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Do you feel the heat of your body? Do you sweat even in a centralized air-conditioned room? Does the air pollution in your area cause you much bother?

Do you sometimes wish you had a portable air-conditioner with you on hot summers?

Now if I tell you I have a solution, do you wonder how you can power it up and carry with you everywhere?

Have you been irritant and battling negative energies? Your bad moods can create negativity around you and people might avoid you.

Throw all your anxieties away. You can one solution to all your problems. You can put in a little effort and have great comfort.

Introducing to you, a comfortable, portable and instant cooling device that is cost-effective. The good news is that it requires less maintenance too. The CoolAir!



CoolAir is a weightless cooler fan. It can be used as your device that you can carry everywhere you go.

You might wonder about the power supply for the cooler. That requires a very simple technique. It has a micro USB port to be connected and the device will be powered on. CoolAir works on a low 10-Watt power supply, which is safe and convenient.

It has a power On/Off button to turn it on or shut it off temporarily. It has three levels of speed adjustments to adjust the speed, as you prefer. The device has adjustable cooling fins. You can adjust the cooling fins straight, up or down to adjust the direction of the flow of air.

You also have the mood-setting lights. It has seven different, changeable colors of LED.

CoolAir device is as small as 17cm x 17cm x 17cm in dimensions. Now you can imagine how small your device is, for you to carry. Moreover, this tiny device will be your personalized air cooler. It will influence your personal space way beyond your imagination. The CoolAir device will make you feel much cooler than you think and give you a relaxed feeling.

CoolAir is so compact that you can carry it with you to the office, or use it at home or even you visit your friend’s place. This personal cooler will reduce the temperature around you, cool you up and your surroundings as well. Besides, CoolAir also serves as an advantage to purify the air around you.

Air pollution is a great threat in most countries today: both developing and non-developing. CoolAir drives all your worries away. This device serves as an excellent purifier. It also has an added set of mood lights. This device has a mood light of seven colors so that you can customize it for your day or night. On pressing the button continuously, the LEDs will seven colors will cycle automatically.

Altogether, CoolAir can refresh you and transform the aesthetic of your personal space. What more would one need! 

CoolAir review

Functioning of CoolAir

CoolAir has a three-speed controlled fan which runs with the help of an induction motor. It can be powered easily by a connection to a USB port. This makes charging it easy anywhere you go.

CoolAir has distinguished properties of cooling the air, humidifying the air and even purifying the air that you breathe. It has a built-in water tank that lasts up to eight hours. The CoolAir has a small water tank. You can fill the small tank with water, making it act as an outstanding humidifier.

CoolAir has a door on top, which you can open easily. You can add 300ml of water or ice, as you like according to the temperatures. Once you add adequate water that will fill your tank, you can close the door on top.

Then you can connect your CoolAir to the power supply using the micro USB port in your device.

Adding to all these benefits, CoolAir provides you with an automatic anhydrous power-off.

This device is so simple and easy to use. It requires less skill to operate. You can enjoy the benefits of a wonderful personal space. The CoolAir offers you a temperature-controlled space.

Do you wonder how such a small device acts as an air purifier? This device has a multilayer evaporative water filter. This filter absorbs all the dust in the atmosphere and purifies the air around you. The filter in the CoolAir device can be removed and cleaned.

The three-speed controlled fan filters the hot, dirty air from one end and then gives cool air through the cooling fins. Temperatures have been tested on both ends of the CoolAir device and thus this technology is a proven one.

A quick drop in temperatures has been observed with the CoolAir device. In comparison with the ordinary table fan, the CoolAir device shows a better cooling effect.

Now all your worries in summers can be tossed out. You can have cool summers.

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Steps To Use CoolAir

Once you receive your CoolAir, please follow these steps:

  1. Carefully remove the packaging and unwrap your device.
  2. Place at your desired location on a table in your home or office.
  3. Open the door on top of the device and fill the tank with 300ml of water or ice, as per your preferences.
  4. Plugin your device’s USB cable into a USB port for power supply and turn it on.
  5. Your CoolAir will start functioning. Enjoy the fresh, clean, cool and humidified air around you.
  6. Remember to fill your tank once every eight hours. 

Maintenance of CoolAir

  1. You must remember to fill the tank once every 8 hours. It requires just 300ml of water.
  2. The CoolAir device has an evaporative air filter. It required cleaning on a periodical basis. This filter gets filled with dirt according to the rate of pollution in your area. 

