1TAC HL1200 Tactical Headlamp Review

Lighting is essential for everyday activities. It becomes even more essential when you have to deal with sensitive work that requires specific lighting. Lighting can mean life or death to you. If you are in a dangerous job like mining, the army, police force, or fire fighting, then you will appreciate how much powerful lighting … Read more

1Tac Roadside Safety Disc Review

While travelling, most of you have faced troubles like sudden puncture of a tire or engine breakdown. While these might be just simple problems on a normal day and busy road, these might occur to be very troublesome if you are on a very busy road or secluded road or where no one knows of … Read more

TC1200 PRO Flashlight Review

Flashlights are essential in your daily life – Be it strolling in the park or sudden power cut. A small sized pocket-friendly flashlight can always come in handy. The TC 1200 Pro Flashlight is an extremely powerful flashlight. It is equipped with CREE LED technology and has 5 light modes. With a life of 100 … Read more

CoolAir Review

Do you feel the heat of your body? Do you sweat even in a centralized air-conditioned room? Does the air pollution in your area cause you much bother? Do you sometimes wish you had a portable air-conditioner with you on hot summers? Now if I tell you I have a solution, do you wonder how … Read more

SonicX PRO Toothbrush Review

Dental hygiene is very important in keeping you from losing your teeth. Keeping your mouth and teeth clean helps you not get plaque or cavities. The toothbrush you choose to keep your teeth clean will either do the job well or leave you with stains and buildup. Manual toothbrushes are known to have such weaknesses … Read more

Tact Watch Review

Watches on the wrists make a more significant statement than anything as a first impression. Plus if it’s a smartphone, then it is an altogether different ball-game. Rich in features and other utilities, smartwatches are one of the best investments along with a smartphone. All notifications can be seen at a touch. It’s very irritating … Read more

SpyFone Review

Did you just buy a new phone for you daughter who entered her teens this year? But ever since you did that, you have been having sleepless nights thinking about the potential threats she may be exposed to in the virtual world. Oh, what you wouldn’t give to just take a peek into her phone … Read more

SleepLab Review

Have you been snoring at nights? Have you felt tired after a long night’s sleep? Do you feel intimidated about disturbing your partner when you snore at nights? Snoring is also known to be reason behind arguments and has even gone to extent of splitting up partners. Have you experienced a headache in the mornings … Read more

XWatch Review

Wristwatch is a thing of the past. Smartwatches have replaced wristwatches. They not only tell the time but also have a lot more functions. It is as good as wearing your smartphone on your wrist. There are smartwatches that are purpose specific and collect data about your heath or provide GPS navigation. There are those … Read more

Keyless Pro Review

The current era is smart and so are you. Your smart phone has all the data that needs to be presented in a meeting. But you still need a laptop as it has a keyboard to make your typing easy. How you wish you had a pocket friendly portable laptop/keyboard. You bought the market’s best … Read more