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Suppose, you go out with your lovely family one fine evening and you have a terrorist or a mugger stands before you all with a gun. At that moment, do you freeze even while having a pistol or carbine with you? Is it because you are one of those busy individuals who has been so occupied with his work that you have not had the time to learn to use the guns and suddenly the reason why you got a license for the guns is right in front of you? How will you, at this moment, ensure the safety of your children, your spouse, your parents or anyone with you? If you want to learn to use the guns without any fear and want to be calm in crisis, Combat Shooter is just for you. It is also quite convenient for those working long hours at office as they can learn to utilize the guns without any massive lectures.

Combat Shooter System

About Combat Shooter

The best discovery made till date to help everybody learn and master pistol and carbine gun shooting, so people can protect the lives of themselves and their loved ones from dangerous, emergency situations. The creator, who is firefighter from the military obviously spent many hours and days of his life in perfecting the Combat Shooter system, so that you get the most impactful, precise and valuable information required to learn the techniques as conveniently and fast as possible. The Combat Shooter is based on the world’s most renowned and reputed law enforcement and military operators through the Combat shooter system.

What do you get in the package?

  • The Combat Shooter Pistol Training System
  • The Combat Shooter Carbine Training System

What are the techniques to become a master shooter using Combat Shooter?

  • The QSQ Draw Technique

This technique trains you how to get a good control over your weapon be it pistol or carbine. As you are aware, the sophisticated weapons are very difficult to hold. There is s correct handling position which is illustrated in this technique. By using this technique, a shooter can clear the holster at the quickest possible speed.

  • Why and When Technique

This technique trains you in a smooth transition from your primary shoulder firing weapon to your secondary hand held weapon and vice versa. Nearly all shooters including military and special enforcement personnel doesn’t get this right. This technique makes you tackle a team of attackers very fast and effectively.

  • The P2S Principle

This technique trains you to achieve a laser like accuracy. You can confidently engage and win over multiple attackers.

  • The O2 Flow Method

This method is a simple and effective mind switching process. When you train your mind, half the battle is won. This method activates your brain to take decisions in a fraction of a second. You are now able to think before the attacker and take charge. Your counter attack becomes effective.

  • The 7 Foot Rule

By this 7 Foot Rule, your trainer introduces an angle of shooting in which your attack becomes perfect for win. The attacker misses to see your move and you are in an advantageous position. This skill is very useful for hunters and for shooting attackers in moving vehicles or on horses.

combat shooter review

Strategies you can learn from the Combat Shooter System

  • No Light Fast Fight Strategy

Helps you to follow up rounds of shooting with unbelievable precision.

  • Strategy of Natural Movement

You learn to move yourself naturally and this enhances your speed.

  • IA3 Strategy

Guns can break and this strategy teaches you to restore it to working position in quick time.

  • Strategy of Sight Right

It teaches you the value of seconds in a gun fight and helps you from loosing those valuable seconds.

  • Gauge and Stage Strategy

It increases in your speed of shooting.

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How does the Combat Shooter work for you?

  • Combat Shooter effectively trains the user shooting techniques and skills which a civilian can use to protect himself/herself or his/her family from lurking dangers of today.
  • This system educates you with effective shooting methods in simple ways which are also approved by law enforcement agencies and the military.
  • This system shows how by making simple adjustments in handling your weapons you can become a skillful shooter.
  • The Combat Shooter System makes the user acquire sophisticated shooting skills very easily.
  • Even a novice in this field can become an expert and accurate shooter in days by studying and practicing according to the ways illustrated in the Combat Shooter System.

Benefits of Combat Shooter

  • The Combat Shooter offers a you a very innovative program called the “Battle Shooter” from a specialist sniper and a firefighter from the military who presents before you, with his personal understanding of the guns, so that you can easily adapt to utilize the guns and hit the target, accurately.
  • The Combat Shooter System is effectively designed to train both men and women.
  • The Combat Shooter System explains the secrets of the enforcement agencies in extremely stressful situations.
  • The Combat Shooter System trains the mind also to give the necessary courage of facing critical situations.
  • The Combat Shooter System trains you how to tackle hard core criminals.

Purchase and Price

  • Combat Shooter system can be ordered online only from the company’s official website. Combat Shooter System which includes both Pistol and also Carbine courses is priced at $77.
  • Presently the company is offering the complete Combat Fighter System that is a set of both Pistol and also Carbine courses at a huge discount of 60%. Now its available for just $47.
  • And at the time of writing this review the company is offering Elite Shooter Manual and Alpha Survival Guide complimentary.
  • And to top it all, the company is now offering Elite Alpha Nation online coaching completely free for one full month.
  • And the whole access will be instant just within two minutes of payment online.
  • The payment modes available on the company’s website are Visa Card, Master Card, American Express cards, Discover Cards and PayPal.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Yes, the company offers a Guaranteed to work for you or take your money back to all buyers. The company offers return or replacement of the product within 60 days of purchase. Detailed Product Return and Refund Policy is available on the company’s website for reference.

combat shooter review

Customer Support

The company offers 24 x 7 Customer Support on its product.


