever.

It uses infrared technology, which measures the heat radiated by your baby’s body. The advanced technology allows this thermometer to give you an accurate result in a blink of an eye. It is non-invasive, which means that you do not have to touch any part of your baby’s body to the thermometer. You simply have to hold the thermometer near the head for it to display the temperature. So, even with a fussy baby, you can easily keep a tab on their fever. Besides, the device can keep a record of yours and others’ illness in the family. So, even using the same thermometer will not cause any infection to your baby or others.

Fever Patrol review

How To Use Fever Patrol?

Unlike other thermometers, Fever Patrol is relatively straightforward to use. You have to follow 3 simple steps to find your accurate result.

You have to select between the 2 modes provided. One is for measuring body temperature while the other is for an object. So, if you are checking your child’s temperature, turn the switch to ‘body.’ If you want to measure the temperature of bathing water, milk, food, etc., then choose ‘object.’

Once you have selected the desired mode, point the thermometer to the person or object whose temperature you want to measure. You do not need to touch the thermometer on any part of the body or the object. Fever Patrol will immediately display the temperature on its widescreen. You will also see a color indicator which will indicate how high or low the heat is.

Fever Patrol will then record the temperature, and you can repeat the process whenever necessary.

Fever Patrol can store up to 64 readings. So, you can refer and compare temperatures to know if your child’s fever is reducing or increasing.

Technical Features of Fever Patrol

  • The body of the thermometer is compact and sturdy. You can conveniently hold it in one hand and check the temperature.
  • Fever Patrol has incorporated buttons that allow you to switch between modes easily.
  • The display screen is large. You can see the temperature recordings clearly.
  • It has long battery life. You will require 2 AA batteries to operate the device. The device switches off automatically when not in use. Thus, avoiding wastage battery.
  • Fever Patrol has a color display as well. This display lets you know whether the temperature is high, mild, or low.
  • It has an in-built memory system that can record up to 64 readings.

Is It Safe To Use This Thermometer?

The usage of an invasive thermometer can lead to bacterial infections, especially if an entire family is using the same one. So, you might end up harming your child as you check their temperature without even knowing it.

Fever Patrol has no such risk thanks to its no-touch infrared technology. This thermometer does not come in contact with your child’s body or any other family members’ body. You only have to point the thermometer to get an accurate measurement. Therefore, Fever Patrol is tremendously safe to use by all.

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Benefits of Fever Patrol

  • Fever Patrol is an easy and convenient thermometer that digitally measures temperatures using infrared technology. This advanced technology ensures that you do not have to touch the body or object whose temperature you are recording. Therefore, you can protect your child from unnecessary bacterial infections, which may arise by contact thermometers. Also, you can use the same thermometer for an entire family.
  • With traditional thermometers, you would have had to wake up your child while trying to measure their temperature at night. With Fever Patrol, you only have to point the thermometer to get your readings without disturbing your child’s sleep.
  • Old-fashioned thermometers and some other versions of digital thermometers require you to keep the device in place for 2-3 minutes. At least digital thermometers have a beeping sound indicating the final measurement, the older thermometers didn’t even have that. However, Fever Patrol is exceptionally fast. Within a second, it will record and display the temperature on its screen. So, even with a cranky baby, it is effortless to measure the fever.
  • Another benefit of using Fever Patrol is that you can use the same thermometer to measure the temperature of different objects. So, you no longer have to guess if the baby formula is the right temperature, or if the bathing water is too hot. You can simply point the thermometer and let it tell you.
  • Generally, when your child has a fever, the doctors will advise you to keep a record of how often they are getting a fever and what the temperature is. Even if you forget, Fever Patrol will keep track of your child’s illness. This advanced thermometer can record up to 64 measurements and helps you understand your child’s progress.

Purchase And Price

You can purchase Fever Patrol from their official website at discounted prices. You will get one thermometer for $99.99 plus shipping and handling charges of $8.95. If you are buying 2 devices, then you will get them at a discounted price of $199.98 and $9.95 shipping charges.

For 3 thermometers, you will have to pay $235.93, which includes a $10.95 shipping and handling charge. For $311.92, you can get 4 Fever Patrols, including a shipping and handling fee of $11.95.

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Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

Fever Patrol offers a 30-days money-back guarantee. If you are not happy with the product, you will have to inform them and send the product back. They will give you your full refund, minus shipping, and handling fees, no questions asked.


How Accurate Is Fever Patrol?
Fever Patrol uses advanced infrared technology to measure temperatures. Therefore, this thermometer is accurate up to 0.4ºF or 0.2ºC. So, it is almost 100% accurate. Traditional contact thermometers can make a lot of mistakes. But with Fever Patrol, you do not have to worry about being wrong.

Up To What Temperature Can Fever Patrol Measure?
Fever Patrol is designed not only to monitor the temperature of a human body but of various other objects too. Hence, it has a wide range for measuring temperatures and can record between 0º – 100º C, which is 32ºF – 212ºF.


  • Fever Patrol is non-invasive. You can measure temperatures within a second without having to touch anybody or object. You have to hold the device 5-15cm away from the body to get an accurate measure.
  • It has a color code to indicate how high the fever is along with a display screen. Green color indicates no fever, yellow color means a mild fever, and red color indicates a high fever.
  • The thermometer has changeable settings. So, you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit. You can also choose between body and object as per what you are measuring.
  • Fever Patrol is light-weight. So, you can carry it around wherever you go without any issues. Also, the thermometer does not need any particular maintenance. You will only have to change the batteries once in a while.
  • Fever Patrol comes with a 30-days money-back guarantee. So, you can try the product for its promised features and return it if you don’t like it.


  • There are other similar products on the market. So, it is easy to get confused with other products which may not be as good.· Fever Patrol is only available online.

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Customer Testimonials

Finally, I have a solution to measuring my 8-month old’s temperature without him throwing tantrums. I am so glad that this product is available in the market. I have had tough times trying to record my son’s temperature the last time he had a fever. Luckily now I can do it with ease and without having to wake him up at night. This is a must-have thermometer for all parents.~Rachael Oliver, 32, Philadelphia

Fever Patrol is a fabulous thermometer. I bought this thermometer after a friend suggested it to me, and I have only praised it since. My kid had fallen sick, and my friend saw how painful it was to record her temperature. She was cranky and fussy and just wouldn’t let me use the thermometer. My friend quickly ran back to her house and lent me her Fever Patrol, and I couldn’t believe how quickly this thermometer worked. Fever Patrol really saved me a lot of trouble through my daughter’s illness. ~Laura Cloutier, 35, Texas


Measuring a baby’s temperature can be a tedious process if you don’t have the right equipment for the job. Your baby will not stay still for long, and if you try to hold them tight, then the shrieks will be ear-splitting. Eventually, you will get frustrated and might start medicating your child based on how hot your baby is to touch. However, you no longer have to second-guess yourself. With Fever Patrol, it is extremely convenient to check your child’s fever without even having to touch his/her body.

Earlier, such sophisticated devices were seen only with your pediatricians. But now, with advancing technology, this thermometer is available to everyone at a reasonable price. Fever Patrol is designed for all those parents who know how painful it can be to handle an ill child. This non-invasive thermometer is very safe for your child, too, as it does not attract any bacteria which contact thermometers do. Now, you can treat your child’s fever faster and with accurate temperature readings using Fever Patrol.

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