Can Chili Peppers Help Men With ED?

Sex life is one of the significant parts of our experience, and everybody wants it to be exciting and satisfying. But often due to factors like stress, everyday chores and lifestyle, our sexual desires get impacted and can give rise to various dysfunctions. One of them is erectile dysfunction. Any man wants his partner to be satisfied and happy in bed. A man in a desperate urge to make his partner satisfied, a man fails to do so because of the erectile dysfunction.

There are various reasons why erectile dysfunction can happen. One of them is also the diet and food intake. There are chances the deficiency in food can cause it, and even some food can help to get rid of the erectile dysfunction. It is surprising but is the fact that certain foods can help in getting a more prolonged and healthier erection and support you to stay longer n bed.

Diet plays an essential role in providing blood to all the body parts. The penis is no different, and its health also depends upon the food that we consume. No matter what food we eat the benefits of these foods are holistic and goes where our body needs it. So, this way every food and every organ is connected and have an extreme effect on the body and blood circulation.

So, few foods are good for prostate and penis health. Like carrots, apples, spinach, coffee, chilli peppers etc. Here we will be explaining the benefits of Chilli peppers in erectile dysfunction.

Chili Peppers

Chemical Composition

Chilli peppers main chemical compound is Capsaicin, stored in the white filament to which the seeds attach inside the chill sheath. The pepper also helps increase the Nitric oxide production in the body, and lowering the blood pressure, leads in opening up the arteries and veins that increase the blood flow and circulation.

A healthy erection relates to the blood flow in the prostate glands. So the increased blood flow and nitric oxide both help in the erectile dysfunction.

Chilli Peppers and Penile health

Who does not want to spice up their love life? Chilli pepper is the correct ingredient you need to add to your diet to make things better in bed. Chilli peppers give heat that releases the arteries and helps the blood flow throughout the body, including the penis. They also help in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels and prevent blood clots too.

Hence, Chilli pepper is known for its spicy hidden perks that might help you in your bed by getting rid of the erectile dysfunction. Here are some exciting perks:

i) Higher-than-average T-levels: Spicy foods tend to increase testosterone levels in the body. The hormone triggered is linked to high sex drive, urge and desperation, the trait is increased by eating any spicy food, and the same goes with chilli peppers as they hot and spicy, increasing the T-levels in males more than usual or average.

ii) Triggers the release of endorphins: Chilli peppers have shown a connection with ‘feel-good’ hormone, i.e. Endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s natural way of relieving pain. Additionally, the neurotransmitter dopamine, responsible for a sense of reward and pleasure, is also released after eating chillies as they produce a burning sensation. This overall makes you feel good increasing your energy and mood.

iii) Increases facial flushing signing arousals: Spicy foods increase the skin blushing and flushing. Chillies also grow facial flushing which is a sign to arousals while in bed and also increases the urge more.

iv) Increases heart rate and sweating: Spicy foods are known for increasing the blood flow and circulations. Chillies help in increasing the heart rate and sweating that means more energy and power.

v) Better stimulation: Chillies helps in an adrenaline rush and helps to give more pure stimuli and pleasures.

Benefits of Chilli Pepper

  1. Capsaicin boosts the metabolism in the body. Low metabolism rate or Metabolic syndrome has shown higher ED. So chillies are believed to have metabolism-boosting agents.
  2. Capsaicin helps to improve the neurotransmission by boosting neuropeptide and   activating agents that help to facilitate central sexual behaviour of the body
  3. The alkaloid particles present in the chillies escalates nervous impulses and nerves in the penis gets stimulated to provide lasting stamina with erection.
  4. Capsaicin exhibit the property of a mild blood thinner and helps in expanding the blood vessels throughout the body, helps in pumping the blood to and from the heart to various organs of the body.
  5. Capsaicin as promotes proper blood flow from the heart to other body it increases blood flow to penile vessels helping a prolonged erection as well.
  6. Chilli pepper is an excellent digestive stimulant if consumed in optimum proportion, and proper digestion has a lot to do with triggering sexual desires.

Risks of chilli pepper in the human body

  1. Extreme intake of chilli pepper is not safe. It can cause ache, inflammation and sharp burning sensation from lips to the stomach to the bowel movement.
  2. Chilli pepper also interferes the blood levels, in turn, can affect blood pressure too. So consult a doctor for recommended steps before starting the consumption of chilli pepper for any other purpose.

Problems related to sex or penial glands require immediate attention and before consumption or treatment of the dysfunctions consultations from professionals is recommended. Bluechew is a service that provides chewable pills of sildenafil or tadalafil by licensed medical professionals to help men achieve confidence in the bedroom. Yet, it’s easy to use by chewing and affordable.


There are many other natural remedies to get rid of ED. Chilli pepper is just one of them. But only consuming chilli pepper is not the solution. The other factors like stress, deficiencies, daily chores etc. also contribute to the problem. So, along with chilli pepper other dietary foods, lifestyle changes are also significant.

It’s not always necessary that only medication will improve erectile dysfunction, but changes in diet, lifestyle, stress management techniques can also help to get rid of it. Erectile dysfunction is common among men, preventable with various natural as well as medical treatments. If you feel you have a problem performing in the bed, shorter intercourses or shorter erections, then it’s necessary to identify what the actual problem is making this happen and then deciding the treatment.

Various ways are available to explore and improve sex life. Some exercises and foods can increase the overall body flow and keep you healthy and energized throughout the day and at the time of intercourse as well. Also, the increasing age can invite erectile dysfunction, and it is inevitable. But it can be delayed by following some natural remedies. Staying fit by doing regular exercise, managing the stress levels, monitoring blood sugar levels and balancing blood pressure, weight management etc. can help to maintain the mobility of the body and help in delaying the dysfunction at an early age too.

Although there are various natural ways to help ED its always recommended to see a doctor if you feel that nothing is preventing it or any of the natural remedies are exerting side effects on any other organs of the body.

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