Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs Review

Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs


Helps Improve Sleep


Cleansing & Moisturizing


Relieve Body Pain


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If you’re one of those people who were genuinely disappointed that the “prize in cereal boxes” trend died, you will love these Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs! Promising more than just a beautiful ring while you enjoy a relaxing bath, these Bath Bombs are bringing back nostalgia in the best way possible. Read on to know more about Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs.

Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs review

About Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs

Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs are set to excite your senses with refreshing fragrance and scent combinations. But more than the sensory pampering, you also get a beautiful rhodium-plated ring inside every Bath Bomb. You can pick your ring size while placing the order, and the company promises that the minimum ring value is $15. There are about 200 random ring styles & they are all high quality and meant to last in your accessories drawer for a long time.


Here is the full ingredient list of the Bath Bombs:

  • Sodium Bicarbonate – This is baking soda, which combines with Citric Acid in the bath bomb to give you all the fizzy goodness.
  • Epsom Salts – Adding this ingredient ensures that your aches and pains feel better after you soak into the tub with these Bath Bombs.
  • Citric Acid – Apart from being a natural antioxidant, citric acid reacts with baking soda to fizz inside the water when you drop the bath bomb in.
  • Corn Starch – With all the crumbly and dry ingredients, it can be challenging to maintain the round shape of the bath bomb. This is why cornstarch is used, it is a natural binding agent.
  • Kaolin Clay – Kaolin clay helps in skin tightening, offers gentle exfoliation, and is another natural binding agent used in a lot of bath bombs, including this one.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate (SLSA) – The bubbles and the foam in your bath is thanks to this ingredient that also helps to remove grime from your body.
  • Coconut Oil – To ensure that your skin doesn’t feel tight and dehydrated after your bath, coconut oil is added to this bath bomb to give you silky smooth skin once you’re done.
  • Essential Oils & Fragrances – Different essential oils and fragrances are added to the bath bombs to envelop you in a sense of tranquillity when you take a bath.
  • Polysorbate 80 – The last ingredient in this list is added to ensure everything else dissolves well in the bathwater.


How Does Bath Bombs Work?

The baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) inside Bath Bombs is a base, and citric acid is an acid. This base and acid react when they come in contact with water, causing a reaction which releases all the essential oils, fragrance, and cleansing agents into the water. CO2 (carbon dioxide) is released during this reaction that results in fizzing.

How to Use Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs create a quick spa experience in your bathroom. Here are the steps you need to follow to ensure that you experience these bath bombs properly –

  • Start With Warm Water – Your bath should be filled with warm water before you start off & you will need to make sure that the water is the right temperature for you. This is recommended because once you drop the bath bomb, adding any more water to cool or warm the water would dilute your bath bomb or leave powdery residue behind.
  • Drop Your Bath Bombs – Gently drop your bath bomb inside the warm water, it will instantly start fizzing and the color of your bath water will change. Depending on which Bath Bombs you’ve picked, the essential oils in the bath bomb will also fill the bathroom with their scent at this point.
  • Don’t Forget Your Ring – When you place an order for these bath bombs online, you have an option of selecting the ring size. Each ring is rhodium plated and nestled inside the bath bomb. Once the bath bomb is dissolved, the ring would float on top.

Is it Safe to Use Bath Bombs?

Bath bombs by Bubbly Belle are safe to use as long as instructions of using them are correctly followed. Bath bombs should be kept away from children and pets, should only be used topically, and should not be ingested. It is also recommended to double-check that you are not allergic to essential oils used in the bath bomb by picking the right fragrance.

Is Bath Bombs Addictive?

Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs are not edible and, hence, not addictive. No addictive substances are used in the making of these Bath Bombs, so consumers do not have to worry about any absorption of addictive chemicals through the skin.

Oh Wow! Every Bathbomb Has A Surprise!

Benefits of Bath Bombs

  • Every Scent Is Meant To Pamper – A long bath is known to alleviate anxiety and stress, and every scent in Bath Bombs is designed for that sole purpose. For instance, lavender helps with insomnia & orange helps to wake you up in the morning. The fragrances can also help to uplift your mood.
  • Cleansing & Moisturizing – These bath bombs help to cleanse the skin without stripping away oils and essential moisturizing agents already present in your skin. Once you are done with your bath, you can also top up with a moisturizer to further seal in the hydration.
  • Helps Improve Sleep – People who find it hard to fall asleep quickly use bath bombs to soothe their body and mind before they go to bed. If you are a troubled sleeper, you can use the “Sleep Bath Bomb” that Bubbly Belle offers to get a good night’s sleep.
  • Relieve Body Aches and Pains – The Epsom Salt used in these bath bombs is primarily responsible for the fresh and relaxed feeling you get once you hop out of the bath. It loosens the joints and relieves muscle aches that accumulate after a hard day’s work.

Purchase & Price of Bath Bombs

All the Bath Bombs on Bubbly Belle’s website cost an affordable $13.97, and shipping is free on domestic orders over $50. The ring inside the bath bomb does not cost anything extra and is valued at $15 (minimum). Products can be purchased from their official website.

