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If you are suffering from a condition known as diabetes, or know someone who is, then you obviously know how problematic it really is.

Diabetes is a disease or condition that occurs when our blood sugar or blood glucose are on high levels. The main source of energy for humans is blood glucose which is acquired from the food that we eat. And the hormone made by our pancreas, insulin is what converts that glucose to be used as energy and be absorbed into our cells.

The problem is that sometimes our body is unable to produce enough insulin to convert glucose into energy. As a result, the glucose remains in our blood without reaching our cells.

If our body continues to accumulate glucose in our blood, it could lead to a series of concerning health issues such as cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, nerve damage, Alzheimer’s disease, depression and I damage among others.

Severe diabetic cases have also been linked with the cause of mortality and can at times reach a point where it could cost the person their life. And as we’ve seen over the years, diabetes is continuing to rise and more people are losing their lives as a result.

As a matter of fact, the propensity of diabetes between 1980 to 2014 has almost doubled among adults. In 1980, the spread of diabetes was at 4.7%. Fast forward to 2014, the figure has gone up to 8.5%.

If we take figures from around the world, there are more than 422 million individuals that suffer from diabetes. What’s worse, is that the condition is directly related to the annual deaths of at least 1.6 million people.

Even though there’s no cure for the disease at hand, there are medications in which we can reduce the levels of blood sugar or manage insulin production in the body, thereby lessening the symptoms to an extent.

But although this may be the case, the side effects from these medications are unsatisfactory and can at times cover up the symptoms of diabetes. Changes in lifestyle, as well as natural remedies, have displayed much better results in improving the condition of diabetics, and in certain cases, may have even reversed the effects of type 2 diabetes.

One of the other non-medication alternatives that we are going to focus here in this article is Diabetes Freedom. It was conceived by a diabetic patient named George Reilly who was on the verge of losing his leg until he decided to retaliate using this method which surprisingly reverses the symptoms of the condition.

The entire program can be purchased from the official website.

Diabetes Freedom

What Is Diabetes Freedom?

Diabetes Freedom is a digital program developed by former diabetic patient George Reilly and James Freeman. This program was conceived by Reilly after he went into a diabetic coma couple of years back and found out that his leg might have to be amputated for it. It was at that point on that George mustered the courage to combat this diabolical disease however he could.

Thanks to the extensive amount of research and several appointments with specialists and doctors, Reilly came up with a program that could reverse the effects of diabetes before it could endanger his life to a fatal extent. And thanks to his hard work, Reilly is now enjoying his life as best as anyone could without going into a coma or even experiencing any of the other severe diabetic-related complications.

The Diabetes Freedom program will introduce you to a line of specific foods and combinations compiled by Reilly and Freeman that will benefit diabetic sufferers. Each of those foods is packed with antioxidants, powerful anti-inflammatory agents and phytonutrients.

For diabetics, their body is unable to produce sufficient amounts of insulin due to the toxins present in certain foods and the environment. This toxin is of a specific ceramide that blocks the pancreas and prevents digestion. As such, the body cannot regulate blood sugar levels appropriately.

But with the Diabetes Freedom program, diabetics are able to release the toxins from their bodies. This helps restore balance and open blood vessels that have been clogged up. It also helps melt irresistible fat, which enables followers of the program to lose weight as well.

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The Benefits of The Diabetes Freedom Program

There are several other benefits associated with the Diabetes Freedom program for diabetics, including:

  • Reverse Type II Diabetes. There is strong scientific evidence that the Diabetes Freedom program can reverse type 2 diabetes in the average diabetic person. And if followed properly, it is possible to reverse your type 2 diabetes in about eight weeks. In fact, you’ll start noticing a couple of changes after 12 days of going into this program.
  • Enhance the production of Insulin in Your Body. Thanks to the steps laid out in this program, diabetics will be able to promote the production of insulin in their bodies. It also provides tips on the types of foods that diabetics should consume as well as the appropriate time to consume them.
  • Quickly Optimize Blood Pressure and Glucose. This guide will help you quickly normalize your blood pressure and blood glucose levels. This is thanks to the effective methods that come with this program.
  • Offers Natural Methods. Perhaps the best thing about this program is that it provides users of this program natural alternatives in managing their diabetes instead of taking pharmaceutical drugs that are typically riddled with side effects. This means that while you are using this guide to reverse the effects of diabetes, you’re also improving your body’s overall nutritional balance.
  • Bonus Modules. The program consists of various bonus modules that further improve your body’s ability to address the underlying factors that lead to diabetes.
  • Boosts energy. People who use this program claim to feel more energetic during the day than they did previously. The guide is also useful in many other activities of everyday life.
  • Lose Weight Faster. If you follow the instructions in this program as laid out, you can lose weight faster and more effectively than some of the other methods available. If you follow the steps precisely, you can lose about 20 pounds in the first six weeks.
  • Lowers the Risk of Diseases. When you get the symptoms of diabetes under control, you can lower your chances of contracting several diseases related to the condition, including heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure.
  • Tips from Professional Instructors. Another great take away of this program is that it offers tips from professional health instructors that are able to help you lose weight effectively and lead a much healthier lifestyle.
  • Easy-to-Understand Instructions. Every single instruction later on in this program is quite simple and easy to understand.