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Benefits of CoolAir

  1. Anybody can use CoolAir. It does not require a professional skill.
  2. CoolAir can be easily plugged in and powdered using a micro USB port. CoolAir works on low power of only 10Watt and is safe to use.
  3. It is very light in weight, handy and portable.
  4. It cools the air around you in an instant. With just 300ml of water, it gives you cool air for over eight hours.
  5. It purifies the air around you using an inbuilt evaporative water filter and it can be cleaned easily too.
  6. It humidifies the air around you and so improves the aesthetic of your personal space.
  7. It is affordable and works on efficient technology.

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Customers Reviews

More than listening to the owners of the product listen to the satisfied customers itself. They will give you a better picture of our product and explain their personal experience.

Ken ~ Hey everybody, I am Ken and I live in the temperate part of the world. I am very allergic to heats and it causes me many allergies. This makes me restless and irritant. I began to take medication for my allergies and it did not help me much as well. I was very discouraged. 

I was allergic to air conditioners, as I could not stand very cold temperatures as well. I kept searching for different remedies. And then pop! I found a review online about the CoolAir device. I was astounded to see the description. I wanted to give it a try to see if it will work out for me.

I placed my order and received it in no time. I have been using it for a month now. Since I can customize the settings for me in my own space, it has given me great benefits. I do not have to disturb the people at home or at the office.

My allergies are gone and I have a healthy mind as well.

Rick ~ Hi, I would like to share my experience with CoolAir. My job requires a lot of travel to different places. I have struggled to sleep in different places and hotels. The CoolAir device gives me a refreshing experience with its mood light settings.

I can set my personal space for my comfort. Now I have my comfort zone everywhere I go. I get a good sleep in hotel rooms on official tours. Having a good sleep at night, I can perform well at work. 

Thanks to the CoolAir device, I can breathe fresh air and it keeps my brain cells active and vibrant.

Wendy ~ I want to share with you my personal experience with the CoolAir device. Since the time I got pregnant, my body temperature was very hot. I felt very uncomfortable everywhere and I experienced terrible mood swings.

My husband got to know about the CoolAir device from my friend and ordered me one as a surprise. He gifted me with a CoolAir device. I had the device with me everywhere I went. It helped me relax so much. The mood-setting LEDs helped me set the tone for my moods.

I could set the temperatures for my personal space. I became happier. I enjoyed my pregnancy journey. 

Now, I have a baby boy who is two months. He seems to enjoy the fresh air and the lights from the CoolAir device. CoolAir is harmless, user-friendly and I feel it safe to handle around my baby too.

I enjoy the CoolAir device so much and I have placed orders for more. I have planned to gift it to my friends who are soon to be mothers.

Alex ~ Hi everyone, I am Alex. I have a very hot body temperature. I work in a centralized controlled air-conditioned room. Yet I still sweat in the cool room. 

It makes my workspace unpleasant with my colleagues feeling so uncomfortable around me. It often gave me an embarrassing feeling. I was pondering on how to overcome this.

My friend came over to me and recommended CoolAir to me. I placed my order and received it in two weeks. It is so easy for me to carry it to the office and back home. It is very user-friendly. It helps me very comfortable in the workplace. I can work more efficiently and with a good mindset.

I have recommended it another friend of mine too. 


CoolAir is a well-built proven technology. It is easy to carry and a huge need for most of us in today’s scenario.

It helps you get away with body’s increased heat, bad atmosphere, bad odor and keeps you in a relaxed mood.

It also helps you set the tone of your personal space using the mood-setting LEDs.

CoolAir is an on-par device with three-gadgets-in-one. It cools you down, humidifies your air and purifies the air around you.

It is very easy to use the device and does not require high intelligence.

Just 300ml of water in the CoolAir device’s tank gives a wonderful cooling effect for up to eight hours.

CoolAir aims to satisfy its customers and offer the best service. CoolAir is designed in such a way that anyone can use it and handle it.

CoolAir fulfills industrial standards and requirements. It aims to design innovative and well-organized device.

No more hot summers! No sleepless moments and less irritant moments. Enjoy your free, comfortable and relaxed personalized space around you.

CoolAir sets your mind free from bad moods. Your positive energies increase around you. You can be a cool, jovial and an enthusiastic personality.

So what is keeping you waiting? Order your CoolAir device and you will recommend it to your friends too.

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