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Are you someone who loves trekking and camping in the wildlife? If you are the one always making plans to travel in your group and gathering your folks for treks and camps, then you are undoubtedly a nature enthusiast who would do anything to explore. As an explorer, you must be well aware of the dangers of venturing out in the dark at night. During such circumstances, it is necessary that you have a few things handy including a powerful flashlight.

A flashlight is of great helpful in multiple situations. Be it a power failure or finding you way in the dark, a good flashlight is an absolute necessity. However, most torches aren’t reliable as they don’t last for very long. Even if they do, you will notice their performance dropping within a few months of using them. Therefore, it is advised that you study everything about the flashlight you are planning on buying prior to purchasing it. While you will find a number of flashlights from various brands in the market, the trick is to find a torch that suits your requirements and has a long battery life. Other points to consider while buying a flashlight is to ensure that the product is resistant to varying climates. A great flashlight should be able to withstand heavy rain as well as freezing temperatures. Do you have any such flashlight on mind that will prove to be a trustworthy companion during your overnight treks and camps? If not, don’t worry. The product that we are going to review today is one of the best flashlights on the market currently. It is called Evatac PRO-XML and it claims to outperform other flashlights in multiple ways.

Keep reading if you are interested to know more about this amazing torch.

Evatac Pro

About Evatac PRO-XML

Evatac PRO-XML is a lightweight, portable flashlight that is manufactured in America. It boasts of having an outstanding performance that comes at a reasonable price. The compact design and lightweight feature of this flashlight further adds to its advantages as compared to other flashlights.

This flashlight also emits super bright light and is extremely powerful at 1200 lumens. Lumen is a unit that is used to measure the total quantity of emitted light from a source. Evatac PRO-XML is capable of performing 5 main functions including full, low half, strobe, as well as SOS. The device is powered by the presence of two lithium batteries in it. There is also an adjustable light zoom in the flashlight that is observed to zoom up to 1300 feet.

Additionally, this flashlight is also waterproof and can thus be submerged in any water body without being damaged. Evatac PRO-XML also has a wide fin heat disbursement that enhances the age of the flashlight, thereby making it more durable.

This tactical flashlight is also observed to use XMLU2 LED emitter. This emitter is considered to be the brightest in the industry and it comes with a single-die white lighting class LED. Thus, Evatac PRO-XML is able to deliver 1200 lumens bright light that possesses the efficacy of 100 lumens/watt. Other than using the brightest LED, this flashlight runs on two 18650 lithium batteries. Together, both the LED as well as lithium batteries used in Evatac PRO-XML enhances its luminosity. As a result, you continue to enjoy the brightness that this flashlight offers for a long time.

Let us now have a detailed look int0o the functioning of Evatac PRO-XML.

How Does Evatac PRO-XML Work?

Evatac PRO-XML is a tactical light that delivers on several tools. To begin with, this flashlight can be used as a tool that will help you carry out a number of functions. This flashlight will never disappoint any of its users as its performance is always up to the mark.

The quality of Evatac PRO-XML is of high standard and thus you can expect it to function effortlessly for a long time. The bulb in the flashlight emits bright light and is also durable. Hence, you can use it even in extreme conditions without worrying about damaging the flashlight.

Evatac PRO-XML is pretty easy to use. Depending on your requirement, you can choose from different modes of the flashlight. If all you want is some dim light, you can choose the low mode. When you are looking for a little brighter light, you can opt for the half mode and if you are in the dark and want the light to be the brightest, you can choose the high mode.

There are also strobe and SOS modes present on the flashlight. These modes are usually used when you are seeking attention or if there is an emergency.

The lithium batteries present in Evatac PRO-XML are quite powerful and rechargeable. Hence, you do not ever have to worry about your batteries dying out as all you have to do is recharge them to continue using this flashlight.

Evatac Pro XML review

Features of Evatac PRO-XML

Tactical flashlights like Evatac PRO-XML has a number of uses like providing light when its is pitch dark, identifying targets, lightning up a dark room when there is a power cut, or even acting in self defense. If you are someone who is looking for a reliable and multifunctional flashlight, then this portable torch is just for you. The following are some of the main features of Evatac PRO-XML.

