Do You Need To Wear Goggles To Stay Safe From COVID-19?

The twin year, the year 2020 was the most anticipated year of all times. Many thought of this year to be the most happening one, a year that will bring glory and happiness to the entire world. Seldom did we know that the year 2020 will bring forth an array of challenges that were never faced before ever. This year has made history and is continuing to make history owing to just one main facet of problem—the coronavirus. Viruses have come into our world before and we humans have battled them out and found cures for the same. But the knocking of coronavirus nicknamed as Covid-19 has made us all realize one thing that all of our lives are floating at the brim of uncertainty. Covid-19 had the power of bringing the entire world into a standstill and forced every nation to observe lockdown to curb its spread. The summers were known as the happiest times where people go on family vacations, the children enjoy their summer vacations by playing and learning new things. But this 2020, the summer saw very different, kids were inside homes, people were off-streets, and the most popular of travel destinations were all shut down. Such was the impact of the novel coronavirus in our lives.

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Precautions And Safety

What made it so difficult for us to control the spread of the coronavirus was that there was very little or no information available regarding the nature of the virus. And by the time scientists and health experts and researchers could figure how exactly it spreads, half of the world was already affected by the virus. People all over the world were given information about social distancing, washing hands regularly, and using sanitizers whenever you touch something in public places where other people too could have touched it. And yes, wearing masks became a widespread norm all over the world. These were the only ways through which one could stay protected from the virus that was killing people all over the world. And with no vaccine in hand, the anxiety and worries regarding the fatal effects of the coronavirus have only got worse. It has been more than six months now, and now and then health experts and scientists are coming up with more discoveries about the behavior of this Covid-19 and its spreading patterns.

Does It Spread Through Eyes As Well?

We all know by now that the coronavirus can potentially enter our body through the mouth and nose—this is why all the doctors constantly recommend everybody to wear masks that help cover both, the nose and mouth. Doctors also practice and preach social distancing. While this has been religiously been followed in most parts of the world right now, speculations regarding the spread of the coronavirus have been on its peak since the beginning of the finding of the first Covid-19 patient. The latest speculation right now is that many believe that the Covid-19 can spread through the eyes as well. But this one is backed with evidence as well.

There are several emergency pieces of evidence that people have been catching this virus from the droplets in the air, even the WHO (World Health Organization) confirmed this. And if you think and introspect this, then one can come to terms that one of the ways through which the droplets can enter the body is through eyes as well. For it is possible for a person to touch a contaminated surface and then touch eyes could lead to that person being infected with Covid-19. This is something that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A lot of debate sprung up and questions regarding the spread through eyes arose when a renowned epidemiologist and virologist was to have contracted the Covid-19 virus through his eyes after having traveled in a heavily crowded flight. He argues that it has to be eyes because he had ensured that his eyes and mouth were covered throughout.

What Are The Risks?

Well, the risk is real! Both our nose and mouth have a mucous membrane that lines inside of them. Even our eyes have a similar mucous lining called the conjunctiva. And there is a potential risk of contracting the virus if this mucous membrane is exposed to viral substances like the droplets in the air or touching an infected surface. However, it is right to admit that the risk varies depending on the circumstances. Even the Centers of Disease Control says that although eyes are vulnerable, they cannot be termed as the primary mode of transporting the virus. This is because the path from the eyes to the respiratory system is far less direct than the one via mouth and nose.

For one to contract the virus from the eyes, the virus will have to get inside the mucous membrane of your eye. Then it has to flow down to your nose or mouth in the form of tears.

How To Prevent Falling Prey To Covid-19 Through Eyes?

  • Follow and preach social distancing
  • Wash and sanitize your hands regularly
  • Don’t touch your face when you are outside your home
  • Neither should you rub your eyes when outside home
  • Clean, disinfect, and maintain the regularly touched surfaces of your home
  • Ensure that you wear a mask when you head outside home all the time

So, Do We Need To Upgrade To Goggles Now?

In the first place, we’d say that it is a personal choice. If you work in an office where there is enough distance between your colleagues and you then wearing a mask would be enough. However, if you are in a high-risk situation kind of a place, then the health experts recommend that you wear protective glasses along with your mask or face shield. Consider wearing safety glasses if:

  • You work in a healthcare organization or hospital
  • Boarding a tightly packed airplane or any such enclosed space where there is no social distancing at all

Vigilant hygiene and awareness is the key to keep yourself safe from contracting coronavirus. Stay aware, stay safe!

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