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‘Suspicious person’ attempts to grab two women on campus

Adam Ramsey, Staff Writer

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A “suspicious person” attempted to grab two women yesterday and was spotted in the Dunbar Library as well as Millett Hall, according to Wright State police.

 According to a WSUPD alert email , a woman was followed into the restroom on the third floor of Dunbar Library and a man tried to grab her “with his belt unbuckled and his pants unzipped” as she was leaving the stall.

 The man also tried to grab another woman in Millett Hall and was noticed by the victim to have been riding the elevator.

Wright State University Police Captain David Ratliff said WSUPD would increase patrols around Dunbar Library. Police said that the man was tall and of Middle Eastern descent wearing a black leather jacket, dark jeans and brown shoes.

The Guardian will update as more information is gathered.

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Wright State University
‘Suspicious person’ attempts to grab two women on campus