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Crime Notes: May 23 Issue

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May 15 – A stop sign at the corner of University Boulevard
and Wright State Road was knocked down. It appeared to
have been run over by a car.

May 16 – A student in a Pine Hall loung was on the floor
unconscious, but still breathing from consuming too much
alcohol. The student had been drinking with her friends.
They were all underage. An of age male bought the alcohol
for them. The student was transported to a hospital.

May 16 – Two laptops were stolen from a dorm room in Pine
Hall. The residents of the room were both gone and left the
room unlocked. $1700 loss.

May 17 – WSUPD got a report of a vechile parked by
College Park and Zink Road with no license plates. The car
was a stolen vehicle from Illinois and was towed to an
impound lot.

May 19 – A driver was backing out of their parking spot in
Lot 10W (The Pit) when they hit a parked car. The driver
said she did not see the car parked behind her when she
began backing out of the parking spot.

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Wright State University
Crime Notes: May 23 Issue