Can Controlling Glucose Level and the Blood Pressure Help People Avoid Pacemakers?

It is a very well-known fact that blood pressure and sugar problems can lead to very critical problems like heart attack and even stroke. The above two problems can even take an individual’s life. Thus, it is very important to control blood pressure and glucose level to avoid such dangerous problems. New research published claim controlling blood pressure, and glucose level can help to control the arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat for which pacemaker assist. Heart pacemaker is a small device placed inside the skin of the chest, which helps to control the irregular heartbeat more regularly. A surgical process flows to implant pacemaker inside the skin of the chest. Blood pressure and glucose level can lead to the problem of arrhythmia or irregular heartbeat, also called AV block. Yes, avoid pacemakers if blood pressure and glucose level have control in the body. Alternatively, there are many programs in the market which assist patients to avoid pacemaker implantation through lifestyle and dietary programs, one such renowned regime is Blood Balance Advanced Formula method.

Blood Pressure

AV Block

AV blocks a condition under which the atria and ventricles are partially or completely blocked because of the weak conduction of electric signals from the top chamber to the bottom chamber of the heart. AV block, also known as the atrioventricular block, is the blockage of atria and ventricles, which carries blood and oxygen to the whole part of the body. AV block leads to the irregular, which can then become stroke due to blockage of the atria and ventricles. Some of the core symptoms associated with AV block are fatigue, dizziness, pain in the chest, difficulty in breathing. One of the issues associated with the AV block is that this condition irreversible by dieting and exercise. There is no evidence till now that cure of AV block by a diet or exercise. But on the other hand, the AV block is not a chronic condition and depends upon the severity of the AV block. Although AV block still needs treatment, the pacemaker is implanted in the chest to avoid the problem associated with AV blockage.

Since blood pressure and high glucose level leads to various cardiovascular problems such as heart attack and stroke. Proper measures are required to avoid such chronic problems. There are ways to control sugar and blood pressure. Medical interventions can be costly and simpler to avoid blood pressure. And controlling blood pressure can be helpful to avoid pacemakers since controlled blood pressure and glucose level helps to avoid the cardiovascular problem and thus helps to avoid the implantation of a pacemaker. Research had concluded that out of 47 AV block patients, 11 patients are diagnosed due the high blood pressure. Other factors triggering AV block can include old age, high blood pressure, the high sugar level in the body, history of heart failure, or previous heart attacks.

Control Blood pressure in the following ways:

  • Diet exhibits a crucial role in controlling blood pressure and sugar level. Many natural products are very beneficial for controlling the overall blood pressure and glucose level. The following food items help to avoid high or low blood pressure and sugar level:
    • Whole grains like barley, brown millets, ragi, etc. helps to control sugar and blood pressures. Since whole grains are fibrous food products they help to reduce appetite and blood sugar as well
    • Nuts: nuts contain unsaturated fats, various vitamins, and proteins, which helps to lower insulin levels, cholesterol, and inflammation. Nuts like chestnuts, almonds cashew helps to reduce the blood sugar level.
    • Bitter gourd: bitter gourd contains polypeptide insulin, also known as p insulin, which helps to control the blood sugar level of the body and controls cholesterol.
    • Fenugreek seeds: two spoonfuls of fenugreek seeds along with warm water are suggested by many doctors daily in the morning to control body cholesterol and insulin level of the body. Fenugreek seed helps to control the high blood pressure and sugar level.
    • Amla: Amla is a citric fruit, which is the traditional way to reduce blood pressure and sugar level. It contains a mineral known as chromium that helps to control the carbohydrate level of the body and helps to boost metabolism and insulin level of the body.
    • Bananas: banana, potatoes, and legume seeds help control blood sugar, makes fit and healthy, and enhance the overall safety of the body. Dietary fiber foods are easy to digest and thus should be preferred.
    • Protein-rich foods like legumes: various protein-rich fruits like moong dal, paneer, Kabuli Chana are useful since they affect the overall blood sugar of the body.
  • Mostly vegan products like legumes, whole grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, and vegetables as well help to control the blood pressure and sugar control level of the body. Also, the dairy foods, food containing some potassium like fruits and vegetables and other supplements, and a healthy eating plan.
  • Drinking an adequate amount of liquid is actually helpful in controlling the insulin and blood pressure of the body by boosting metabolism and sugar level. Fresh juices of various vegetables and fruits, like the bottle guard juice or bitter guard juice help to reduce the cholesterol and blood sugar level of the body. Insulin level and blood pressure stay in control.
  • Regularly exercising for about 30 minutes a day or 150 minutes a week can help to lower the blood pressure if having high blood pressure. Some aerobic exercises like walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming can help to reduce hypertension, blood pressure, high insulin, and high cholesterol of the body.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol because alcohol leads to hypertension and blood pressure of the body. Drinking too much alcohol at a time can raise blood pressure, and drinking too much alcohol reduces the effectiveness of medications which ate taken to control the blood pressure of the body. Alcohol finishes the effect of medicines on the blood pressure and sugar.
  • Stress can also lead to high blood pressure, and thus stress has a very chronic effect on blood pressure. Reducing stress could be done by changing the expectations from life, focusing on goals of life, spend some me time to get rid of stress, and relax for a bit, showing gratitude and a positive charm to everyone. Stress can lead to various health-related problems as well and can also form blood clots in atria and ventricles as well. Thus, stress relief must be regular to stay healthy.
  • Smoking can also trigger blood pressure of the body, and thus it is advised to the smokers to quit smoking to get a healthy and balanced life.
  • Apart from these non-medicinal practices to avoid blood pressure, the use of various medicines help to cure blood pressure and sugar level as prescribed by a doctor.

A very well said quote is that blood pressure and increased sugar level are silent killers. They not only harm an individual in day to day life but also put someone completely in bed and can even take someone’s life away. The practice, as mentioned above, if performed daily, help to cure a person of cardiovascular disease, without the intervention of a doctor or some surgical treatments like pacemakers. Although implanting pacemaker is a low-risk procedure and must only be done if necessary, or there are no reversible causes present there.


At last, lowering blood pressure and insulin level of the body can be helpful to avoid the implantation of pacemaker inside the body. It is a well-known fact that all peoples mostly avoid surgical treatments; most people prefer natural ways to cure disease instead of taking heavy dose medicines with plenty of side effects.

Thus follow the above-mentioned practice to get rid of blood pressure as well as maintain the sugar balance in the body. There are still many more remedies, like avoiding an excess of caffeine, losing extra weight, and making body fit, monitor the blood pressure and insulin level at home and take precautions accordingly. Reducing sugar consumption also helps to avoid cardiovascular problems. As we all know that cardiovascular problems, if ignored, could be deadly, and thus, the proper prevention measure should be taken to avoid surgical treatment like pacemakers.

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