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During winter season every year, we are often unprepared for the cold winds and about ways to tackle it. Adapting to the cold temperatures, during winters becomes very difficult. This causes our body to shiver, be it inside our homes or outside. Humans are warm-blooded creatures and our bodies have their individual mechanisms for countering cold winds. The problem with our bodies natural heating mechanisms is that it is not fast enough to tackle these cold winds. In countries where winter season is prominent or the weather is mostly cold, a heating mechanism is required. An issue we face with the electric heating mechanisms is that if we use it the whole day, our electricity bill increases, quite dramatically. The solution to all your ‘cold’ problems is here, EcoHeat S.

ecoheat s

About EcoHeat S

EcoHeat S is a newly launched mini device or heating mechanism, which aims to keep you warm during winters. EcoHeat S is a cylinder-style heater and contains many features like adjustable oscillations and thermostat. EcoHeat S has many advantages over its competitors in the market, making it the best portable heater. It is made with the highest quality ceramic and has a classy, premium finish. The portable heater, EcoHeat S is extremely convenient to use too. Just plug the heater into a power outlet, switch on the system and set the heater to the temperature you want and heat up your room instantly. EcoHeat S effectively heats up your room, with its several heating speeds. Your room can be heated to a maximum of 98 degrees. The internal fan inside EcoHeat S pushes hot air out into the area, where it stands. EcoHeat S is a revolution in the market for heating mechanisms and is the most efficient and easy on the pocket portable heater in the market today.

How does EcoHeat S operate?

EcoHeat S is a convenient and easily operable heating mechanism. It is so simple to operate that even a child can install and use it. Just plug EcoHeat S to a power outlet and switch on the heater. Now set the heater to your convenient temperature and adjust the oscillation of the heater. After setting up the heater, sit back and feel the room, where it is placed, warming up within seconds.

ecoheats review

Benefits of EcoHeat S

  • Improved Health- when you are not thinking about the winter season and how the cold winds are going to affect, your health is automatically improved, both psychologically and physically. Just set the heater on the required temperature and heat up your room instantly and avoid yourself and your loved ones from catching a cold.
  • Several Modes- EcoHeat S contains many modes like adjustment of temperature and oscillation to suit your requirements.
  • Convenient to use- EcoHeat S is a mini, easily operated, portable heater, which even a child can use. Just plug the heater to a power outlet, then switch on the system and finally, set it to the required temperature and feel your room warming up.
  • Mobile and transportable- EcoHeat S is a mini-sized portable heater, which becomes your perfect travel companion.
  • Feeling of superiority- we always like it when we feel superior to others. You will feel superior in society when everybody is shivering and you are not.
  • Avoid diseases- EcoHeat S helps you avoid catching a cold, cough and fatal diseases like pneumonia by keeping you warm.
  • Enjoy the lovely season of winter- as you and your loved ones feel warm and cozy, unlike your friends in the community, you enjoy the winter season.
  • Eco-friendly and energy-saving- if you are tired of paying massive monthly electricity bills during winters, EcoHeat S is just the heater for you. EcoHeat S is a powerful heater, made of the highest quality ceramic that reduces your electricity consumption, drastically.

ecoheat s review

Purchase and Price

  • One trial EcoHeat S heater can be purchased at $89 from the official website. This included a 50% discount as well as free shipping.
  • Two EcoHeat S heaters can be purchased for $186 and get one EcoHeat S heater free, which is about $62 for each EcoHeat S heater. You can save up to $27 on each EcoHeat S heater.
  • Three EcoHeat S heaters can be purchased for $276 and get two EcoHeat S heaters free. So, you get each EcoHeat S heater for $55. You save up to $34 on each EcoHeat S heater on this deal.
  • Four EcoHeat S heaters can be purchased for $228, so each EcoHeat S heater is costing you $57. You can save up to $32 on each EcoHeat S heater if you decide on purchasing this deal. 

Return and Refund Policy

If your EcoHeat S heater is damaged or defective, you have to send an email to the company and then send the package to them. Contact the company for a refund or return within 30-days. The company sends replacements for damaged goods and also reimburses the complete amount if contacted within 30 days.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can EcoHeat S benefit my loved ones?
EcoHeat S can benefit my loved ones in my ways. When the room is cold, switch on the EcoHeat S to your desired temperature as it is user-friendly and adjustable, in addition to setting a timer.

Is the EcoHeat S safe to use?
The EcoHeat S uses ceramic heaters which is much safer than others. The other heaters utilize a bare flame or unsafe wire methods for the purpose of heating, which is extremely risky. By not consuming oxygen, EcoHeat S is also good on your health part, making it an enlightened and educated choice.

Is the installation of EcoHeat S difficult?
Actually it is very simple to install. There are no instructions or any rules you will need to install the EcoHeat S device. There is no hard and fast rule. Just plug your EcoHeat S into a power outlet and switch the heater on, set it to the mode that suits you the best and you are ready to go.

