Breathe Green Plug And Pure Review

Breathe Green Plug n' Pure


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Eliminates bacteria and viruses


Reduces asthma triggers


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Everything nowadays comes at a cost. Even a basic and simple right like breathing in clean air in today’s time has become so tough. We inhale toxic air, which contain bacteria, germs, cigarette smoke, harmful viruses and other substances. Inhaling all this harmful substances make our eyes red, makes us cough and sneeze. Some also feel nauseous by inhaling the toxic chemicals. Impacts of inhaling these toxic and harmful gases and other substances include vomiting, stress, other severe allergies and may also lead to death. All of these problems can be easily solved now. There’s Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure at your service!

Breathe Green Plug n' Pure

About Plug n’ Pure

The Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure is an very small and convenient ionizer. It is just an adapter, which resembles a smartphone in shape and size. What makes it more special is the convenience to use Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure. You can kill harmful, toxic and undesired substances in your surroundings and get pure, clean air just by plugging the adapter in a power outlet. It can be used in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, storeroom or in any other room. Now, you can keep the toxic and harmful substances in check in your home and keep your loved ones and yourself safe and secure.

How does the Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure work?

  • Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure air purifier is just required to be plugged into the electric socket and it starts to purify the air immediately.
  • The Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure Air Purifier uses a new advanced technology that can clean the air effectively without the use of needles and metal strips.
  • It actually cleans the air molecules instead of covering the pollutants with aerosols, fragrance and chemicals like other purifiers.
  • The silent air purifier is ready to work from the time it is plugged in the socket.
  • It can constantly ionise the air molecules in your room or you can switch on the timer for 30 minutes’ intervals.
  • It produces healthy negative ions which are known to improve mood and health of people and pets.
  • The Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure Air Purifier emits activated oxygen which can combat the strongest pollutants.
  • Overall the Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure Air Purifier works silently and effectively to purify the polluted air of your room.

Breathe Green Plug n' Pure Review


  • Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure is an advanced and smart air freshener and air purifier in form of an adapter which is used to purify the polluted air we breathe
  • It annihilates harmful bacteria and dangerous viruses from the polluted air of your room.
  • Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure lessens the unbearable allergy symptoms that makes you ill.
  • It keeps down the triggers of asthma that makes you very sick and may even lead to death.
  • Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure is completely silent and lets you sleep happily.
  • It operateswithout the use of toxic
  • It has an ever lasting results which makes it economically viable.
  • It transmits a pleasant odour in the room.
  • It is very light, portable and totally maintenance free product. There is no need of changing expensive filters.
  • Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure has a 60 day satisfaction guarantee program.

Available Modes of operation

There are three available modes in which you can operate your Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure as per your requirement and convenience.

  • In Mode 1 Night light is on, air ionizer is off.
  • In Mode 2 Night light is on, air ionizer operates on a motion detector which turns it on for 30 minutes whenever motion is detected.
  • In Mode 3 Night light is off, air ionizer is on constantly. 

Cost and Purchase

The Breathe Green Plug N Pure Air purifier can be purchased online from the company’s authentic and official website. Presently the company is offering a whopping discount of 55% on the product. During the promo offer period, the product is now available at a very reasonable price of $42.

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Guarantee, Return and Refund

If you are not absolutely satisfied with your Breathe Green Plug N Pure Air purifier, the company is offering you a 60-day guarantee on every purchase.  Simply send the item/items back to them for a full refund or renewal of the product, less shipping as well as handling charges. To be qualified for a return and as well as full refund, your item/items must be in the same condition that it was delivered to you by the company. It must also be in the authentic packaging.

To complete your return, the company just require from you a note that would include your Full Name as well as your Email address used to buy your order. The company will see if the refunds are applicable. Once your return is received and looked over, the refund due to you will be done, and a credit will be made to your payment mode be it your credit card or debit card or any type of wallets. The credit will be initiated in five to ten business days.

If for some reason your return arrives in unacceptable condition, the company will immediately inform you by Email that your return has been rejected.


Does Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure makes too much noise?
No, the Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure air purifier is a small plug in air purifier which works silently.

Where can I order Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure?
The Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure air purifier can only be bought online from the manufacturer’s official website and is not obtainable in other online shops or anywhere else throughout the market. From the side of the manufacture, however, you will be vouchsafed up to 55 percent discount on your orders.

What is the maintenance cost of Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure?
The product is maintenance free. It is a compact product without any filters or strips which need to be changed. So there is absolutely no maintenance cost.

