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Following diets is confusing, difficult, and dangerous in the long run. What’s more! The weight you have lost with so much of labor rebounds back. The weight, which comes back, is even harder to lose. In fact, less than two percent of dieters manage to keep off the weight they have lost. Rest all pile it back on.

When you decide to go on a diet, you are gung ho about it. You put all your effort into it – following it to the ‘T’. You carry on, even if the diet is confusing, expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive, or just plain un-doable. Most diet rules take control away from you and make you feel like a headless chicken looking for gold. In the Keto diet, for example, if you eat even one banana, the diet will not work. This is because, by eating only proteins and cutting out all carbs and fats, you are taking your body into ketosis, which is a chemical process. Thus, Keto is a cheat-free diet, and so are many other diets, like Atkins.

Dieting is hard work, and you must do this work for yourself all the time. And yet diets don’t work… for one very simple reason! They rely on discipline. We humans only have limited amounts of discipline, as behavioral science will tell.

You need to rely on discipline while on most diets out there because diets are not natural. When you skip an entire food group, while on an extreme diet you are doing something that goes against the natural wisdom of your body. You need all types of food for a healthy body. This is why dieting for a long time can make you sick, depressed, look and feel older, and fighting once again with rebound weight gain. You may also find yourself becoming a diet-junkie, unable to get off the dieting ladder. Most chronic dieters, if not all, feel like this. Most are fed up with the rebound weight gain.

And this is just one part of the story. Most of the early weight loss, as you know, is water, not stored fat. Water weight is the easiest to lose. For a moment, you feel good, after starting a diet. What follows is an altogether different story.

You watch your calories, you exercise, you cut out this food group followed by another to lose one or two kilos more. That’s all. Then you plateau. Most chronic dieters have experienced this phase. They do their best to lose weight, but nothing works. Their bodies just don’t cooperate and do what they want them to- lose weight. It can be a very frustrating time, as you can well imagine. The plateau is perhaps as frustrating, if not more, than the rebound weight gain.

Have you perhaps experienced rebound weight gain and the plateau and are still looking for a simple strategy to lose weight? We are talking about that one unique formula that frees you from complicated diet rules and eliminates the rebound weight gain once and for all? If you are, we have just the diet strategy for you. It’s called Eat Stop Eat. Keep reading Eat Stop Eat review to know more about this diet revolution that will empower you to lose weight the easy way and without much pain.

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About Eat Stop Eat

Eat Stop Eat is a really simple method of Intermittent Fasting developed by international nutrition expert and author Brad Pilon. It actually works on a scientific concept called the calorie threshold. You, like everyone else on the planet, have a specific calorie threshold. Above this line, you gain weight, and below it, you lose weight.

This is the only system that lets you stay below your calorie threshold without worrying about calorie counting and food restriction, which is a normal part of dieting.

So, basically, the system works on the strategy of knowing your threshold of food, after which you will start gaining weight and eating below it. It is also proven to lower inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity and burn fat faster to give you a leaner, lighter look and feel. This makes you look younger, give you more energy, and erases your aches, pains- all of which you used to accept as a normal part of aging.

The strategy mimics the cycle of food consumption followed by our ancestors, who consumed calories in waves. That is, they didn’t eat equal calories on a daily basis. This one trick kept them lean, strong, youthful, and healthy compared to you who consume food virtually all day long.

Eat Stop Eat: Components

The Eat Stop Eat protocol converts your ‘food obsession’ and transforms it into ‘food freedom’. Here are the two important components of this strategy:

  1. New And Expanded Version Of The Book ‘Eat Stop Eat’ By Brad Pilon

The Eat Stop Eat book talks in detail about a particular way to do something that nutritionists call Intermittent Fasting (IF). However, the writer of this book Brad Pilon has evolved an easy yet effective way of IF, which anyone can follow without relying on discipline.

The book shares knowledge to help you understand how weight loss is achievable through intermittent fasting. Eat Stop Eat, needless to say, goes beyond the usual what- to- eat- or- what- not- to- eat- and –what- exercises- you- should- do the type of a book.

  1. Eat Stop Eat: Quick Start Guide – This guide gives you complete information on how you can follow the Eat Stop Eat program, including how to calculate the number of hours to fast and when to fast based on your weight loss goals and body fat. Think of it as a manual that will give you a running start to understand the Eat Stop Eat system within minutes of receiving the book.

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How To Use Eat Stop Eat?

The system is calibrated in a specific way that emphasizes normal eating. You can eat normally for a week or two, and then you fast for a specific pre-set amount of time depending on your goals and your body fat. This causes all kinds of changes in your body, like improving your body’s response to insulin, increasing GH or growth hormone exponentially, burning more fats, and reducing markers of inflammation in your body. You may not know it, but inflammation causes accelerated aging, organ damage, and lots of modern chronic diseases.

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Is The Eat Stop Eat Safe To Use?

This protocol is completely safe for you. More than 54,000 people worldwide have reaped the benefits of this revolutionary dietary concept.

