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Crime Notes: May 16 Issue

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May 5 – A hit and run accident happened in parking lot 2.

May 13 – Four individuals under the age of 21 were
walking on College Park Road by the C-Store. One of the
individuals was carrying a dark box. Once they saw WSUPD
patrolling, the individual tried to hide the box. WSUPD
approached the situation and saw another individual
had a cup with something that smelled like alcohol in it.
Another individual had a bottle of Vodka in their bookbag.
WSUPD dumped the alcohol out.

May 13  – A WSU police officer saw two individuals walking
through the Pit parking lot and up the steps to Springwood
Lane. The male individual was holding the female individual
up as she stumbled and pulled her arm whenever she
stopped walking. The police officer asked them to talk with
him and the female started running the opposite direction.
The male yelled at her to stop and come back and she did.
The underage female said she had been drinking at the
Province and consumed one mojito. She was transported to
the Greene County Jail because she was too intoxicated to
be released, and was given a 10% bond amount. The male
was criminally cited for underage consumption.

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Wright State University
Crime Notes: May 16 Issue