Where can I get information about Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure?
The manufacturer is very transparent and shares all the necessary information. Like, on the website of the manufacturer, guidance/information about using the Breathe Green Plug N Pure air purifier can be gathered.

How to Exchange my goods if I get it damaged?
The company will only replace the Breathe Green Plug n Pure if they are defective or received in a damaged condition.  If you want to exchange it for a new Breathe Green Plug n Pure air purifier, inform by email at their manufacturer’s official website and send your item back on paying for your own shipping costs and handling costs for returning your item. The company does not refund the shipping charges.

Are my transactions safe and secure on the website?
Yes, your transactions are very safe and secure as the company is trusted by renowned antivirus companies and agencies McAfee Secure, Truste Verified, Google Trusted Store and the Norton secure.

Can I get support from the manufacturer?
The manufacturer has a 24 by 7 customer care helpline for attending to queries of the customers. The number of the customer care is available on the official website of the company.

Is the product available internationally?
Breathe Green Plug n Pure Air Purifier is only available in USA presently.

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  • Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure is very convenient and easy to use. Just put the adapter into a power outlet and clean the air in your surroundings.
  • The product, Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure works as an air purifier for your home.
  • It actually replaces toxic and harmful substances in the air with fresh, pure and natural molecules.
  • It works as a silent air purification system, unlike other purifiers on the shelves and is extremely impactful.
  • It uses modern and advanced technology, which gets rid off the toxic chemicals and substances in your air easily, without any fuss.
  • It has a long lasting effect as it actually replaces the toxic molecules in the air with fresh, natural and pure air.
  • It has a timer system of 30 minutes for regular ionization and cleaning of air.
  • It covers and removes all bad odours as well.
  • It promotes health and wellness as now you and your loved ones breathe better and sleep well.
  • It is also known to improve the general mood of people and pets of the house by keeping air clean and bad odour-free.

Customer Reviews

Being a single mother of 2 toddlers I often find myself struggling to combat regular bacterial infections of my kids caused by germs and bacteria. My friend, suggested Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure to me. I have been using it for the last few months and I must say that I can see that my kids are no longer suffering from the bacterial infections the way they used to do. After using Breathe Green Plug n Pure, I am assured that my kids are breathing in fresh air. I am happy that I can give them a healthy environment. Oh, I forgot to mention that its noiseless. Laura, 35, Sacramento, California. 

My husband is a heavy smoker. He smokes almost 20-22 cigarettes a day. On the other hand I have asthma and respiratory disorder and I have been advised by my medical practitioner to keep away from smoke including cigarette smoke. My husband was concerned about my medical problems and got the Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure compact air purifier for me as a gift on our 45th Anniversary. I am using it and can see the positive results in no time. I can breathe in clean air and the smoking of my husband is no longer causes any discomfort to me. Pamela, 72, New Jersey.

My husband works in a factory and we are staying close to the factory in the company quarters. I was worried about the smoke and pollution that may be entering my house from the factory. My husband’s colleague has been using Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure air purifier and suggested that we use it too. I was amazed to see the difference that it made to my house. I really felt that I am breathing in clean and fresh air. It provides germ free fresh air in my home to my husband as well who comes home after a hard day’s work. Jennifer Pritchett, 26, Chicago.

My mom is now 80 years old. She used to suffer from ill health frequently. I understood that it is mainly due to pollution and bacteria. I was eager to provide the best for her and care for her the way she has cared for me. I got Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure for her. It is compact, silent and there is no need to replace expensive filters. It cleans the germs and bacteria in the house and brings fresh air. After using this, there has been improvement in the health of my mom as the house is now germfree. John Williams, 45, Manhattan, New York.


After doing a detailed research on Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure, one thing that I can ensure is that Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure air purifier and freshener is the best in the market. It outshines all other purifiers on the shelves in not just one, but many aspects. The device is small and convenient, making it very easy to use. Only by plugging the adapter in a power outlet, you can get rid off the harmful and toxic substances in your surrounding air. It not just clears the air, but replaces the toxic substances with natural, fresh and pure air to ensure all round protection of you and your loved ones. Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure also acts a freshener and ensures the surrounding air us bad odour free. This also promotes health, wellness and ultimately welfare of you and your family.

The company is also offering the product, Breathe Green Plug n’ Pure at a reasonable and affordable price. They are also giving a whopping Holidays sale for limited period of time, so you can now purchase the air purifier at a discount of 55%. So, go and grab it now before the bumper Holiday sale ends!

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