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Man accused of exposing himself to residential students

Hannah Hendrix, Features Editor

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According to records filed with the Fairborn Municipal Court, on Monday, Sept. 2, Trevor Robinson was arrested for allegedly exposing himself to three Wright State resident assistants, one of whom he is accused of physically assaulting.

“The police are still investigating,” said Director of Residence Services Dan Bertsos. Bertsos said three Resident Assistants were making rounds in the Woods community when they encountered a man with “what they believed to be illegal drugs.”

According to a university police report, Robinson, who was visiting friends at Wright State, was seen on Springwood Lane outside Hickory Hall carrying what appeared to be a glass pipe used for smoking marijuana. The RAs requested that Robinson take the pipe out of his pocket and dispose of it.

Robinson is accused of then exposing himself to the three students, taking the cell phone of an RA who attempted to call campus police, taking another RAs cell phone and stomping on it and then punching the third RA in the head and chest.

Campus police dispatched to the scene found Robinson sitting in a hallway inside Laurel Hall about 20 minutes after the alleged incident at which time was arrested and questioned. According to a supplemental police incident report, Robinson claimed he did not remember doing anything wrong and told police he was bipolar and that he needed to take his medication.

The 21-year-old faces five misdemeanor charges of varying degrees including public indecency, disorderly conduct, criminal damaging or endangering, simple assault and possession of drug paraphernalia according to the Fairborn Municipal Court docket.

Robinson’s hearing will be held Sept. 12 at 1:00 p.m. according to reports filed Tuesday at Fairborn Municipal Court.

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Wright State University
Man accused of exposing himself to residential students