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When you are out late at night, there is always a safety concern at the back of your head. You might be carrying a pepper spray for your defense, but it doesn’t always work as desired. In America today, there are constant reports of attacks, rapes, robberies, murders, and more criminal activities. This is spreading a lot of fear among common people. The topic of using firearms has been in discussion on and off among parliamentarians. Not everyone is in favor of using a gun.

So, what can you do? You cannot just carry around a knife, even though that is a viable option. A lot of places will not allow you to enter with a knife for obvious security reasons. The solution to your safety issue comes in the form of Concerned Patriot Execution Torch. This is a tactical torch that can be used by anyone and everyone for self-defense and is legal in most places you may go to.

Concerned Patriot Execution Torch

What Is A Tactical Torch?

In order to understand what is the Concerned Patriot Execution Torch, you must first know what a tactical torch is and does. A tactical torch is an ordinary flashlight but with a stronger and brighter light. It was initially used as an add-on to a firearm, using which marksmen could locate and target their mark with ease in the darkest places. These torches are generally used by armed forces or law enforcement officers.

However, today tactical torches are being made for the masses. Its incredibly bright light can make someone blind temporarily, and hence, it is an excellent self-defense tool. With additions such as jagged edges and stun guns installed within the torch, the safety provides by a tactical torch has increased tenfold.

What Is Concerned Patriot Execution Torch?

Concerned Patriot Execution Torch is a tactical torch with an inbuilt stun gun. Although it looks like an ordinary torch, it has an excellent mechanism for defending yourself against an unsuspected attack. Not just that, this torch can also illuminate an area that is ten times greater than an ordinary flashlight. It is a legal self-defense device with a light that can blind your attacker temporarily, giving you enough time to escape an unsafe situation.

With life outside becoming increasingly unsafe, you need a self-defense device that is reliable and easy to use. The Concerned Patriot Execution Torch is your perfect savior. You can easily carry this torch around in your purse or pocket. It has a robust body that can break the glass. The stun gun has enough power to stop an adult heart momentarily. You can paralyze your assailant briefly and get away from danger.

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How Does The Torch Function?

The Concerned Patriot Execution Torch has 4.5million volts of electricity. If you strongly flash this light into the eyes of your attacker, it will render him blind temporarily. It has a safety switch that you can turn on in order to use the stun gun mechanism. If you are being attacked, you simply have to touch the assailant with the torch to pass the electricity through him. This will paralyze him temporarily, and you can run to your safety.

The voltage in the torch isn’t fatal for humans. It will only give your attacker an electric shock to numb his/her senses for a limited time. Just remember to turn the safety switch back to ‘off’ after use to avoid any unwanted accidents.

What Are The Benefits of The Torch?

  • The Concerned Patriot Execution Torch has a 2amp, 4.5million volts light built in it. This can temporarily blind your assaulter. Hence, it is an excellent tool for your protection.
  • The stun gun built within can pass enough electricity to paralyze an adult. You can protect yourself from a dangerous attacker by stopping his heart for a few seconds and fleeing from him/her.
  • The edge of the torch, known as the bezel, is razor-sharp. If at any point, you feel like you are being attacked, you can jab your assaulter with the serrated end and injury him/her. The bezel will work almost as good as a knife for you.
  • The torch is 6.5inches x1.5inches in size. So, it is convenient to carry around. The size makes it easy to fit into your purse or even your pocket. Since it looks like an ordinary flashlight, you will not be restricted from carrying it to places.
  • The torch also has an aluminum body that is sturdy and robust. It is so strong that you can break a glass with it or even hit your assailant with it. The body of the torch is made to bear rough usage. So, even if you drop it down by mistake, you don’t have to worry about damaging it.
  • You can use this excellent tactical torch to illuminate your path in the dark. The powerful bright light can throw a beam covering a very long distance. This makes it very suitable to use when there is no light available to guide you around.

Pricing And Refund Policy

The general price of tactical torches is very high due to its quality and usage. However, the Concerned Patriot Execution Torch is priced at $29.97, plus shipping charges. The price decreases if you are ordering more than one torch. For 2 torches, it is $53.95, for 3 it is $71.93. If you are buying 5 torches for $99.97 or 10 for $169.95, then you can avail of free shipping.

