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Crime Notes: April 18 Issue

Holly Fogarty, News Editor

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April 10- The rear window of a car in parking lot 11 had been

April 10- Two cars were backing out of a parking spot at the
same time and hit each other.

April 12- A student in parking lot 6 started to pull into a
parking spot when an oncoming car hit the side of the
student’s car.

April 13- WSU officers responded to a call in reference to
an individual asking people on campus for money to feed
his family. The individual was issued a criminal trespass
warning where he was no longer allowed to be on Wright
State owned or leased property.

April 14- There was a domestic dispute in Hamilton Hall.
Two individuals were sent to the hospital.

April 15- Four underage students were drinking in a
residence hall room in Boston Hall.

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Wright State University
Crime Notes: April 18 Issue