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Police issue warning for Halloween Weekend

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Wright State Police issued a “Community notification of possible threat” on Oct. 24 in regards to a group of males that plan on wearing masks and assaulting females that are walking alone or near campus on Halloween weekend.

The police have issued the following safety tips:

•Don’t walk alone.
•Walk with people you know and trust.
•Carry your cell phone with you at all times and program the police department’s emergency number (775-2111) into your phone.
•Travel in well-lit and high-traffic areas when walking.
•Pay attention to your surroundings at all times.
•Use the campus SAFE Escorts that can be arranged by calling the Police Department at 775-2111.
•Report suspicious activity immediately to police.
•Have a plan if you’re being followed—for example, go where you know there are people.


The Wright State Police advise anyone with information on the matter to contact them at (937) 775-2111.

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Wright State University
Police issue warning for Halloween Weekend