Coach Brad Brownell tops list of highest paid staff and faculty members

There are two components to student employment: Students who are paid hourly and students who have student leader agreements. In a general week in either fall, winter or spring quarters, there are between 1,900 and 2,100 student employment positions, said Cheryl Kreuger, Career Services director.

Over the spring break The Guardian tried to obtain the information concerning who the top 10 highest paid people are on campus.

After initially contacting the Office of Communications and Marketing, The Guardian was directed to the library where there is a binder containing a list of everyone’s salaries who works on campus. However, the salaries were not listed in the order of highest paid to the lowest, they were listed by department.

If a student wanted to find how much their professor makes, then at the library circulation desk on the first floor, they would ask for the payroll book.

The six listed are the top highest paid of both the faculty and staff on campus, according to Communications and Marketing. Two on the list, President David Hopkings and Coach Brad Brownell, have signed contracts with WSU and may recieve additional benefits as stipulated by the terms of their contract.

This list just records base yearly salary. Faculty president Thomas Sudkamp, Ph.D., has a salary of $169,356.

Highest Paid Faculty and Staff on Campus

  1. Brad Brownell, basketball head coach for the WSU Raiders.
  2. Dr. Margaret Dunn, professor of surgery and executive associate dean, Boonshoft School of Medicine president and CEO of Wright State Physicians
  3. David Hopkins, president of Wright State University
  4. Dr. Howard Dean, associate professor and dean, Boonshoft School of Medicine
  5. Steven Angle, provost of Wright State University
  6. Dr. Mark Clasen, chair and professor, family medicine

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