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We all know the significance of the human brain. It operates and controls all functions of our body. This is why it is so important to have a crystal clear mind since all the reactions and responses to a particular moment or situation come from the brain. When you train your brain to be optimistic, you automatically start focusing on only positive things in any given situation and start eliminating negative thoughts. There are various methods to train your mind to place it on the correct path, best is listening to music that calms your mind and sets your brain in such a state which eliminates all negativity from your mind. Brainwave Shots provides a plethora of audios, just for this purpose.

brainwave shots

About Brainwave Shots

Brainwave Shots are an advanced way to rejuvenate and stimulate the brain by listening to mp3 downloads. The frequency of the sound waves of the shots influences the way you feel. Listening to these shots for just 30 minutes can change your brain’s state. Different types of Brainwave shots work in different ways and you can get increased cognitive power, more memory power, creativity, relaxation, happiness, meditation, and trance. These audio shots can even put you to deep and relaxing sleep.

Varieties of Brainwave shots


These five types of Brainwave shots audios support your brain positively to enhance its performance. These increase your brain power, learning potential, confidence during examinations, focus and creativity.


The relaxation shots rejuvenate and revive your brain. These relax your brain, reduces stress, supports you to get a power nap, put you off to a healing sleep, and aligns your chakras or energy points.


These five mood shots influence the brain to change your frame of mind. These group of shots activates your state of happiness, your brain’s motivation impulses, the feeling of euphoria, makes you feel chilled out and trains your mind to attain a spiritual state.


The energy shots re-energize your brain and you are ready to take on the day. These are available in five versions which are morning caffeine shot, alert shot, performance shot, gym shot and energize shot.


The five health shots revitalize your mind and body to attain the maximum health level. These can be used for healing, tension release, immune booster, pain relief, and jet lag.


You can listen to these five types of Brainwave shots to chill out and reconnect with yourself. You can choose anyone from inner peace, alpha, Schumann, theta and delta as per your own need.


If you have any problems regarding your confidence level and your social behavior you can use these five types of Brainwave shots. You can choose accordingly for increasing your confidence, getting into a party frame of mind, for sexual encounters, for love and success.

brainwave shots review

How Does Product Work?

Brainwave Shots supports you to modify your state of mind by just listening to the elementary half an hour sound clip. Brainwave Shots consist of extraordinarily installed “brainwave sounds” to dominate how your mood turns out to be cloning key states, such as increased creativity, relaxation brainpower, happiness, motivation, and confidence. Listen to the sound clips to modify the state of mind. The library includes 35 audio clips of 30 minutes and a condensed version of 15 minutes. These cover every major state of mind which you can effectively activate.

How to Use The Product?

You can listen to these 15 or 30 minutes mp3 audio clips as per your requirement to get the desired results. But avoid listening too many times so that you do not get desensitized to the outcome.

Is it Safe to use the Product?

It is safe to use and listen to the product. The training of the human brain through brainwaves is a scientifically proven method, which is supported by over 100 years of research. The method of brainwave entrainment uses simple audio and sound frequencies to persuade the human mind more optimistically and positively.

Is the Product Addictive?

No, it is not. The audio clips are created using only audio frequencies, which are completely safe and secure for customer usage. The method used by the company is brainwave entrainment, which is supported by more than 100 years of research. This method is trusted by millions worldwide for activating their minds to achieve their goals in life.

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Benefits of the Product

  • It supports the brain to acquire the state of mind which you want.
  • The audio tracks prompt specific brain waves.
  • The library has 35 sound clips of 15 and 30-minute versions depending on what you want and need.
  • The sound clips maximize your learning power, attention, creativity, stress reduction, self-confidence, mental strength, learning power, creativity, attention.
  • By listening to these audio, your brain waves generate a distinctive model that upgrades the capacity and potential of the brain.
  • If you listen to these, you will be capable of solving problems faster, gain inner peace and mental alertness to attain your desired state of mind.

Side Effects of the Product

There are of course some precautions that need to be taken before listening to the audio clips. First, a patient suffering from epilepsy should avoid listening to it. Second, avoid listening to any of the audio clips if you need to be awake for some task and the task needs your complete attention like driving or operating any machinery.

Purchase & Price

All 35 versions of Brainwave shots can be downloaded from the authentic website of the company. The original price of each audio clip is $22.95. The company is offering discounts which increase as you buy more audios. And the full library can be purchased at only $ 177.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

Your purchase of Brainwave shots is guaranteed with a one-year money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can just inform the manufacturer to get a full refund for the product. To prevent abuse of the refund policy the manufacturer gives you one refund within six months. Further, for orders of more than 10 items, you need to have downloaded less than half the items to qualify for a refund.


