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These days, no matter now tech-illiterate you are, it is impossible to survive with a smartphone. There is nothing that can’t be done on a phone – from the usual stuff like calling and texting, watching videos, playing games, to the more important stuff like applying for jobs, catching up on work, ordering groceries, etc. Smartphones have become a gateway to having all aspects of your life sorted and in control – from professional to social life.

As we become more dependent on technology and smartphones for everything from work to entertainment, it is important that we have the resources to make sure our devices are always in the best form. Simply buying a good phone does not suffice these days, one must also invest in accessories that keep a phone running. A good pair of headphones, phone covers, battery banks, and chargers are just some of these accessories. You must also invest in a good phone insurance plan in case you ever break or lose your phone, as well as an antivirus plan.

Now that we have established how important smartphone accessories are, it is also important to mention that these accessories are always getting upgraded. This is the case with every technological gadget in the market right now – there is a new model with better features faster than you can spell the word new. One such upgrade is the new wireless technology for charging phones. No matter the location, wireless chargers allow you to ensure your phone is always charged. Fast charging in the need of the hour and these chargers have become a crucial accessory for all those who own smartphones.

charger boost pro

About Charger Boost Pro

Charger Boost Pro is a wireless charger, made in the style of a pad. It can charge your device wherever you are, without the hassle of finding charging points in pubic spaces and plugging in your cables and wires to use them. This revolutionary charging technology comes within a lightweight and portable device that you can take anywhere with you.

How Does Charger Boost Pro Work

This device made of copper coils, which allow energy to travel through magnetic fields instead of cables. This is why this wireless charger is much better than other wireless chargers in the market. The copper coils reduce the distance between the charger and the phone, allowing for quicker and more efficient charging. When your phone comes into contact with the charger, a current is formed within the phone which charges the battery inside it.

The copper coils in this device are also much wider, which permits them to store more energy and increase the current, allowing for faster charging. Wider copper coils also cover more areas and allow more energy to travel through the device which, ultimately, charges your phone over an hour faster than other chargers.

How To Use Charger Boost Pro

One of the most important features of this wireless charger is that it is super easy to use. It can be used in three easy steps:

  • Step 1 – Remove anything that might be placed on top of your Charger Boost Pro.
  • Step 2 – Place your smartphone over your Charger Boost Pro with the display facing up. For the quickest charging, place your phone in the center of the wireless charger.
  • Step 3 – Move your phone around over Charger Boost Pro till your phone starts charging. If you don’t see the charging icon, remove your phone from a while before trying again.

charger boost pro review

Benefits of Charger Boost Pro

Wireless Technology – This is the most lucrative and obvious feature of this device. Its wireless charging technology enables fast charging wherever you are, without the hassles of wires and finding charging points in your vicinity.

Quick charge mode – This wireless charger is made of copper coils much wider than its competitors. These wide coils conduct more energy than other devices, which charges your phone faster than any other wireless charger.

Multiple colors – This charger is made in an attractive pad style, which looks like a high-end sleek and stylish gadget. The charger has a glossy finish that gives it a luxurious look and is even available in three stunning colors – silver, gold, and black.

Compatible with all models – According to the manufacturers of this device, it is compatible with smartphones of all brands. Both Android and iOS phones can be charged with this device.

Lightweight – Not only is this wireless charger quicker and more efficient, but it is also created for those who love to move around. It is portable and very lightweight. So lightweight, in fact, that you can stash it in your pocket while walking out of your apartment and not worry about your phone dying all day.

Free shipping – The manufacturers of this product offer free shipping throughout the US. You can easily purchase as many wireless charges you want without worrying about paying extra for the shipping fee.

Online Support – The makers of this product offer a dedicated customer support team to help with your concerns and queries about the product. The customer support team will assist you with any issue patiently over both phone and email. All you need to do is contact them using the phone number and email address mentioned on the website.

Purchase And Price

To ensure you only get the original product, make sure to buy this product from the official website of the manufacturers. The device is being sold for a discount of 50% for a limited time. You can choose from the following buying options:

  • Buy 1 unit – One piece of Charger Boost Pro will cost you $55.
  • Buy 2 units – Two pieces of Charger Boost pro will cost you $99
  • Buy 3 units – Three pieces of Charger Boost Pro will cost you $135

The official website accepts all major cards as well as Paypal. You can also purchase an additional product warranty with your purchase – one year warranty for $5.95 and two years warranty for $9.95. Orders are shipped free across the US.

