Expert Tips for Computer Eye Strain Relief

With the new digital revolution, most of our tasks take place on computers or any other digital devices. Even kids these days spend at least 8-hours every day watching the blue screen. People these days interact more with their computer screen as compared to people in their lives. But, this lifestyle is hampering our eyes. Looking at the screen for a long duration and not taking enough care of your eyes can cause severe damage to your eyes.

Eye Strain

Obviously, we can’t ask you not to look at the computer screen anymore as it’s almost impossible. We can help you get tips that can help you get rid of the eye strain.

Simple tips to get rid of eye strain:

Hydrate well

One of the best tips that can help you get rid of all health ailments is to hydrate well. When we are talking about hydrating your eyes, it means using lubricating drops for your eyes. Thus, try to use a few drops of quality eye drops to hydrate your eyes so that you can reduce the chances of your eyes becoming gritty and sore. So, the next time you feel your eyes are getting tired, try to take a few drops of eye drops and give the needed hydration to your eyes.

Drink water

Hydration from the inside is as important as hydration from the outside. Thus, drinking enough water every day can keep your body, as well as eyes, hydrated. On average, you should try to drink at least 8-glasses of water every day. If you are involved in regular exercise, try to include more proportion of water as most of the water gets wasted in the form of sweating. You can even ask your physician about the quantity of water you should drink every day.

Try to avoid dry air

Dry air can make your eyes even drier, and you may face the problem of eye irritation. It is important to pay attention to the air quality in the area you are living in. Most workspaces use air conditioners, heaters, and other appliances that can move the dust in the air. Their air can disrupt the tear film in your eyes. Thus, try not to sit too close to these appliances. This way, you won’t get direct air, and you may not get too much eye strain.

Take break

Although it may seem impossible to take breaks when you are working, it is highly advisable so that your eyes won’t get strained. You need to schedule your time for which you will stay away from the computer screen. Many studies have found that people who take breaks away from computer screens faceless eye strain as compared to people who work without breaks. Thus, the next time you feel redness and irritation in your eyes, go for a walk and relax by closing your eyes for 5-minutes. Your eyes need as much rest as other parts of your body.


When we blink, we close our eyes, and our eyes get the needed rest. As per research, people who regularly work by looking at the computer screen blink two-thirds less than others. This way, the tear film in your eyes evaporates, and your eyes may dry. Thus, try to blink as often as you can to get relief from eye strain.

Eye snacks

Yes, to get rid of eye strain, you need to include eye snacks in your everyday diet. Eye snacks are those foods that can improve your vision and provide better health to your eyes. Try to eat food that is rich in Vitamin A, vitamin C, and Vitamin E. All these vitamins are highly essential to maintain good health for your eyes.

Appropriate light

Most people feel eye strain because they don’t work in proper lighting. Try to work in a room that has the proper availability of lights. Reflections may make you squint. Thus, try to have a workspace that is full of lights.

Your eyes are one of the most precious gifts from God. But, the digital revolution is ruining our eyes and our vision. Make sure to include all these tips so that you can get rid of eye strain. Let us know if these tips worked well for you.

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