Zika virus update: Cause for alarm in Ohio?

A widespread Zika outbreak is unlikely to occur in Ohio, according to public health officials, despite cases of the virus occurring in the state. The mosquito borne virus, which is common amongst the equatorial belt form Africa to Asia, has found its way into Ohio with the department of health reporting at least six cases. … Read more

WSU students walk in “March of Solidarity”

On Thursday, Sept. 4, over 200 WSU students walked a “March of Solidarity” for John Crawford, a 22-year old man who was shot last month in a Wal-Mart in Beavercreek, Ohio, while holding a toy gun. WSU’s Ethnic Theatre, the Black Student Union (BSU), NAACP and the Ohio Student Association collaborated to organize the march. … Read more

Students advocate for fair trade at Wright State

The Fair Trade Student Association (FTSA) has started an initiative requesting that WSU sell more fair trade products. According to the FTSA and several national fair trade websites, products marked “fair trade” are certified as being grown, created and traded in humane ways by producers in developing countries. Many of these products are also eco-friendly. … Read more

Guardian Advertisement Raises Controversy

Wright State University’s campus newspaper The Guardian placed an advertisement in multiple issues that has raised controversy on campus. The ad was offering readers a way to earn money by distributing a “rebel tabloid” called The First Freedom. The tabloid is meant to represent “straight whites.” The Guardian first placed the ad over two weeks … Read more

Home invasion of Wright State students turns into an altercation: one invader wounded, one dead

The home of two Wright State students was invaded Monday evening in Fairborn, ending with one of the alleged intruders dying from a gunshot wound. According to a Dayton Daily News article published Monday and updated Tuesday afternoon, “Police said Tuesday that it is still a bit unclear what prompted the five individuals, ages 19 … Read more

Generation Y’s FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Distractions have never been foreign to any college or university. Rambunctious parties, sporting events or even the latest season of “The Walking Dead” can be enough to put off that homework assignment or report for “just a while longer.” With so much happening, many college students worry that they are going to miss out on … Read more

Coach Brad Brownell tops list of highest paid staff and faculty members

There are two components to student employment: Students who are paid hourly and students who have student leader agreements. In a general week in either fall, winter or spring quarters, there are between 1,900 and 2,100 student employment positions, said Cheryl Kreuger, Career Services director. Over the spring break The Guardian tried to obtain the … Read more