How is EcoHeat S different from the other heaters?
EcoHeat S is a miracle product that is different from other products. EcoHeat S uses ceramic heaters which is absolutely safe. Other Heaters use bare flame or unsafe wire methods for the purpose of heating, which is very risky. EcoHeat S is 100 percent energy-efficient because it converts all the energy it uses into heat, so it’s an economical option to buying it. You just have to turn on the heater and then adjust temperatures and oscillations which suits you to enjoy its service.

What are the attractions in EcoHeat S?
Personally, I like the operations that come with EcoHeat S, from the features for safety to the function for oscillator adjustment, they have manufactured the device in such a way that it is more effective and economically feasible. The several heating modes that the heater has is a huge bonus as in the winter season, you can set it as per requirement. Also during hot periods, you can just switch on its cool mode and enjoy the cool breeze it throws out. 

Will the EcoHeat S heat instantly?
Yes, the EcoHeat S uses a ceramic heater which is safe for us to use. Also, it heats up the room within a few seconds as soon as you switch on the heater.

Are my transactions safe and secure on the website?
Yes, your transactions are very safe and secure as the company is trusted by antivirus companies and agencies McAfee Secure, Norton Secured, and Trusted verified.

Does the company accept international orders?
Yes, the manufacturers of EcoHeat S are accepting domestic orders as well as international orders.

What is the shipping fee on International orders?
The company is charges no shipping charges for both domestic and international orders.

ecoheat s reviews

Pros of EcoHeat S

  • EcoHeat S provides you good health.
  • It provides you with Warm Temperature. Your loved ones won’t feel cold now as it keeps a cozy temperature in the house.
  • You get an ideal condition for working.
  • Your entire family will be happy.
  • You will get a secure home. Everybody in your house will strong, healthy and will welcome the winter season with joy.
  • It can be easily operated.
  • You feel a sense of superiority during winters.
  • It is portable and convenient.
  • EcoHeat S is a safe heater.
  • It has an Oscillating design which gives your room a premium look.
  • It also has flexible functions that make it easy to operate.
  • It also has a portable design that makes it easy to carry.
  • It has an energy-saving capability that makes it eco-friendly and economically feasible.

Cons of EcoHeat S

  • EcoHeat S can only be purchased online from the official website of the company and is not available on any other online website or local offline store.
  • The company may take longer to deliver your order if stocks are less.

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Customer Testimonials

I live in Toronto with my family. It is normally pleasant all year long but gets really cold during winters. Till last year, we all used to get scared whenever the winter season started. We have a fireplace at our house for a long time, but it was unable to keep us warm. Then our neighbors, The Millers, invited over for dinner one day, last year and we all felt how cozy their place was. When I asked them, they told me about EcoHeat S and its benefits. I ordered it immediately and two seasons of winters have been extremely enjoyable for the whole family. Emma Smith, 45, Toronto.

I go to work every day. I have a desk job in a multinational company. Here, in Egypt, it is too cold, but I have work in the cold. I have to come back to the cold climate in public transportation. So I feel too cold when I reach home. I needed something to make me warm. So, my colleague told me about this EcoHeat S heater. Since when I purchased it, I am happy as I come to my house and switch on the EcoHeat S heater which makes the room warm and I feel cozy. Omar Mohammed, 30, Cairo.

I am a travel journalist. I am on the move about 9 months in a single year. I have visited beautiful places, where the climate has been both hot and cold. Being a boy from Los Angeles, I am used to hot conditions, but I have always have felt it difficult during winters. I shared my problem with my sister, who recommended EcoHeat S to me. I always had reservations with heaters that I would not be able to carry any huge heater along with me, but EcoHeat S solved this problem. It is very portable and my perfect travel companion. Travis Clark, 24, Los Angeles, California.

Having been tired of paying huge electricity bills during winters, I started looking for alternatives to my conventional heater, this fall. We had to keep the heater on for the most part of the day and the heater I used was consuming too much power. It was getting tough to keep up with the electricity bills when my friend at the club suggested EcoHeat S to me. I gave it a try and first, I was amazed how instantly and powerfully it warms my whole house up and second, its power consumption is so low. Because of EcoHeat S, electricity bill, I pay now is half than before. Alice Jackson, 46, Illinois.


During this winter season in your country, if you are searching for the best heater, EcoHeat S is what you want. What makes it stand out in the market, according to me, is its portability and the ability to heat up any room instantly. You can take this heater anywhere, due to its mini size and enjoy its service. The installation of EcoHeat S heaters is also very easy and it is convenient to operate. The testimonies that certified users gave us also assure that it was the investment they did, during winters. The company also offers a whopping 30-day replacement guarantee, if the heater you received is defective.

The company is offering EcoHeat S at discounted rates for the time being. They also are offering free shipping worldwide. Hence, the time is right to purchase your own EcoHeat S right now, warm up your home and secure your family.

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