Does the Combat Shooter System really work?
Yes, the Combat Shooter definitely works. It uses simple techniques to train even a novice to an accurate shooter in days of practice. Many satisfied users worldwide can vouch for the effectiveness of the system.

Can the Combat Shooter System be used by women also?
Yes, Combat Shooter System can be used both by men and women. There are many women who have trained as accurate shooters using this system.

How many parts are there in the Combat Shooting System?
The Combat Shooting System consists of 20 parts of video.

Who has created the Combat Shooter System?
A distinguished shooter who is also a firefighter from military has used his experience, wisdom and understanding about the weapons, critical situations and shooting positions has created this system.

Are there any Bonus offers on purchase of the Combat Shooter System?
The company is presently offering Alpha Nation Online-Coaching Community free for a month along with Elite Shooter Mindset Manual and Alpha Survival Manual as bonuses.

How can I know my progress when I am using the System?
There are well defined levels provided in the Combat Shooter System. As per the instructions of the Combat Shooter, an user has to master the skills under one level and then proceed to another level. So you yourself evaluate your progress and then proceed to the next level.

When will the Combat Shooter System be delivered?
Access to the Combat Shooter System will be available with two minutes of making payment on the company’s website. Therefore, it can be said that the delivery is instant.

How secured is my payment on the company’s website?
Your transaction details are 100% safe. It is secured by McAfee, Norton Security and by SecurePayments. You may also refer to the terms and conditions available on the website of the company. 

In which countries is the Combat Shooter available?
The Combat Shooter System can be purchased and accessed from any country across the world.

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  • Simple course content with video training
  • The techniques are very easy to follow and practice.
  • Shows how simple adjustments can improve accuracy and shooting speed.
  • Demonstrates what to avoid doing in challenging situations.
  • Shows how by using certain techniques you can increase your skill level to exceptional level.
  • Shows how to use your weapon with highest precision and accuracy.
  • This Combat Shooting System comes with a Money Back Guarantee.
  • Also used secretly by military and SWAT personnel for personal training purposes.


  • Available online only, not available in retail shops
  • There is no guarantee of success for lazy people

combat shooter reviews

Customer Testimonials

I don’t know how to express my heartfelt thanks to the Combat Shooter System. I am an American civil engineer posted in Afghanistan. I stay with my wife and 2 children, 6 and 2 years old. I was very concerned about my family’s security from the beginning of this posting. Though I possessed a Pistol, I didn’t have the courage or skills to use. Thankfully I got to know about this Combat Shooter System from my colleague. Now in a month I am confident that I can save my family from any danger. Brad, 43, Kabul.

After buying my new house in an upscale locality, my wife and I were very happy to shift. Then we got to know about the frequent home invasions in the locality. Everyone were aware of these dangers. But many were confident of combating the intruders as they were trained by the Combat Shooter System. Me and my wife got into the training immediately. And now both of us are well equipped to save ourselves. I feel that this is a service to our nation. If we are safe, our nation is safe. I will recommend this system to one and all. Andrew, 35, New Orleans, Louisiana.

I have to write this testimonial anonymously as I am a SWAT fighter. On my induction into the force and subsequent trainings, I was very confident about my skill with weapons. Then during an incidence of terrorist attack on a hospital, I was deputed with my co-fighters. I was aiming and firing with my sophisticated Carbine but not one shot was hitting the targets. Sadly, I found, my weapon was a showpiece in my hands. My senior who was by my side during this operation was perfectly aiming, he was fast and confident also. He had hit and injured both the terrorists involved and taken control. When we were boarding our bus, our hero whispered in my ears, use Combat Shooter System. And after that day, I am a hero in all the operations I do as a fighter. I can serve my people and the nation. I am grateful to Combat Shooter System. What a series you people have devised!!! Adam, 39, Houston.


Now there is no reason at all to feel insecure. You can protect yourself and your family by using the Combat Shooter System. This system has been very effectively designed by an expert to train you how to acquire the skills and techniques of accurate shooting. It demonstrates in a simple way how you can have a perfect firing strategy. Even the testimonials submitted to us by satisfied users of the Combat Shooter reflect the effectiveness of the training.

The company is offering a huge discount in the purchase price for a limited period. Also as a complimentary offer, it is offering three bonuses with the Combat Shooter. So it is the best time to take charge of the safety and security of your life and your loved ones. Order the Combat Shooter before the offer ends.

combat shooter review

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