The torch comes with a ninety days money-back guarantee. So, if you are not happy with the product, you can contact the dealers and receive a 100 percent refund, no questions asked.

Concerned Patriot Execution Torch

Pros And Cons of The Torch

Below are the pros and cons of the product to help you make a decision.


  • The torch comes with an LED bulb. This bulb can last for almost 100,000 hours. So, you don’t have to worry about changing the bulb for a really long time.
  • The aluminum used to make the body of the torch is airplane quality. This makes it extremely durable and robust. The torch is built for rough usage, and you don’t have to be concerned about damaging it in any way.
  • The torch comes with an inbuilt rechargeable battery, which can only be charged by plugging the torch in an outlet. You can save a lot of money as you don’t have to keep buying disposable batteries every few months.
  • The torch weighs 4 ounces, and it is 6.5 x1.5 inches in size. Hence, it is very convenient for you to carry the torch around wherever you travel.
  • It is a three-in-one torch. This torch has a strong, sharp light, a stun gun, and jagged edges. So, if you ever find yourself in a difficult situation with an attacker, you can blind him/her, electrocute him/her, or injury him/her seriously enough for you to make an escape.
  • The torch comes with a safety lock. Whenever you want to use the stun gun in the torch, you need to turn the switch on. Otherwise, it is advisable to keep the safety switched off at all times.


  • The product is not in retail stores yet. However, you can buy it online anytime at $29.97.
  • The product is not shippable to all countries and states. This is majorly due to the prevailing laws in the states or countries regarding the use of tactical torches.
  • Unlike a taser which shoots probes at the attacker, a stun gun has to be in contact with the person. This means that you have to be at close range with the attacker to electrocute him/her. Nonetheless, it is an effective weapon for paralyzing your assailant.
  • Turning the stun gun switch on and off may take a little practice. Although it is an effortless task, you may want to ensure that you are quick with it when facing a risky situation. Also, you have to make it a habit to keep the safety switch in ‘off’ mode whenever you are not using the torch.
  • The stun gun is most effective when it is in direct contact with the skin. If your attacker is wearing multiple layers of clothing, then the voltage may not penetrate a lot. It will give him/her a shock, but it may not be enough to paralyze him/her. So, ensure that you find some part of the skin for maximum damage.

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Customer Reviews

The following are reviews from customers who have used the Concerned Patriot Execution Torch.

There has been a lot of mugging in my area, especially from joggers at night. I love jogging at night and so decided to purchase this product for my safety. The features are all as described on their website. The light is super bright, the zapping sound stun gun is very loud, and I especially loved the sharp serrated edge. I feel safer just holding the torch. – Bill Duncan

The torch is wonderfully designed. I bought it after a recommendation from a friend. She had bought a pack of three torches, for herself and her two daughters. One of her daughters actually managed to shoo off an attacker by just shining the bright light in his eyes. After hearing her story, I didn’t have to think twice about purchasing this product.

True to its description, the light of the torch is really very powerful. It took me a bit of time to adjust between the stun gun and the light. But as they say, practice makes perfect, I have the hang of it now. Hopefully, I will not have to use it ever. – Jennifer Zimmerman

I was attacked once when walking my dog at night. Since then, I have been looking for a safety device to carry around at night. Finally, with the Concerned Patriot Execution Torch, I have found the ideal self-defense tool. The stun gun and the jagged edge are superb features in the torch. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to use it, but the zap sounds powerful and really loud. It scared my dog a little bit. Hopefully, it will work very well too. – Megan McCarthy


Personal safety is always a primary concern for most people. You cannot live peacefully in an environment that is putting your life at risk. You may be living in constant fear of being attacked or mugged or raped. This fear can make you home-bound, where you are too afraid to step out in the dark. The Concerned Patriot Execution torch was designed to allow you to get rid of this fear. If you are skeptical about the product, you can buy and use it, and if you are still unsatisfied, you can get a full refund.

The three stable features of this product can give you an overall feeling of safety and security. You can carry it with you everywhere at all times. Whether it is walking in the dark, or saving yourself from an attacker, this torch is an excellent utility tool to have with you whenever you are facing trouble. You can now be out till late without having to worry about attackers, as you have an excellent self-defense tool with you.

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