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Are you able to satisfy your partner in bed?

How long can you last in bed?

Can you hold before actually ejaculating?

These are some questions about your sex life that you must answer. Sexual confidence in the bedroom is most important to have a good sex life with your partner. Good sex life is essential to sustain a relationship. Everyone knows that your partner will only be happy and loyal if you manage to satisfy her in bed. It remains a mystery to many men about how they can consistently satisfy their partners.

Have you ever imagined if you could control your ejaculation? Have you considered the possibility that you can ejaculate when you want? Many men face the problem of premature ejaculation. They ejaculate just within a few minutes because they cannot control their ejaculation. This results in unsatisfying sex for both you and your partner. But just imagine the satisfaction you and your partner will get if you can last longer in bed. Your sex life becomes great and you earn the respect and loyalty of your partner.

To control your ejaculations, you need to control your brain. These skills to master in bed and control your ejaculations for longer periods are taught to you in the eBook, Ejaculation by Command. This eBook has step-by-step instructions on how you can last longer in bed, so you never have to disappoint your partner ever again.

Ejaculation by Command

About Ejaculation by Command

Ejaculation by Command is a unique self-help guide developed by a well-known sex coach, Lloyd Lester, that trains men to last longer during romantic encounters. It uses your neurochemical feedback mechanism. By following these methods, you can control your ejaculation. The most important way to satisfy your woman is to stay longer, which means you have to delay your ejaculation. This e-book teaches you how to control your brain and body to achieve the maximum level of sexual pleasure. You can now train yourself to get a harder and stronger erection till the time you want to stay.

And most importantly, this method uses no pills or creams. It is a completely natural technique which has benefited thousands of men across America.

What do you get when you buy Ejaculation by Command?

Discussed below are the six components that you get with the eBook:

  • The Ejaculation by Command Core Protocol 

This provides you step-by-step instructions to boost up your neurochemical feedback mechanism.

  • The Exclusive Audio Companion Protocol

This contains 14 Mp3 tracks for you to listen to. You can listen to every hot-white mouthful of the central protocol without even reading a word of it. The most beneficial thing is that you can listen to these anytime, anywhere.

  • 15 Emergency Techniques to Last Longer

This will help you control your ejaculation and last longer in bed. These 15 techniques will help you last that extra 20-30 minutes.

  • Ejaculation by Command Quick Start Guide

This is a handy guide that assembles all the improved neurochemical feedback methods in the central system added to the important emergency tactics at a time.

  • Premium Lifetime Updates

This provides you premium lifetime updates of the program. You will be the first to know whenever a new update of the program is launched. It also has training sessions that have discoveries, researches, and techniques for you.

  • Priority 1-On-1 E-Mail Support + Private Membership Content

You will be provided with a secret e-mail address that will answer all your questions regarding the applications of the techniques in your sex lives or any other questions regarding any other sexual problem.

You also get three bonuses that include:

  • Raunchy Sex Secrets

This contains ways to boost up your love life in no time with the techniques of escalation, given in the book. You will be able to take your sex life to a whole new level.

  • Female Orgasm Secrets

After following all the steps given in this bonus, you will be able to give your partner the most powerful and strongest orgasms. This will help your partner have the best time while having sex and also increase her love for you.

  • G-Spot Orgasm Secrets

You will be able to stimulate your partner’s G-Spot and give her the best and the most powerful orgasms she has ever received. This eBook contains special training sessions from Jason Julius, who’s a highly esteemed figure on the grounds of female sexuality.

Ejaculation by Command review

How Does Ejaculation by Command Work?

The program contains an eBook that provides you with scientific, step-by-step instructions. If you can follow the instructions regularly, you will be able to control your ejaculations in bed. This will help you last longer than you usually would, in bed.

How to Use Ejaculation by Command?

Just follow all the instructions given in the program in a step-by-step way and see the results for yourself. It will take about 2-4 weeks for visible results to occur.

Is it Safe to use Ejaculation by Command?

Yes, it is safe to use the program. The program consists of various eBooks with scientific, step-by-step instructions that have to follow to get a grip on your ejaculation. It also contains many Mp3 tracks that can be listened to anytime and last longer in bed.

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Benefits of Ejaculation by Command

  • You will be able to control your ejaculations while having sex.
  • You can last longer in bed.
  • This program allows you to have quality sex.
  • Your sex life gets a boost.
  • The bonuses give you many tips on how you can satisfy your partner.
  • This is a 100% safe program as no harmful creams, pumps and pills are used.

Purchase & Price

The complete eBook is available on the official website of the company at $49. This eBook includes three bonuses.

