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Drones are continually evolving with new technology. As there are new innovations and more significant investment, there are more modern and advanced drones brought in the market every few months. Drones work on unmanned aerial vehicle technology or UAV technology. Most of the drones have similar technology, which covers everything including the aerodynamics of the drone, the materials used in the manufacturing of the drone, the circuit boards, software and chipset (the brains of this UAV).

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How Do Drones Work

Drones are manufactured using composite materials that are light for increasing maneuverability and reducing weight. The strength of the composite material allows them to cruise at high altitude.

Drones come equipped with different technologies such as laser GPS and infrared cameras. They are remotely controlled using ground control systems (GSC) or the ground cockpit.

They have two parts – the control system the drone itself.

The navigational systems and the sensors are present in the nose of the drone. The body contains technology systems, and there is no space for a human to be present inside the drone.

This unmanned aircraft is built using complex composites that can decrease the produced sound and absorb vibration. All the materials used are lightweight.

Types Of Drones And Sizes

Drones are available in numerous sizes – from low-end drones to those used for military purposes. The low-end drones are used for individual use and can be carried around. They can be taken for treks for mountaineering adventures.

About DroneX Pro

The DroneX Pro is a brilliant new product that allows you to shoot videos and photos from above. You can carry with you anywhere because of its compact size. It is easy to use and can be ready within 30 seconds. The best part about DroneX Pro is that the company’s focus is more on the product itself than the branding. So you get a high-quality drone at an affordable low price.

The DroneX Pro has been designed by two engineers who found that the drones available in the market not just heavy, but also not very easy to fly. They couldn’t carry their drones everywhere, and so they designed this compact, lightweight and easy to fly drone. At the same time, they kept all the key features of a top-notch model intact in this inexpensive, lightweight and compact drone.

Key Features Of Drone X Pro

This product is an engineering marvel with a fantastic design. It has world-class features and limitless exploration. Given below are the key elements of this excellent product: –

  • The DroneX Pro has a foldable design that ensures portability and functionality.
  • The product uses lightweight and high tech engineering resulting in a high-quality flight performance that gives you stunning images from extensive exploration. You can shoot videos and photographs without having to buy an expensive professional drone.
  • This product is straightforward to use. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, you can control and fly it easily.
  • The DroneX Pro has an inbuilt camera. You can shoot a professional quality photograph with just the click of a button.
  • This product has been designed considering usability and ease of use. It is exceptionally user-friendly, and since it is lightweight, you can carry it wherever you go.

How to use the DroneX Pro

The DroneX Pro is very easy to use. Even a beginner, who is not familiar with drones, can use it by following the step-by-step instructions as given below:-

  • Your drone is a compact foldable model, so the first step is to unfold the drone and attach your phone to the remote. This will allow you to see everything that the drone sees.
  • Start flying the drone and begin shooting videos and photographs.
  • As you use it more and more, you will get to know its features.

How to set up the DroneX Pro

The DroneX Pro is beginner-friendly. This means that there is not much work to do for a beginner to start this drone. Follow the step by step instructions that are given below and activate the drone:-

  • Unbox the drone.
  • Charge it for 1 hour.
  • Read the instruction manual given in the box.
  • The instruction manual has a QR code. Scan the code, and it will take you to the app.
  • Install the app.

After installing the app, you just need to follow the instructions given in the manual. You will not have any trouble following the instructions. The entire setup takes about 15 minutes and then the drone is activated.


Parts of the DroneX Pro

Folding blades – The compact design is improved with the folding blades, which means that this equipment will sit on your palm when it is folded. The blades fold inwards, and this provides protection when you are carrying it. It also changes the shape so that it is easy to carry. If there is any need to replace the blades, your box will include spare propellers. It can be very easily adjusted in your backpack, and you are ready to go on your adventure.

Battery – The battery charges very quickly, and a full battery charge takes approximately one hour. You can also purchase multiple lithium batteries so that you have spare ones when you are away from a charging station.

Camera – The DroneX Pro has a wide-angle lens that enables you to record HD videos at 120 frames per second and professional photographs with a 12-megapixel camera. The inbuilt features of this gadget allow you to shoot good pictures you when you are outdoors. The panorama mode of this gadget capture 360-degree images with the touch of a button. Also, the slow-mo mode of the drone ensures that you can play the high points of your adventure in high definition slow motion.

Flying time – You can fly and set the gadget to record for 12 minutes. This is the life for a single charge of a battery. Fly the drone for 12 minutes and bring it down to the ground.

Gravity Sensors – The uncomplicated controls and the inbuilt gravity-sensor ensure that there are no collisions in case there are other drones nearby. This drone has numerous sensors that monitor the obstacles on the ground and in the path of the flight. It changes its course automatically to avoid any collisions and crashes.

