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A flashlight is one of the most integral parts of a toolbox. A flashlight is approached when there is an issue with improper vision of a particular area. It is used for a lot of real-life applications. For example, its dark and the vehicle breaks down in the middle of the highway, at night. There are no shops or filling stations nearby. What would be the solution to this particular situation? The solution would be to find a mechanic. To do that, there should be a source of light, a good one. What is required is a flashlight that gives visibility and power to light up the way to the next town.

That is where Evatac steps in to save the day. Evatac Q5 Flashlight is a technological marvel. It is one of the best flashlights that are currently available in the market. This company produces these flashlights for tactical use. The flashlight is a very powerful tool. Its applications are immense. The military design makes the flashlight stand out in the crowd. The company Evatac has revolutionized the entire market.

The company believes in the best of practices. It provides a lot more than the flashlight. The company is providing tools for survival along with the flashlight. The complete experience of survival is explained in the medium provided. The company has put out this in an excellent way. It provides experience in a different way than other market competitors.

Q5 Taclite

About Evatac Q5 Flashlight

The Evatac Q5 flashlight is a one of a kind product. It is a military utility flashlight that is of excellent quality. The company has put a lot of work into this product. The quality parameters are set very high. The flashlight is a trendsetter in the market. The Evatac Q5 Flashlight has a completely different agenda rather than to capture the market.

The Evatac Q5 Flashlight is made like a jet. Its design is sleek and bold. The features that can be seen on this is of elite quality. Since the flashlight is made for military purposes, the specifications have been modified too. It is very strong and the build quality is excellent. The components that have gone into making this product is of the very standards. The flashlight has a brilliant range of illumination. It means that it can shine the light to a very long distance.

The Evatac Q5 Flashlight is worth every penny. It has a very small body compared to that of other flashlights. With its tactical design, the company has created the flashlight in such a way that it can be held with ease. It is made of a special material that is light and is also incredibly strong. The company has worked up a wonderful exchange in which anyone can have a first-hand experience with the flashlight. Only if the product is satisfying, the purchase can then be made.

The exciting aspect of the Evatac Q5 is its specifications and features. This flashlight is not only a simple survival tool. It is also mean to be used as an attachment to a firearm. This function is mainly used by the army, the police or private enforcement agencies. The bright light is enough to blind even the most dangerous assailant. This is exactly the reason why the Evatac Q5 flashlight is such an important addition to every household.

How Does The Product Work?

The Evatac Q5 flashlight is not just any regular flashlight. It provides an immense range and a lot of other properties which makes it special. The Flashlight is created in such a way that it can be used as a tool and also as a weapon when the time arrives. It has a super handy design which makes it easy to carry around in the pocket of pants, shirt or even attached to the belt. This is why the Evatac Q5 is not the average flashlight. It is a very powerful asset in the hands of the skilled.

The components that have gone into making this flashlight were specially selected. The product was intensely researched due to the fact that it would be a critical piece of equipment in times of tactical operations. At the click of a button, the beam of light that emanates from the flashlight is just mind-blowing.

This is the perfect companion for a night run. There is no worry about what is around the dark corner. The flashlight lights up the entire area so that everything is now in the field of vision. Darkness is one of the most anxiety-inducing factors. What cannot be seen is considered as a danger.

This flashlight is the best option for senior citizens. The Evatac Q5 can be used as a defense tool. The creator of this product has put focus on making the product a very effective object. The size and shape of the flashlight has been made small so that it doesn’t take up too much space. The brightness of the flashlight is incredible. The LED used in the flashlight is of the latest specification. Even though its size is small, the light emitted by it is very powerful.

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How To Use The Evatac Q5 Flashlight?

The Evatac Q5 flashlight uses a standard AA battery as fuel to its light. Yes, just a simple AA battery from the store powers this little giant up. Since the flashlight uses an LED for light, it uses a very less amount of power to function.

Features of The Evatac Q5

The features of the Evatac Q5 flashlight are mind-blowing. The flashlight has so many special functions that can be put to use in various situations, tactical or household. It performs well everywhere. The features of the Evatac Q5 flashlight are given below:

  • Power: The Evatac Q5 does not need any fancy batteries nor has to go through the hassle of charging it. All that needs to be done is to pop open the flashlight. Put in a standard AA battery. The battery is readily available and is not tough to find. The flashlight uses an LED emitter to create its powerful beam. The LED doesn’t use a lot of power. Hence, there will be no issue with the functioning of the flashlight. When the battery is dead, replace it with another one and that’s it!
  • Strength: The body of the Evatac Q5 is made of Aircraft-grade aluminum. This increases the strength of the flashlight by leaps and bounds. Along with making the flashlight sturdy and tough, it also makes it super light. That is one of the best aspects of aircraft-grade aluminum. Since it is made for the manufacture of aviation parts, the material is super strong and light in weight. This adds to the arsenal of qualities the flashlight possesses. The flashlight is very easy to carry around because of these qualities.
  • Zoom: For any flashlight, it is very important to have a good range. The Evatac Q5 has an incredible range. The zoom power on the flashlight is 1100feet. This is by far one of the best ranges that are offered with any flashlight. Be it big or small. This makes the Evatac Q5 flashlight one of the best flashlights that are available in the market currently. To be able to see ahead is a very critical function of a flashlight, and to be able to do it in this fashion is an amazing feat.
  • Stainless Material And Rust Proof: The material used to build the Evatac Q5 flashlight has many properties. One very integral property of the flashlight is that the material used is stainless steel. It is rustproof. This is an important function because the flashlight is designed to be used in harsh conditions. Tactical operations may undergo passing through areas of dampness. So, the flashlight has to be rust resistant. The company has used the specific material that is stain and rust-resistant.
  • Q5 CREE LED Emitter: The Evatac flashlight uses the latest technology. The Q5 LED CREE emitter is one of the latest LED emitters in the market now. It has a very powerful light emission rate. Another positive aspect about this LED emitter is that the energy consumption is very low. This adds to the qualities of the Q5 LED CREE emitter.
  • Convex Lens: The convex lens that is used in the flashlight is of great focal strength. It can throw the light to a greater distance when compared to the other brands. This gives the flashlight more range.