  • Beam – Evatac PRO-XML produces 1200 lumens of bright light and claims to be the best of its kind on the market today. To help you understand the power of 1200 lumens of light better, we will put this in perspective. The headlight of your car is usually emits 700 lumens of bright light. Now you can imagine how powerful 1200 lumens of light emitting from Evatac PRO-XML will be.
  • Modes – You can select from different modes of this flashlight depending on your requirements. If you want the illumination to be the brightest, you will have to select the high mode for the brightest beam of light. Alternatively, when you do not require bright light, you can either select the half or low mode to make the light dimmer.
    If your purpose is to seek attention or call for help, you can select the strobe or SOS modes.
  • Physical Attributes – There are some other features that adds to the overall functioning of the of Evatac PRO-XML as well.The matte finish of the flashlight that is black in color ensures that it doesn’t reflect light and can thus prove to be helpful in covert situations.
    The flashlight is also designed to be both corrosion-resistant as well as waterproof. Hence, you can count on this device to be your constant for a long time. Another highlight of Evatac PRO-XML is that it is also freeze-proof. You can thus also use this torch in extreme weather conditions.
    You can also get a hold of a padded lockdown hard case with the flashlight depending on where you purchase it from.
  • Materials Used – The main material used in the manufacture of Evatac PRO-XML is aircraft-grade aluminium. This aluminium is of high quality and is popular for multiple reasons. Firstly, aluminium is lightweight yet strong and this makes it one of the best materials for making flashlights. Since aluminium is also hard-wearing, it can be used frequently and in extreme conditions without weighing you down. It is because of the corrosion-resistance of aluminium that the casing of Evatac PRO-XML will last for a long time, without corroding or being damaged.
    The bulb used in the flashlight is an XMLU2 LED emitter and it is one of the most powerful LEDs available on the market today. Hence, the bulb used in Evatac PRO-XML clearly has an advantage over incandescent and fluorescent lights. An XMLU2 LED emitter is compact, energy-efficient, has a long life-span, and is also known to produce minimal heat upon being used for long periods.

Pricing, Money Back Guarantee, And Refund Policy

Evatac PRO-XML is currently offering a discount of 82% to all its customers. Thus, you can avail this flashlight at a discounted price if you place an order for it now.

The price of Evatac PRO-XML may further differ a little depending on the quantity of the product you decide to purchase. Listed below are the different buying options for Evatac PRO-XML.

Evatac PRO-XML is also offering a 100% money back guarantee to customers who are unsatisfied with the performance of the flashlight in any way. This guarantee is however only valid for 60 days. Post the warranty period, no refunds will be encouraged.

For any further details on refund or returns, you can contact the customer service of Evatac PRO-XML at [email protected] or 208-996-8928.

Evatac Pro XML Flashlight

Pros of Using Evatac PRO-XML

You will get to experience a wide range of advantages by using Evatac PRO-XML as compared to other such flashlights. The pros of Evatac PRO-XML include:

  • Bright beam – Due to the presence of XMLU2 LED emitter in it, Evatac PRO-XML emits light that is brighter than other similar flashlights.
  • Lithium batteries – This flashlight has powerful 18650 lithium batteries that helps in further enhancing the performance of Evatac PRO-XML, while also ensuring a long life for your torch.
  • Waterproof and Freeze Proof – Evatac PRO-XML is both waterproof and freeze proof. Hence, you can use this flashlight even in extreme weather conditions, be it freezing winters or rainy monsoons. Evatac PRO-XML thus makes for the perfect companion if you are planning on camping or trekking in places with unpredictable weather.

Cons of Using Evatac PRO-XML

There are a couple of cons as well that we noticed for Evatac PRO-XML. However, the pros of this flashlight undoubtedly outweigh its disadvantages. The cons of this product include:

  • The rigid design of the body intended to give the users a better grip on the flashlight can be slightly uncomfortable.
  • Evatac PRO-XML has a long body and thus it can be a little awkward to carry around.

Customer Reviews

Jason – I am simply bowled over by the powerful performance of Evatac PRO-XML. It is one of the best flashlights that I have ever used and invested in. I am a person who loves trekking and camping, so I am always looking for a flashlight that offers very bright light and also a powerful battery. Evatac PRO-XML stood up to all my expectations and proved to be extremely efficient. The matte body of the flashlight is to die for and just as per the claims, it was observed to withstand even extreme rains and freezing temperatures. Now Evatac PRO-XML is my constant companion for every difficult trek that I plan and I have begun relying on this flashlight more than I expected. I would highly advise those seeking an excellent flashlight to give Evatac PRO-XML a try before spending your hard-earned money elsewhere.

Maya – Evatac PRO-XML has been nothing short of a blessing in disguise in my life. The bright beam that this flashlight offers helps me see across long distances quite clearly in the dark. My house went out of power last week, and I got to test the efficiency of all the modes of Evatac PRO-XML. Its performance was simply outstanding! I also tried using it underwater and was glad to notice that this torch stood up to its claims and came out of the water without any kind of damage. Kudos to the makers of Evatac PRO-XML for creating such a wonderful product!

Conclusion – The Final Verdict 

Evatac PRO-XML is powerful, durable, and everything that you would possibly be looking for in a flashlight. In addition to its money back guarantee, this product also offers a 100% customer satisfaction. Thus, your chances of being disappointed with this flashlight is close to none. Evatac PRO-XML is currently in high demand and selling out at a crazy pace. So, if you are planning on buying it, you better hurry before the flashlight runs out of stock.

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