Heat Buddy Review

As we know that winter is approaching, nights are getting colder day by day. As every day, we feel that every day and night is getting chills, we get to know that winter is not far. We all know that winter is something where we need to wear warm clothes, keep yourself and your surroundings … Read more

Fitbeat Smartwatch Review

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Blaux Portable AC Review 

We all sweat excessively in the summer heat because the body makes an effort to maintain a proper internal temperature. What an air conditioner does is to control the air temperature and humidity in your living space, be it in your office or home. And you can feel cool and active throughout the day. Without … Read more

Glacier Portable AC Review

The environment gives us all the pleasure we want and helps us live a better life. We humans never care about the resources that nature provides us. Whether it be river water, air, forest, or any other thing that develops the meaning of living, we are destroying it. The worst condition among all the resources … Read more

PowerVolt Energy Saver Review

There are many things which we are not aware of, and they are still a secret. Some of them are not known to humans, but others are out of the reach of ordinary people. The best example of this is the secret missions that the government does without sharing it with anyone. There are many … Read more

Watt Saver Pro Review

Earning money is an art, and the person who listens and looks around for new inventions finally becomes the artist. There are plenty of ways present in the market in which you can opt to become rich. In all those tasks it requires efforts to take out some money so that you can take care … Read more

LiveTemp Pro Review

Nowadays, technology is changing very fast. Modern equipment is replacing the old ones. The same is the case with thermometers. Remember mercury thermometers? They were replaced with digital ones. After digital, it is now the age is of infrared thermometers. Bring the device close to your body, and it displays your body temperature. With the … Read more

SmartDOT Review

In this era, majority of people use one or other electronic devices regularly. Among these devices smartphones, laptops, and tablets are commonly used devices. Hence, if we think about the electromagnetic radiation surrounding us, it has increased a lot. Compared to a few decades back, we are surrounded by electromagnetic radiation, which is 100 million … Read more

Thermosense Thermometer Review

There is a new wave where people are learning how to stay clean. This cleanliness is not just for your comfort. Your life could very well depend on it. Your life and the lives of your loved ones is dependent on keeping viruses at bay. And there’s one particular virus called Coronavirus that is in … Read more