Benefits of Eat Stop Eat

The Eat Stop Eat system does much more than just help you lose weight, it also has a slew of other awesome benefits like:

  • It helps you lose oodles of fat and you don’t have to feel hungry all the time like you do while following regular diets. Eat Stop Eat limits your hunger to just one or two days a week, depending on your weight- loss goals.
  • It doesn’t restrict any food.
  • It’s a lifestyle more than a diet, and it’s so simple that you can follow it for a lifetime.
  • It provides control to you. You can decide when to eat and when to be disciplined.
  • It starts working in 24 hours flat.
  • Eat Stop Eat also lowers chronic inflammation.
  • It reduces the levels of insulin in your bloodstream. Insulin encourages your body to store fat.
  • It increases the levels of Growth Hormone, which maintains your muscle tone and keeps you younger for longer.
  • Eat Stop Eat preserves your testosterone levels if you are a man.

Purchase And Price of Eat Stop Eat

The regular price of Eat Stop Eat is $49.95. But for February 2020, Brad has lowered the price to less than half the price. This is because Brad knows how challenging February can be, and he wants to handhold you into a system where your periods, without eating, won’t ever feel limiting and are much easier to do than tracking your calories and diet 24/7.

Purchasing the protocol is incredibly easy. Visit the Eat Stop Eat website, hit enter on the ‘Buy’ button, fill the orders form, enter your card details, and hit the purchase button. You are provided free shipping and delivery.

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Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy of Eat Stop Eat

You can try Eat Stop Eat for 60 days and decide if it suits you. However, if you feel it’s not really for you, you can ask for a refund without any problem. Brad will give you a no-hassle, no-questions-asked, 100% refund.


What Is Eat Stop Eat?
It is a brand new look at intermittent fasting (IF). Only, it makes IF more effective. The Eat Stop Eat book explains how, by simply extending your overnight fast once or maybe twice a week, you can lose weight consistently and avoid the rebound weight gain by not having to alter your eating habits.

Who Can Use Eat Stop Eat?
Anyone who wants to lose weight of any age, man or woman can use this weight-loss system. No one is too old or too young to start the protocol.

How to Use Eat Stop Eat?
Just follow the principles laid down and explained in the book. If you have any questions, just go to the Eat Stop Eat guide.

Where Can I Buy Eat Stop Eat?
You can buy the program only from the official website of the developer of the protocol, Brad Pilon,

How Soon Can I See Results?
You can start losing weight, feel lighter, and have more energy as soon as 24 hours after starting the protocol.

Is Eat Stop Eat, Safe To Use?
Brad has come up with the Eat Stop Eat protocol after pouring through 317 plus scientific research papers, and after interacting with over 54,000, Eat Stop Eat early adopters. This has convinced him that not only does the protocol work, it is also completely safe.

Can I Claim A Refund If I Am Not Satisfied?
Yes, you have the choice to claim a hundred percent, no-questions-asked cashback within 60 days of ordering this.

Order Eat Stop Eat Now! Limited-Time Reduced Price Ends Soon


  • An increase in your fat-burning growth hormone
  • Boosts your metabolism and energy levels
  • Less insulin in your body which helps your body store fat
  • Weight loss starts immediately
  • Decreased inflammation, so your aging rates slow down, and your joints heal faster
  • Rapid renewal of your body from the inside out at a cellular level
  • You can eat whatever you want
  • Gives the control of weight loss right into your hands


  • This product can only be bought from the official website of the developer of the protocol.

Customer Testimonials

Sloan – I have tried intermittent fasting earlier and can tell you that it’s a real pain. I kept on worrying all the time. I could not eat breakfast. My life was not my own. I always felt that the control was with someone else and not me. I have never been a very disciplined person, and this was a big barrier to doing a diet for a long time. But my colleague at work told me about this new weight –loss protocol. She had seen me struggling with losing weight and she said that this protocol would suit my temperament. I have been on the Eat Stop Eat protocol for a month and I’ve already lost five kilos. I feel lighter and brighter. My work has improved. And my boss is the happiest. The rest of my colleagues are jealous of these amazing changes and they beg me for my secret weight loss formula. But, I am tight-lipped about it.

Serena-  I thought I was too old and sick to try out a diet. I had diabetes, high Blood Pressure and weigh almost 100 kilos. I also love food too much. But the Eat Stop Eat protocol has changed the weight-loss game to such an extent that even I have been able to knock off ten kilos in just three months. I never imagined that I could see this happen to me. My belly has melted away and I can fit into my old glamorous outfits. My diabetes has improved and I have fewer aches and pains.

Lewis– My friends can’t believe when I tell them that I am losing weight due by eating all I want to. All I have to do is stop eating for a day in a week and I find it super easy to do. I like the fact that the Eat Stop Eat protocol is a lifestyle and not a diet program. Just 15 days into the program and I feel the difference. I am in a happier, healthier space. My marriage has become better and I am enjoying every day of my life now.


Eat Stop Eat is a sustainable lifestyle and not just a diet program. It allows you to eat anything, so it is safe to follow for long periods. Brad Pilon wants you to follow it for a lifetime and not just a few days. The protocol ensures a lifetime of peace and freedom from your struggles with diets and exercise.

The protocol makes health and weight control simple again. You actually enjoy your life, your food, your family, and your friends while on the Eat Stop Eat protocol. The last thing the protocol does is to bring more stress into your life. The system also improves your metabolism, preserves your lean muscle tone, improve organ health, reverse signs of aging, and achieve your ideal weight for a lifetime. And best of all, it can be used by anyone. Age and gender are no bars.

Brad Pilon’s Eat Stop Eat is also scientifically researched and safe to follow. It really works as it has worked for thousands before you. So, order the book and experience the life-changing effects of Eat Stop Eat for a lifetime and remain slim and healthy for the longest time possible.

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