  • Raunchy Sex Secrets eBook that will give you some helpful tips to improve your sex life.
  • Female Orgasm Secrets that provide you tips on how you can give her most pleasure, giving her strong orgasms.
  • G-spot orgasms, which you can use to give your partner the strongest orgasms.

You also have the option of adding to your $49 order.

Sexual Escalation Techniques eBook can be added at $9.95. The eBook on Sex Position Mastery can be added at just $7.95 and Superhero Sexual Power eBook at $8.75.

Since everything regarding this program is digital, there is no shipping or handling charge!

Ejaculation by Command Bonus

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product. The company offers a 60-day time window, wherein you can use the program and check if the program works for you.

Just e-mail the company regarding a refund and you will get a full refund with no questions asked. Moreover, the manufacturer will let you keep the program and the gifts for free, just for trying the program.

Side Effects of Ejaculation by Command

Since all the eBooks and gifts that you get with the program contain scientific methods on how you can control your ejaculation, this is a 100% safe program. The program includes no creams, pills, or pumps that can have harmful effects on your body but is completely natural. Hence, using this program will have no side effects on your body.


How is this product more beneficial than other products?
Ejaculation by Command is the best ejaculation control eBook, which is very easy to use. This program increases your sexual stamina with which you can stay for more time while having sex with your partner and it has physical as well as psychological limitations. It lowers your premature ejaculations and boosts up your sexual confidence. You become more sexually competent.

How rapidly can the results be seen?
The body of every person reacts differently. If you have performance anxiety in bed, or if you are sensitive to sexual stimulation or you are not committed to the program, it might not work for you as quickly as it should. Reports from customers’ state that an average human being will get results within 2-4 weeks of using it.

Does the program support both android and iOS?
Yes, it supports both android and iOS devices. It also supports MP3 as well as PDF viewing so that you can read and listen to it anytime, anywhere.

Can a hard copy of the program be with me?
To smoothen the delivery of the product, it can just be downloaded from the company’s authentic, official website. After your purchase is complete, you can access the program instantly. The company wants to keep the privacy of its customers. It maintains your privacy as nothing is shipped physically and everything is online. So, you will not get a hard copy of the program. Since everything is online, the shipping is free!

Are the transactions on the website made by me safe?
The transactions you make on the company’s website are safe and secure. The company accepts credit card, visa card, MasterCard which might be the safest and most traditional way of transactions. The company uses Secure Socket Layer, Norton Secure and McAfee Secure to protect your details from being viewed by other people, not even the owners of the website.

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  • This eBook has been written by a famous sex coach.
  • The methods suggested in this e-book have been tested by thousands of men across America.
  • You will last longer than earlier.
  • You can control your ejaculations by controlling your brain.
  • You can satisfy any woman in the world.
  • It can be instantly downloaded just after payment and can be stored in any portable device.
  •  It does not suggest any harmful cream or pill or pump. So no side effects.
  • It is a completely natural method which trains you to use your neurochemical feedback mechanism. The seller offers a 60 money-back guarantee to all purchasers
  • There is one to one e-mail support to address all your queries.


  • It can be purchased from the seller’s official website only.
  • You have to read the book first to know the basics and the fundamentals before you start practicing the techniques.
  • It is a self-help guide, you have to follow the methods to train yourself, no harmful pills, pumps or creams are used.

Customer Testimonials

After crossing 50, I nearly stopped having sex as I could never satisfy my wife. I was ejaculating prematurely from the past 3 years and my stay power was decreasing day by day. I visited a school friend who is a qualified doctor and discussed my problem with him. He suggested that I purchase Ejaculation by Command eBook. He said that he has been using these techniques for the past 5 years and can go for 40 minutes at a time without ejaculating. He said these are all-natural techniques and give a sure shot and permanent results without any side effects. I instantly bought the eBook and after a month, my wife was amazed and satisfied. I strongly recommend! John Williams, 51, Missouri.

I was always great at satisfying my partners in bed. But after I got recruited in a reputed law firm, the stress at work took a toll on my staying power. I was not able to last for more than 2 minutes. Then my friend suggested that I try Ejaculation by Command eBook. I have only used it for a month and I can already see the results. Adam Jackson, 34, Manhattan, New York.

The program contains 100% natural and scientific techniques that have helped me last longer in bed. I can control my ejaculations for 30 minutes now. A big thanks to the creator! David Roberts, 44, Los Angeles, California.


If you are concerned that you are not able to satisfy your partner completely, this might just be the program for you. The scientific techniques given in the ejaculation control eBook will help you effectively last longer. The bonuses also help you improve your sex life. This is a reasonably priced eBook that happens to be the solution to all your sex problems. So buy the program today and have a fulfilling time in bed, every time.

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