Disadvantages of Diabetes Freedom

In all honesty, there are any disadvantages associated with this program since it offers natural solutions to reversing type 2 diabetes. The only thing that would be offputting with this book is that it comes in a digital format and older diabetic patients who are not tech-savvy may have a hard time accessing the program online and navigating their way around.

Another slight disadvantage is that some people expect the results to take in sooner as they see other people experiencing results faster, but that’s on the people and not on the program. The truth is that while the program works for just about everyone provided they follow the instructions as laid out, some people may notice results quicker than others.

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How The Diabetes Freedom Program Works

The main program of Diabetes Freedom comprises three modules, also known as steps, that need to be followed as George Reilly has instructed in order to truly acquire the benefits that come with it.

Here are the three important steps of the Diabetes Freedom program:

Step 1: The Pancreas Restart Nutrition Plan

This plan consists of the crucial diet plan and nutritional tips that will help diabetics release fat cells in their pancreas. Those fat cells are what clogged the pancreas and lower its ability to deliver sufficient levels of insulin throughout the body.

Step 2: The Brown Fat Boosting Blueprint

With this module, diabetic patients have to adhere to specific changes in their lifestyle which focuses on increasing brown fat cells, which are beneficial for their bodies and cut down on the levels of white cells which are detrimental.

Step 3: Meal-Timing Strategies That Eradicate Diabetes Type 2

There are certain tips provided in this step that relate to meal-timing. With this, diabetic patients can adjust their bodies to better regulate the production of insulin and glucose distribution throughout their bodies.

Besides having access to the main primary system of the Diabetes Freedom program, George Reilly also provides diabetic patients access to several other bonus material to better improve their chances of reversing diabetes.

Some of the material that comes in the bonus content included:

  • 33 Power Foods for Diabetics

This portion of the program lists 33 various “power foods” that are ideal for diabetics. Every one of those foods helps diabetic patients stay healthy and beat their condition quickly and with long-lasting results. It would also help you save up on frequent grocery store trips.

  • The Stay Young Forever Program

Older diabetic patients will benefit greatly from this bonus program as it can help them stay young both in mind and body as the years go by. It boasts an abundance of tips and information that can help patients look and feel younger than they seem.

  • The Fat Burning Blueprint

As the title of this bonus content implies, diabetic patients can burn fat at a much quicker and efficient rate than those who don’t have access to this program. The program offers extensive details on how diabetics can burn fat faster and yield the best results.

Pricing And Moneyback Guarantee

The Diabetes Freedom program is currently priced at $37, which is quite that huge discount from its original price of $197. Interested diabetic patients who previously had a problem with its price can now rest easy.

Besides that, there’s even a 60-day 100% moneyback guarantee attached to this program. So you have two months to try this program out for yourself to see if the results are to your liking.

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  • The instructions are clear and easy to understand.
  • It’s an all-natural solution to get rid of diabetes once and for all
  • The program comes at an affordable tag at $37
  • There aren’t any adverse or harmful effects
  • There’s a 100% moneyback guarantee with the program


  • It could be problematic for non-tech savvy diabetic patients as it’s available online.
  • It must be followed precisely to achieve the desired results.

Customer Reviews

diabetes freedom review

It seems based on a couple of the following reviews, the Diabetes Freedom program has worked wonders for those that have purchased it. Some of the reviews read:

“Hey there George. I’m writing this to you as I’m vacationing in Hawaii.

Your program helped keep my blood sugar at levels that were low and acceptable.not only that, I also shaved off 36 pounds in the process after looking the same as I’ve been since I was 29.

I will say this that even though I was skeptical at first, all my doubts went away as soon as I gave your program a go. Thanks to my efforts, but mostly your guidance, I no longer feel the constant pains that I used to feel on a daily basis, nor am liable to some of the usual adverse effects that come with diabetes and can eat proper meals once again.

And because of your natural solutions, I say the good fortune on pointless medications as well as possible side effects that I would’ve incurred had I taken them.” – Jess

“Thank you George! If I hadn’t tried your programs sooner, it would’ve been the end of me due to my type 2 diabetes.

No matter what medication I was taking prior to opting for your method, they kept adding up and the side effects were building up on top of that.

After following your instructions, I was relieved to have my doctors informed me that my pancreas was working in optimal condition.

Despite still getting bimonthly checkups, I am beyond pleased to know that I am no longer diabetic.” – Patty from Kansas City.

“Thanks to the simplistic instructions in your program, I was able to reverse my diabetic condition in no less than five weeks.

I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I came across your program is my life was miserable before it. Constantly taking medications to try to improve something which was only getting worse as time went by, being a burden to my family and being regularly haunted by me dying alone a sad, miserable death.

Your program is truly a godsend and I am ever so grateful that I got the opportunity to try it out for myself and start afresh new chapter for myself.” – William

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All in all, Diabetes Freedom is backed by solid sufficient scientific evidence as well as credible customer reviews. What’s more, is that the program comes with a 100% moneyback guarantee, ensuring that customers or diabetic patients have nothing to lose in the process should they find it unsatisfactory.

We’re not saying that the program is some kind of magic pill that will improve your symptoms in one night because it won’t. It’s a natural organic solution that requires time for its effects to finally show up in the end. So in order for you to witness its benefits, we advise you to be patient and let time do its job.

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