Ultimate Survival Code Review

Survival is every living being’s basic instinct. Animals, you may have noticed know how to make do in the worst of the situations; they can manage for days without food, water, and decent habitat. Humans too had the same survival instincts and the ability to fend for themselves and their kind. With modernization, we have … Read more

Trump Coin Review

The political world is filled with upheaval at different times. There is always a political war in the making, or war is going on. The world took a moment to pause at such a time when President Trump faced impeachment on December 18th, 2019. It is believed that the president had tried to bend some … Read more

Ted’s Woodworking Review

Wood makes the home warm. Articles made out of wood give off an earthy feel to the room they’re in. They are inviting and homely. But wooden items can also be an eyesore, especially if you get them done by a quack carpenter. And you may have been there before where you end up stuck … Read more

Power Efficiency Guide Review

If the caveman stepped into the modern world, he would not understand the cars or those machine operated gadgets, which need a power source. He would not understand power source the same way as the modern man could not survive in the world of the caveman. Imagine having to live without an energy source! How … Read more

“The Good Place” Review

“The Good Place” created by Michael Schur is a relatively new show, combining fantasy and comedy together, first premiered in the fall of 2016. The show’s premise consists of a newly deceased saleswoman Eleanor Shellstrop, portrayed by Kristen Bell, who enters an afterlife split into two concepts; ‘The Good Place’ – where only the best … Read more

Weight-loss and Toning Tips

Spring cleaning your health Whether you’re planning an upcoming trip or are just excited for bikini season, it can sometimes seem daunting to shed that holiday weight. It would seem that just living in a climate with cold winters could contribute to weight gain as we search for energy to keep us warm. Below are … Read more

OPINION: Is “The Babadook” the scariest movie on Netflix? (SPOILERS!)

The troubled widow Amelia (Essie Davis) cannot control her six-year-old son Samuel who displays erratic, violent behavior at school. With stress mounting for the single mother who has still not gotten over the death of her husband six years previous, neither mother nor son can sleep at night. The story really picks up when Samuel … Read more