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Are you a fitness freak who wants to track the miles you are running in a day? Or do you want to track the amount of time you are sleeping at night and want to change it consciously? Have you been longing for a premium smartwatch that has all the latest features but found it expensive? Or if you want to keep track of your pulse, heart rate, then your dream product, eWatch is here. It has all the features an individual need to monitor his or her health and henceforth lead an active lifestyle.


About eWatch

The eWatch is a smartwatch that has become a best-selling brand and for justifiable reasons. This smartwatch uses the most advanced circuits and is manufactured in a very advanced and sophisticated factory. It’s manufactured in the same factories as expensive smartwatches of big companies. The technology used is comparable if not better than those fancy watches. And all the best parts, technology and software are used in eWatch. It’s functioning is very smooth and fast. The android operating system is used in the eWatch, and you will find no operational lag or hanging issues. And it’s been made to work with any smartphone.

Technical Facts and Features of the eWatch

  • It is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.
  • It has Bluetooth connectivity for music, phone calls, etc. It also has a phone finder function through Bluetooth.
  • You get notifications for incoming calls and messages.
  • It has a built-in speaker and mike for receiving phone calls.
  • It has a Retina HD touch screen display of 1.54 inches.
  • It has a powerful remote camera.
  • It has an activity tracker like step display, calorie consumption, time display, distance display, etc.
  • It reminds you to get up if you are sitting or in a stationary position for a long time.
  • It has an automatic sleep monitoring function. It can let you know whether you have a complete sleep cycle.
  • It can give you information about deep sleep, light sleep, awake state.
  • It has a silent alarm function that activates automatically when the eWatch catches you sleeping.
  • It has a waterproof aluminum casing.
  • Double-sided specially hardened glass display.
  • Long life lithium polymer battery.

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How does the eWatch operate?

The eWatch is one of a kind smartwatch that is affordable and convenient to use. First, download the required software on your mobile operating system, be it iOS or Android. Then, switch on the Bluetooth on your mobile. Consequently, turn on the Bluetooth 4.0 of eWatch. Connect the smartwatch with your phone and get all your social media updates, work emails, calls, messages, and other notifications in one place. Also start monitoring your heart rate, pulse, ECG, sleep pattern and take conscious steps to improve your health and overall lifestyle.

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Benefits of eWatch

  • Strong and resistant body:it has an extremely resistant casing of aluminum, with hardened glass on both sides that gives it a smart look as well as a strong body.
  • HD Touchscreen: It has a high-definition retina touch screen system which provides it with an attractive look.
  • Bluetooth Compatibility: It has Bluetooth 4.0 that is compatible with both iOS and Android operating systems. This helps you to always be in connection with the world.
  • Instant notification updates:You get status updates, activity logs, important work emails and other notifications that help you attend to important work instantly.
  • Long life of Battery: It consists of one lithium polymer battery that is has a very long life.
  • One of a kind smartwatch:The eWatch is the first smartwatch in the market that has fitness tracker, heart rate tracker, sleep monitor in one sleek and attractive design. It has an easy to read and high-quality display in all the lighting.
  • Extra benefits:The product is also water-resistant and has a menstrual cycle tracker. It also tracks your activity throughout the day and reminds you to sit less and move more. You can take and make calls. It has a personal voice assistant function that helps you to operate the smartwatch. It can also arrange work appointments for you.

Purchase and Price

  • The eWatch is available in two attractive colors – black and white – on the official website of the company.
  • When you buy one eWatch, you get a 50% discount on the purchase. You get it for $79.
  • If you decide to purchase two eWatch, you get each for $72.50.
  • When you buy three, you get each smartwatch for $63. So the discount increases as you purchase more units of the product.
  • The company also gives you the chance to improve your order with add on like a two-year warranty that is worth $9.95. Additionally, you get an eWatch protector that costs $5 if you buy one, $9 for two and $15 for three protectors.
  • The company is also offering free shipping for a limited time.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a 14-day refund policy to its customers. If you have not opened the package and have not used the product that was delivered, you can write an email regarding a refund to the company within 14-days of receiving the product. The company offers a refund if the product is returned within the allotted 14-day time period. If the product you have received is defective, the steps you follow are the same.


How is this eWatch better than others?
It is beneficial to people with a busy and rapid lifestyle as in such a lifestyle needs conduct over their health and fitness. There isn’t any better sports watch which monitors your heart rhythm and heart rate. It reminds you to get up if you are sitting for too long. It monitors your sleep. It is not only advantageous to the people who exercise but it gives an alert notification when something serious happens to you. Moreover, it is very affordable.