Money-Back Guarantee And Refund Policy 

If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and don’t like the product, you can place a return request with the customer support team. They have a 14-day return policy that allows you to send the product back and claim a full refund. One thing to keep in mind is that these 14 days are not business days, but calendar days and count from the day the product was delivered to you. Make sure you remember this so you don’t miss the deadline. Just give the customer support team a call and speak to them about your concerns.

If you would like to cancel your order after placing it, you have 12 hours to do so.



What is Charger Boost Pro?
Charger Boost Pro is a pad-style wireless charging device available in 3 colors.

How does Charger Boost Pro Work?
This device works by using the copper coils inside it to distribute energy to your smartphone in a way that is both fast and efficient.

How can I use Charger Boost Pro?
Just place your smartphone over Charger Boost Pro and let it charge.

What are the features of Charger Boost Pro?
This device is not only wireless, but also stylish, works much faster than other wireless chargers in the market, can fit in a pocket, and is very affordable.

How will I know my phone is being charged?
You can move your phone over the Charger Boost Pro till you see the icon of your device charging.

Where can I buy Charger Boost Pro?
You can purchase this device from the official website of the manufacturer.

Can I return Charger Boost Pro?
Yes! You can place a return within 14 days from the date of ordering the product.

Order Charger Boost Pro at 50% off with free shipping

Pros of Charger Boost Pro

  • Wireless charging technology charges your device faster
  • You can avoid the hassle of wires and cables
  • Stylish and available in three attractive colors
  • Portable and easy to take anywhere
  • Wider coils allow for quicker charging than other wireless chargers
  • Dedicated online customer support team to assist you with concerns

Cons of Charger Boost Pro

  • Can only be bought from the official website of the manufacturer
  • The return policy is only 14 calendar days long, which is much less compared to other brands and does not give enough time to test the product

Customer Testimonials

Seth – Lost my charger last month and ordered this on a whim. I thought I would use this for a month until I could save enough to buy a better charger from a famous brand. I’m so glad I bought this first because I’m never getting another one. It just charges my phone in record speed! I’ve seriously never noticed such fast charging from any device in my whole life. And I’m a tech blogger by profession. I could not believe such an amazing device existed and so few knew about it. It’s not only great at charging your phone super fast but is also very light and can be carried anywhere. Never spending a fortune on big brand chargers anymore. Charger Boost Pro is my new best friend.

Myra – My boyfriend loves discovering unknown tech brands and buying stuff that he doesn’t need. It usually annoys me because I think he’s wasting money. But last month he bought these chargers for both of us and I’m amazed at how well this works. I just need to put my phone on top of it and it is fully charged in just over an hour! My branded charger takes around 3 hours to fully charge my phone. It also looks great in my hand – I have the silver variant. I can just stash it in my handbag and not worry about charging my phone all day. It’s a blessing in my job – I’m a nurse who can never remember to keep track of my gadgets.

Kristen – I got this product as a gift from my sister who had been using it for a while and could not stop praising it. I tried it out of curiosity. My phone is old and takes ages to charge. I really hate it but I can’t afford a new one right now. But this device charged my phone so fast! I couldn’t believe it. So I made my sister buy it and since then, I have not worried about my battery running out. It works with both iOS and Android so I’m not worried that I will have to buy a new charger when I change my phone. The color I have is black and it is the most stylish thing I’ve ever held in my hands. All my friends at college wanted to know where I bought it!


If you are someone who hates looking for charging points in public places, this product will put an end to your worries. If you hate the tangle of wires and cables you have to wade through every time you take your charger out of your bag, this product is for you. If you are sick of the same black or white-colored chargers that look ugly, then this product is for you. And lastly, if you are always on the go and never have time to be still for the three hours it takes to charge a phone, then this product is for you, most of all.

Gone are the days when you have to compromise with all these things if you want to use a smartphone. Now, you have a revolutionary new technology that will give you tons of features – from wireless and quick charging to stylish colors that make strangers stop and notice, this one product will change the way you use your smartphone. This lightweight and portable device can fit anywhere – your wallet, handbag, and even a pocket – so that you can go out and enjoy life without worrying about your phone dying at the end of the day.

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