How fast can you see the results?
Listen to the sound clip to modify the state of mind. Once the state of mind is activated, you can see the modifications or effects or results between four hours as soon as you listen to it.

Is there any science behind Brainwave shots?
Yes, there is a science behind Brainwave shots, called brainwave entrainment. It is a process proven by the science of modifying your state of mind, by utilizing external stimuli. It endeavors by disclosing your brain to different frequencies, which the brain sticks onto and copies. If you disclose your brain to such frequencies when you are focused, your brain does copy and become focused.

Can this be used with the other Brainwave programs?
Yes, it can be used with the other Brainwave programs.

Are there any precautions to be taken with Brainwave shots?
There are of course some precautions that need to be taken before listening to the audio clips. First, a patient suffering from epilepsy should avoid listening to it. Second, avoid listening to any of the audio clips if you need to be awake for some task and the task needs your complete attention like driving or operating any machinery.

How can these Brainwave shots be used?
It is very easy to use Brainwave shots. Just press the play button and start listening. In the ending of the sound clip, you will be fully in the modified state of mind you wanted and needed. Every Brainwave shot contains 15 and 30-minute versions, depending on the state of mind you want and need.

Will these Brainwave shots last long?
Every Brainwave shot contains 15 and 30-minute versions, depending on the state of mind you want and need. The longer you listen to the audio of the Brainwave shots, the more chances of getting the results quicker and intensive.

Can this be used on my smartphone?
Yes, it can be used on my smartphone. You can listen to it on your smartphone as per your requirement.

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  • Brainwave Shots will support you boost up your attention, creativity, motivation, trust, and others.
  • It can boost up your mood and peace the mind.
  • It assists you with cognitive support.
  • You do not need any add-ons with these shots.
  • It also supports you find insomnia. You will get good and non-disturbed sleep.
  • It is obtainable on all smartphone devices. So, you can get it easily.
  • It does not have any side effects. You will get only positive results.


  • It is not available offline so you cannot access that audio from anywhere and everywhere you need.
  • You have to use the audio continuously to see the difference between physically and mentally within a small period.
  • You get the audio from the official website of the manufacturer.

Customer Testimonials

I had joined in graduation level in a new college where I had been facing a lack of confidence lately. Due to a lack of confidence and self-esteem, I could not mix freely with my peers and classmates neither could I interact with my teachers and professors. I was worried as this was the first time in my life I was having these self-confidence issues. My roommate in hostel suggested that I try Confidence Shots from Brainwave Shots. I was amazed to see the benefits after listening to the 30-minute audio. It boosted my confidence level so much that I was ready to face the world and helped me remain positive. Regina Holder, 18, New York City.

As my mother was aging, I could see that she had problems getting a good night’s sleep. She had tried several remedies including changing her diet, but nothing worked. II gifted her Sleep shot on her 60th birthday. It has special brainwave sounds which help our brain to relax and calm down. It works by activating the natural frequency of our brain. I was happy to see my mother getting a deep sleep after years. This, in turn, rejuvenated her with an energized mind and body. Sleep shot is easy to use and safe. Eric Henderson, 28, Beverly Hills, California.

A couple of months back I was down with an aching back and hip. I could hardly do my regular day to day work. I was worried whether I would be able to come out from this condition ever. I came across Pain Relief Shot from Brainwave Shots. After listening to the 30-minute audio which uses special brainwave sounds to reduce pain, I could feel my pains melt away. My back and hip were no longer aching like before. Thanks to Pain Relief Shot, I could once again come back to normal life. Olivia Walker, 46, Denver, Colorado.

Mood swings and depression are a part of life and come to everyone. As a working mother, I am no exception. I used to feel stressed out often. My friend recommended that I try Happiness Shot from Brainwave Shots. These come as a 15 minute and 30-minute audio. It uses audio frequencies which influences how a person feels. These special brainwave sounds lift the mood and help to bring a feel-good factor. After listening to this I felt happy and it uplifted my mood. This, in turn, helped me to stay positive and put in greater effort in my home and work. Penelope Cox, 40, West Palm Beach, Florida.


If you are willing to activate your mind and lead a richer and healthier life, the subscription to Brainwave Shots library is exactly what you need. The library contains numerous audio clips, created to train the brain in a certain way, which is more positive and optimistic. The customers who have listened to any of the audios carefully and willfully have benefited from it, massively.

This is a revolution in the industry of Self-help and the company offers every audio, the subscription of the complete Brainwave Shots library at discounted prices. Grab your audio as per requirement now, before the discount rates get over and activate your mind to achieve greatness in life.

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