Crazy Spring Break Stories from Wright State Students

Junior – “I was once on spring break at Kalahari, this huge indoor waterpark-slash-hotel. Well, obviously, I got pretty wasted and I was a little dopey because of that, so I went into the arcade to play PacMan. I have no clue why I wanted to do that, but I did. I felt like I was in there for maybe half an hour, but when I walked out, I realized I had spent over eleven dollars playing the game for three hours. I then went upstairs and fell asleep in the shower for about six hours. I got to spend hardly any time in the actual waterpark.”

Sophomore – “For my spring break, I decided to go to this giant concert event where a bunch of bands were playing. There were thousands of people there, and at places like those, you get really hyped up, you know? Well, by some miracle, I managed to see the same dude twice despite the waves of people there. When he saw me the second time, he really freaked out – I think he was on drugs to be honest – and I was really excited, so in the heat of the moment, I just made out with him. I’m straight, and he might’ve been too, but it was just a split-second decision. It was fun, too, but I never saw him again. Moral of the story: beware how affectionate you get when you’re drunk.”

Junior – “Some other students and I, including a friend of mine, were once in Panama City. Well, my friend got blackout drunk, and she passed out on the bed in our hotel room, so we figured it would be fine to just leave her there after telling her where we were going. It wasn’t. We came back, and she was gone, her phone on the bed. Her mom was trying to call her, but she had just disappeared. The security guards just laughed at us when we asked if they’d seen her, and so we had to wait until she got back. Apparently she had drunkenly left the hotel and joined in with a bunch of strangers, started partying, and didn’t bother to return for several hours. When we got the story, we found it funny, but it was pretty scary in all honesty.”

Senior – “My craziest spring break story? Last year, I stayed at home without stressing, ate what I wanted and happily slept till three every day. Honey, in the thick of a college semester, that’s about as crazy an experience as you’re going to get.”

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