Does UV Light Kill Viruses And Germs?

A majority of us must have thought that this twin year of 2020 will mark the beginning of a better us, after all, it’s the reckoning of a new decade, isn’t it? So, we had managed to make our new year resolutions and also managed to fail at keeping up with them in the first month of the year, January. Once again, we doubted our worth of keeping up our very own words, and just as we were getting ourselves strong-headed to get back at our 2020 resolutions, the world witnessed a threat, that too a biological one—the Coronavirus aka the COVID-19! It’s simply unbelievable to experience the journey of this COVID-19 virus into our world, isn’t it? The outbreak of this virus which was declared as a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization) has literally brought the lives of both the rich and the poor to a standstill. There are many horrifying truths about this virus, the two unignorable ones being that this virus is spreading like wildfire and the other one being that there has been no vaccine or cure discovered to combat the novel COVID-19 virus.

Keeping the above facts in mind, the society all over the world is still hunkering down to battle the virus and its continuing outbreak. And while the WHO’s guidelines clearly state that the only way in which we can prevent the virus from spreading would be to keep ourselves clean by maintaining personal hygiene and washing or sanitizing our hands regularly, there are many other things or facts that need to be considered here. For example, let’s not overlook the fact that we all rely on our various gadgets for our day-to-day chores. Our mobile phone, our personal computers like our laptops, our tablets like the iPad, our smartwatches, our earphones or headsets—all of these too can be a warehouse of germs and viruses. We know this and yet, we ignore this, don’t we? Let’s take a moment and give this a thought, shall we?

We’re assuming that most of you already must be thinking as to how on earth did we miss out on noticing the fact that our mobile phones have way more germs than our hands.

The Solution

Although handwashing can be considered as one of the best ways of steering clear of the numerous viruses and germs that are harmful to our health, we cannot wash everything we own or touch, for example, our gadgets, isn’t it? It is very vital for one to sanitize not just one’s hands but also the screens they touch, the gadgets they use, the electronic or digital appliances that they rely on to finish their everyday chores.

And how does one be able to achieve that? The answer lies in the word “ultraviolet.” Almost since the beginning of the twentieth century, ultraviolet rays have been used in hospitals especially to clean their equipment and keep it germ-free and virus free. This UV-light disinfection became very popular during the mid-twentieth century and it gained popularity as it spread across the various industries in the world.

How Is UV Light Effective In Killing Germs And Viruses?

The UV light, more accurately known as the UVC light belongs to the UV light spectrum. It is capable of killing germs, viruses, mold, bacteria, and other such pathogens because of the high frequency of UV light that it emits. When we want to kill bacteria, virus or other germs with the help of the UV light, we will have to use germicidal wavelengths which is between 185-254 nm (nanometers) (1). If you are wondering what is UVC, well, there are three types of UV rays—UVA, UVB, and UVC. The UVC rays are used to clean, sanitize, and kill germs because they have the shortest wavelength, but the highest energy. Its wavelength as mentioned earlier which has the power to decontaminate surfaces as it is capable of successfully destroying the DNA of germs and viruses at their molecular levels. This is precisely why hospitals make use of the UVC to clean their surgical tools and other equipment. Using UVC light to kill viruses, germs, and bacteria is considered to be more effective as it is known to put an end to them regardless of what drug resistance they possess (2).

How To Use This UVC Light To Kill Viruses And Germs?

Light Sanitizer Review

The market now has various ways in which UVC lights have been made available to the consumers. Some of the forms in which the UVC light is available to include boxes, covered wands, and bottles. Each of these forms has its own specific set of instructions that it needs to follow. The instructions tell you how to make use of the UVC light to kill the viruses and germs on surfaces of your homes. The world must have come to a standstill but the need for using our smartphones or any device that helps us stay connected to our loved ones, and even the world, in general, hasn’t stopped. Which is why, there is a serious need for us to sanitize these devices as oftentimes, they come in contact with not just us but whoever is around us.

And we think that one of the best products available in the market right now which will help clean the screens of all of your smart devices, be it your phone or laptop is Mobile Klean. If you are wondering what this product is, well, this one is a UV sanitizer that will keep your smart devices virus-free and germ-free. Viruses are known to multiply easily and spread, and the COVID-19 is one such virus which doesn’t have an antidote, in such situations, precautions need to be taken with a 100 percent effort. And just like washing our hands for at least 20 seconds is crucial, sanitizing the screens of our devices is also important and crucial. And a UV sanitizer like Mobile Klean will help you in achieving just that.

This easy to operate UV sanitizer is battery operated and it releases powerful UV rays to kill the viruses, germs, and other harmful bacteria which can make us humans sick when we come in contact with it. Such UV sanitizers effectively help sanitize the mobiles, laptops, doorknobs, and also the screens of desktops. Using such sanitizers will prevent the multiplication and spread of harmful viruses, even the most novel one being the COVID-19 right now. Using UV light sanitizers like the GermCide X is very easy as well. All you need to do is, open it up and direct the UV light downwards towards the surface that you want to clean up. Make sure you hold the light 6 inches from the surface. After this, ensure that the surface you want to clean up is covered with the UV light for at least 20 seconds. This is because it takes around 20 seconds for the UV light from the UV sanitizer to target the DNA of the virus or germ or bacteria and kill it. This will eradicate the harm they could have caused when it comes in contact with humans. The best thing is that such sanitizers can also be used to not just clean the screens of your smart devices, but it can also be used to effectively sanitize the surfaces of other electronic appliances as well as surfaces of furniture, the doorknobs, etc.

When it comes to cleaning UV sanitizers, all you need to do is clean it with a cloth and dispose of the cloth in a dustbin that has a lid.


Important To Make Note

It is very important to make note that these UV sanitizers aren’t meant to sanitize our hands or our skin. Remember, UV light is harmful to the human skin. Therefore, use it only to clean device screens and other surfaces only!

UV sanitizers, most of them, guarantee to kill 99.9% germs on the surfaces. Portable UV sanitizers are what is in demand and it is best to purchase the product from the official websites to avoid falling prey to imitation products.

If you haven’t bought a UV light sanitizer yet, we recommend that you go and get one immediately or place an order for it. Because, the novel coronavirus outbreak has become so rapid, that such useful devices like the UV light sanitizer are very limited in stock.

We know, that our world is facing its test. And it is very important for us humans to keep ourselves and our surroundings clean and disinfected to break the chain of the COVID-19 outbreak.

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