BarXBuddy Review

Dogs are our best friends in every way, but some times even best friends need boundaries. While they’re adorable, dogs can also be aggressive, loud, and impossible to control. Most people, when they encounter these problems with their dogs, prefer to drop hundreds of dollars on dog trainers. If that doesn’t help, they give up … Read more

BarXStop Review

Nowadays, dogs are said to be the best companion for humans. The dogs are one of those animals which can understand human behavior with such ease. Dogs are loyal, trustworthy, most loving, and protective animals to keep them in our houses. Dogs are a significant part of most of the families around the world. The … Read more

American Service Pets Review

Humans have always been known to share a special bond with animals. This has resulted in a growing number of people having pets over the years. Many pet-lovers tend to grow an emotional rapport with their pets and often end up seeing them as a part of their family. In fact, some owners become so … Read more

Super Chewer BarkBox Review

When you want to celebrate the birthday or success of a loved one, there will be hundreds of options running in your mind when it comes to gifting that special person. However, what could you possibly give your dog when you love your pet to bits? If you are someone who has just bought a … Read more

DogDentist Review

Introduction Do you find brushing your dog’s teeth a very time-consuming job? Do regular brushes do not clean your pet’s teeth thoroughly? Then DogDentist is your solution to all your dog’s oral hygiene problems. Made solely of high-quality tough silicone, it is durable and gives your dog a clean mouth while they play with it. … Read more

PetJoy Hip and Joint Care Soft Chew

Introduction After a long and tiring day, when you come home, you feel rejuvenated when we get a hearty welcome from our pets. They wag their tails, jump and wait for you to take them in your lap and hug them. But sometimes they fail to do that. It may be due to excessive running … Read more