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Details released in crosswalk traffic incident

Charles Grove, Sports Writer

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Further details have emerged regarding the pedestrian that was struck at a crosswalk by a vehicle Tuesday night in front of the Wright State Student Union.

A vehicle operated by undergraduate student Allison Felkley struck graduate student Justin Farmer. Felkley told police that she did not see anyone in the crosswalk area when she approached it and looked down at her radio at that time. When she looked up Felkley realized that her vehicle had struck Farmer.

Felkley stopped her vehicle and assisted Farmer until Fairborn Paramedics and Wright State Police responded to the scene.

Police reports indicate Farmer had a cut above his right eye and a large abrasion on his right cheek area.

Farmer was taken to nearby Soin Hospital for treatment.

Felkley was cited for the incident.

Farmer declined to comment on the incident while Felkley was unable to be reached for comment at this time.

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Wright State University
Details released in crosswalk traffic incident