Bubbly Belle BathBombs

Side Effects of Bath Bombs

The ingredients used in these bath bombs are safe to use, but people who are allergic to certain essential oils should take care to read the ingredient list carefully. If you are not allergic to oils and scents, then these bath bombs would have no side effects for you as essential oils are pretty diluted once the bath bomb is dissolved in your bathwater.

Money Back Guarantee & Refund Policy

The company offers a generous 30-day return window. Once you receive your order, you have a month to test it and use it. If you don’t think these bath bombs are the best or helped you relax in any way, you can contact the company and get a full refund.


Whether you’re a first-time Bath Bombs user or a veteran when it comes to these fun & fizzy bath bombs, here are some frequently asked questions that might help.

How Soon Are Orders Shipped?
Orders usually take a day or two to ship and arrive within 2 weeks. Bubbly Belle will email you a tracking link as soon as the order goes out so you can keep an eye out for your order.

What are the Rings Made Of?
Bubbly Belle has 200 styles to choose from, and a random style is included in your bath bomb. Most of the rings are rhodium-plated, but if you’re lucky, you can also find a sterling silver ring (0.925).

What Is The Value Of Your Ring?
Every ring comes with a unique code. You can enter the code on Bubbly Belle and find out the value of your ring. You will also be entered into a giveaway where you can win a $20,000 ring.

What To Do When Ring Size/Order Items Are Wrong?
If you get the wrong ring size or have any other issue with your order, simply contact the customer service of Bubbly Belle and they will help you out!

What Is The Shelf Life of Bath Bombs?
It is best to use a bath bomb as soon as you open it as the dry ingredients can come in contact with air and lose their potency. If you are not planning on using your bath bomb immediately, store it in an airtight container.

Can You Divide The Bath Bomb & Use it Multiple Times?
Bath Bombs can be quite crumbly, so even though you can divide them into two halves & use them separately, it is not recommended. One bath bomb should ideally be used in its entirety to get the best experience.

Every bath bomb contains a special surprise!


  • Scent Options – Even if you don’t understand which essential oil is right for you, Bubbly Belle makes it easier to pick the right bath bomb. A lot of the bath bombs are named based on their benefit instead of just their fragrance. For instance, “Destress Bath Bomb” comes with Lavender, Orange, and Lemon essential oils – this combination helps to calm the nerves, help with sleep, and energize the body.
  • Safe Ingredients – The ingredients used in these bath bombs are safe, and the essential oils are of good quality. This means that a relaxing bath can be both soothing and safe for you.
  • Hassle-Free Return Policy – Bubbly Belle’s 30-day return policy makes it easy to try out your favorite scents without worrying about money being wasted. This shows that the company stands behind its products and trusts in its own quality.
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free – These bath bombs don’t contain any animal-derived ingredients and are also not tested on animals. This makes them vegan & cruelty-free, so you can rest assured that no animals were hurt for your stress-free baths.
  • Gluten-Free – If you have gluten intolerance or are allergic to gluten, then you can safely use these bath bombs as they are gluten-free.
  • High-Quality Ring inside Every Bath Bomb – Bringing back childhood nostalgia, Bubbly Belle bath bombs have a unique ring inside every bath bomb, and you can even pick your own ring size. The rings are at least $15, so in many ways, you are getting your money’s worth, and then some.


  • Presence of SLSA – The only drawback some people might find in Bubbly Belle’s bath bomb is the presence of SLSA. People who want to stay away from detergents might find this to be a con, but SLSA is essential to scrub away your body’s grime and sweat. The ingredient is pretty low down on the list which means that a small quantity of SLSA is used to make these bath bombs.
  • Can’t Pick Your Own Ring – A lot of people might not like the fact that a random ring is sent with each bath bomb. However, this is the fun surprise that makes these bath bombs so much better than other bath bombs out there. With the variety of rings that are hidden inside the bath bomb, you are sure to get unique rings with each bath bomb.

Customer Testimonials

Here are some great testimonials from customers –

“I wait for my Bath Bombs order every month and it’s my little treat for myself. The Belle Bath Bomb smells like Christmas and uplifts my mood every time.” – Ashley A.

“The Orange Coconut Bath Bomb is my fave and tropical vacation dreams come true when I use this one. It fills the air with the scent of coconut and what I love is that the fragrance isn’t overwhelming in any way. Lay down and close your eyes to be transported to a beach vacation.” – Yasmin L.


If you are someone who likes to take long baths after a hard day or to have a pampering session on weekends, Bath Bombs are a dream come true. The essential oils are high quality and the colors used are extremely pretty, which also makes your social media bathtime posts much more fun. You can also gift these bath bombs to a friend or loved one who is in need of some TLC, and they will definitely thank you for introducing them to a great Bath Bombs brand like Bubbly Belle.

Bubbly Belle Bath Bombs

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