Where can I order eWatch?
You can purchase and order the eWatch from the manufacturer’s official website on the Internet where the company offers you a discount of up to 50 percent and also free delivery to your place. If you purchase more than one eWatch, the discounts would also increase. The company also offers a two-year guarantee on the eWatch or more than one eWatch at a minimal extra charge.

Is it tough to learn the operation?
No, it is not. eWatch is very simple to operate. You can just download the software on your smartphone, be it Android or iOS. It is not at all difficult to operate or use. It is very easy and simple to use.

Are the transactions on the company’s purchase website safe?
The transactions are secured by a 100 percent secure SSL encryption. The company also provides you with a guaranteed safe checkout.

Does the company accept international orders?
Yes, the company accepts international orders as well as domestic orders. Now, you can order this product from any part of the world.

What are the payment methods available?
The company allows you to pay by Visa card, MasterCard and American Express. The company also offers you to pay with the recognized payment application known worldwide called PayPal.

Is the eWatch compatible with Android smartphones?
Yes, the eWatch is compatible with both Android smartphones as well as iOS operated phones.

Does the company offer any warranty?
Yes, the company offers a one-year warranty on one eWatch or more than one eWatch. The company also offers a two year on the eWatch or more than one eWatch at a minimal extra charge.

Is the eWatch water-resistant?
Yes, eWatch is made up of hard metal and the casing is water-resistant which means now you can swim with the eWatch and track the duration for which you did your physical exercise. You can achieve your fitness goals with ease.

What are the shipping charges?
The company offers free shipping on one or more than one eWatch.

Get eWatch With 50% Discount and Free Shipping Worldwide

Pros of eWatch

  • Can be used with any smartphone.
  • It has an advanced health tracking function for the fitness freaks. Also, people with health issues like diabetes or heart problems will find this function useful.
  • It has good quality speakers for attending to phone calls and listening to music.
  • It has a very powerful microphone for receiving calls.
  • You can locate your phone if it is connected through Bluetooth.
  • Notifications for messages and incoming calls appear on the screen. You can even read the messages.
  • It has a waterproof and very durable body. It can withstand any type of collision.
  • It has a very long-lasting battery.
  • It is a very reasonably priced smartwatch compared to other expensive brands.

Cons of eWatch

  • This product is available for purchase from the website of the company.
  • If the company has limited stocks your delivery may be delayed.

Customer Testimonies

I always loved to wear watches, but with the advent of mobile phones, I realized that the need for wearing watches is reduced. I could see the time on the mobile which I always carry. But how would it be if you can receive calls, view text messages, notifications and status updates on your watch? My eWatch does precisely all these and more. So the need for wearing a watch has not reduced for me. It has increased. With a whole lot of features and great looks, it is adding value to my life. Daniel Driver, 35, Brooklyn, New York.

As a doctor, I have to be on the move and ready to leave for patient visits at any time. I also have to receive calls from my clinic or patients and reply promptly to their queries. For all these, I must be always available round the clock. My wife presented me with eWatch on my 25th wedding anniversary. With eWatch I can receive calls, send and receive messages on the move. This way, I can provide better services to my patients and their family. It also provides the added benefit by monitoring my heart, sleep, and activity. With its long-lasting battery life, it doesn’t need to be charged every now and then. Joel Brown, 56, Philadelphia Pennsylvania.

I am a marketing professional, and my job entails travelling a lot. I am required to be connected to my office and also my customers to serve them better. During hours of travel, I use the eWatch for convenience. It is compatible with IOS and Android and has a long battery life. I can check the messages or reply to them even while boarding a flight or during security check. I can ensure that I never miss out on any important mails or queries. As I am also a fitness freak, I use my eWatch to keep track of the health condition of my heart or whether I am getting the required hours of sleep. Daisy Wyatt, 42, Los Angeles, California.

My son is a person who loves to remain connected, whether on social media or through calls or texts. I gave him an eWatch on his birthday. With eWatch, he can ensure that he is never out of touch, more so because of its long battery life. He can receive notifications from social media without looking at the phone only by seeing his watch. He can make calls and send messages from his phone on the go. He uses eWatch to monitor his daily activities and keep track of how much he has slept every day. Elaine Williams, 49, Dallas, Texas.


If it has always been your dream to own a premium smartwatch, but you have restrained yourself from owning one because of the price, you no longer have to. The product offers you all the features of a premium smartwatch at an extremely reasonable price. People who believe in having an active and healthy lifestyle have a lot to benefit from eWatch. If you are suffering from disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes and you want to keep track of your pulse, heart rate and sleep pattern, you can easily do so and take conscious steps to improve your health. The manufacturer is offering the product at discount rates for a limited time, so order your eWatch now!

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