Benefits of Evatac Q5 Flashlight

The Evatac Q5 flashlight has an amazing array of benefits. These benefits are a direct result of its amazing features. These benefits lead to the better performance of the flashlight. The flashlight is the best available in the market and the benefits are provided below:

  • Lightweight – The flashlight is made of aircraft-grade aluminum. This makes the flashlight superlight And east to take it along while traveling.
  • Latest technology – The flashlight uses the latest technology to emit light. The company uses Q5 CREE LED emitters to produce the light. These top of the range emitter produces a brilliant amount of light.
  • Battery – The flashlight uses LED to produce light. LED uses very little energy. So, the Evatac flashlight needs only a single AA battery for its function.
  • Build quality – The flashlight uses aircraft-grade aluminum for its body. This makes it super hard. Hence, the flashlight has a tough outer body.
  • Range – The Flashlight has a very high range. It has an adjustable zoom up to 1100 feet. This helps to light up the desired path for a longer distance.
  • Rust-proof – The flashlight is made of material that is rust and stain-resistant. This prolongs the life of the flashlight for a long time.
  • Along with the Evatac flashlight, the company also provides a very interesting service. It provides VIP access to the survival academy. This comprises of monthly newsletters which help self train in survival and terror awareness. This is a very valuable service from the company. It aims at creating awareness of terror mitigation and survival. The company wants to spread this message to all the households in America.

Purchase & Price Of The Evatac Q5 Taclite Flashlight

The company provides a very interesting way to give a first-hand experience. It accepts a payment of $9.95 through the credit card initially. It then despatches the flashlight is available for trial for 14 days. Then, after 14 days if the performance of the product is satisfactory, the payment of $49.95 is processed.

Refund Policy

The Evatac Q5 Taclite flashlight comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. The customer service team can be contacted through the contact on the contact page. Then the team forwards a ship-back address. When the product reaches the warehouse, the refund will be processed. The shipping and handling charges will be deducted.


Does the flashlight come with a refund?
Yes, it comes with a refund policy. There is a 60-day cash-back policy. Once the customer service team is contacted, then the ship-back address is provided. Once the shipment reaches back the main warehouse, the refund will be processed to the initial payment account.

When will the payment be deducted for the flashlight after initial processing?
The amount will be deducted after 14 days of trial period. It will be deducted from the initial account that is registered.


  • The flashlight has a great range. It lights up to a distance of 1100feet.
  • It is made of aircraft-grade aluminium. It is very strong.
  • It is made of material which is rust and stain-resistant.
  • It is made of the latest Q5 CREE LED emitter which is the best in its class. This is the best LED Emitter in the market now.
  • It needs only a single AA battery to run.
  • It has unlimited access to the VIP Survival Academy.


  • It is only available for purchase from the official site.
  • It doesn’t have any cons


The Evatac Q5 Taclite Flashlight is made for performance. All the features show that the flashlight is one of a kind. It provides brilliant light. It uses the latest technology. The Q5 CREE LED Emitter is what’s responsible for the brilliant light. The flashlight is very compact and sleek. It has a very good design. It is produced keeping in mind the tactical use of it.

It is designed in a certain way that, it is a tool and also can be used as a weapon in times of use. The body of the flashlight is made up of aircraft-grade aluminum. This is one of the best qualities of the flashlight. This makes the flashlight very light and equally strong. The material used for the making of the Evatac Q5 Flashlight is resistant to rust and stains.

The visual range of the flashlight is of 1100 feet. So, there is no issue in seeing things off in the distance. The light is bright and provides a great vision. The convex lens is of a very special quality. This makes the throw of light even better. There is no more issue with visibility in areas where there is no light.

Apart from the flashlight, the company also provides a survival program that comes in the form of newsletters. This gives unlimited access to VIP Survival Academy. This platform provides information and training on how to perform against terror and its awareness. The company wants to train every household in terror mitigation.

The company provides a 14 day trial period in which the flashlight can be used firsthand. Upon satisfactory performance, the payment will be deducted from the account. The company also provides a 60-day cash-back guarantee. The flashlight along with the Survival guide is priced at a very nominal $49.95.

The company provides a very good deal in terms of money and service. The flashlight is worth every penny. The flashlight is an absolute necessity for anyone. The Evatac Q5 Tactile Flashlight, in particular, is a must-buy for every household.

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