Can You Have Erectile Dysfunction in Your 20s?

Yes! Even though erectile dysfunction in the 20s isn’t normal, it is becoming quite common among young men. There was a time when erectile dysfunction was considered to be old man’s problem. But, more and more young men, even young, healthy and fit, are experiencing ED. According to a recent study, about 25 out of … Read more

Male Elongator Review

No matter what you hear in the media or what your doctor might tell you about your penis, size does matter. It makes or breaks a man. You might not have herculean muscles, but if this one muscle in your body has the right size, your lover does not care much about your other limitations. … Read more

Libomax Review

Performance in bed stands as one of the most significant ways to test a man’s strength. It gives you the confidence and pride that comes with being a man. Your ego suffers severely when you start lacking that performance or when unable to take your partner to the heights of sexual pleasure. You don’t have … Read more

Fast Flow Male Enhancement Review

Males have innumerable types of issues in their sex lives for various reasons. It starts from dryness, short erections, affectibility, small penis size, etc. The list goes on. These are pretty common, but rarely people accept this illness and treat them with proper care. This can hamper their sex life to a significant extent and … Read more

How Many Calories Do You Burn During Sex?

Think physical activities and the first thing that comes to your mind are activities like running, jogging, climbing stairs, etc. And, if you happen to be someone who is a fitness freak or bent on losing some serious flab, then in all likelihood you might even know the number of calories these activities help you … Read more

The Mystery of the Male Libido

Male Libido or sex drive is an urge to have sex. The sex drive is not just biological chemistry, but there are other elements too that are responsible for it. The basic look out of a desire to have sex can differ from person to person like few relate it to be instinct basis, some … Read more

Can Chili Peppers Help Men With ED?

Sex life is one of the significant parts of our experience, and everybody wants it to be exciting and satisfying. But often due to factors like stress, everyday chores and lifestyle, our sexual desires get impacted and can give rise to various dysfunctions. One of them is erectile dysfunction. Any man wants his partner to … Read more