Shoot Selfies – The DroneX Pro is ultimate for selfies. The size of this product is the same as a smartphone, and it is extremely easy to use. This ease of use makes it perfect for beginners who have never flown a drone before. It is lightweight, compact and has all the features that are essential for a drone.

The product is sturdy, and it can record at live stream video clips on your phone. Also, it is incredibly affordable.

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The key features of the DroneX Pro have been summarized below:-

  • Flight speed – DroneX Pro flies at good speeds and can shoot a lot of space.
  • Handling speed – It has three handling speeds and therefore, using this drone is very simple and easy.
  • Flight stability – The flight is precise, safe and extremely stable. The DroneX Pro can resist weather extremities.
  • Wide angles – This drone can capture wide angles when it is flying. It also plays videos of landscapes.
  • Compact design – The propellers of this drone are foldable toward the inside, and this makes it easy to carry the drone when in transit.
  • Increased battery life – The DroneX Pro has enhanced battery and is the fastest drone available in this category. It can fly up to two kms at a speed of 12 m per second.
  • Altitude hold mode– This mode helps lock the location and height of the drone so that it can hover at a spot steadily from where it can shoot great videos and photographs.
  • Gravity-sensor– The DroneX Pro has inbuilt gravity sensors that detect obstacles in the flight path on the ground and can change the course to avoid a collision.

Benefits of DroneX Pro

Given below are the benefits of the DroneX Pro:-

  • Can be carried anywhere – The DroneX Pro has foldable arms which means that you just fold the propeller blades and put it in your bag. This makes it easy to carry it with you wherever you go.
  • Stable flight– The DroneX Pro has an altitude hold mode function that provides stability when the drone is flying.
  • Remote control using a phone– The DroneX Pro has an inbuilt wi-fi that helps you connect the drone to the dronex pro app. You can shoot videos, pictures and have live transmission through the phone’s camera. This helps in controlling the drone.
  • High-quality pictures– The DroneX Pro has two cameras and both the cameras have a high-resolution wide-angle lens. These cameras help shoot professional quality, high definition pictures and videos.
  • Manual camera selection– The gadget has two camera resolutions, namely 720 p HD and 1080 p ultra HD. Both resolutions give professional quality pictures, but the 1080 p HD shoots better photos than the 720 p HD.
  • Can fly at high altitudes– the drone x pro has a headless mode, and you can launch it directly without having to adjust its position
  • One key return– this gadget comes with the remote that has an ’one key to return’ button. This button helps the drone find its home location and never gets lost. This function also makes your drone safe and secure.
  • Futuristic Technology– The manufacturer has used 2.4 GHz technology In manufacturing this drone, and this covers every feature of a good drone.
  • 360° flying– This drone has four channels that give you the ability to rotate it 360°. You can also roll this drone to enhance your experience.
  • Lightweight and sturdy– The quadcopter fuselage of this drone is manufactured using resistant engineering and high strength plastics. Therefore, this drone has durable resistance and is lightweight.
  • New bright pictures– It has an LED light in the front that helps to shoot bright photographs even when it is dark.

drone x pro review

How high can the drone x pro fly?

The DroneX Pro can fly at a height of up to 150 feet from the ground. The ‘one key return’ function of this drone ensures that you never lose it and it also never loses connection while flying. The gadget can be controlled with the help of the remote that comes with the box.

Purchase and Price

The DroneX Pro is available from the official website of the manufacturer.

The company is offering an exclusive offer for a limited time. So if you avail the offer, you get a 50% discount and worldwide free shipping. The price of this gadget is under 99 USD. It is the best option available in the market. This price is extremely inexpensive for a product of this quality!

What Sets DroneX Pro Apart

The DroneX Pro is a good quality product that is available for just 99 USD. This sets it apart from its contemporaries. It has a lot of features that only high-end professional drones have. If you have never flown a drone before, then this is the product for you. You should start with this. It has a wide-angle lens and features that prevent its collision with obstacles on the ground or when flying.


It is apparent that the DroneX Pro shoots excellent quality pictures. The 360-degree photos and the birds-eye view videos make it an exceptional product to purchase. With this drone, you can shoot pictures of your adventures with the clarity that is available only in professional high-end products. Also, the DroneX Pro is compact and lightweight. It has a setup time of just 15 minutes and is very easy to use, even for beginners. So what sets this product apart from its contemporaries? The reason why DroneX Pro is very popular is that the manufacturer has invested more time in its features and quality than the branding. At this price, you get an impressive gadget that will make you the envy of your friends.

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