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Brain Training For Dogs




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The internet today is exploding with videos of pets, especially dogs. A recent survey showed that about 54.4 million families in the US have dogs as pets. Dog lovers have created Facebook and Instagram accounts for their canines, which are gathering more followers every day. You might have seen some funny or cute videos or maybe even videos of service dogs who have helped their owners in times of trouble.

Unlike other pets, canines are growing in popularity for their loyal and loving nature. Still, they can also be hyper and aggressive if not appropriately coached. If you have a dog, then training them might have crossed your mind. A well-trained dog is every family’s dream come true. But the question remains as to how you can train them without having to hire expensive trainers. Brain Training For Dogs now brings you a step-by-step process of ensuring your canine is at his/her best behavior.

brain training for dogs reviews

About Brain Training For Dogs

Whether for entering dog shows or just for having a canine who listens to you, you must train your dog. Pets are often regarded as children, and you might end up having a naughty child at hand if not coached. However, now with Brain Training For Dogs, you too can ensure that your canine behaves like a gentleman.

Brain Training For Dogs is an online program in the form of an eBook and videos, created by Adrienne Farricelli. The book includes several effortless training modules. These modules are designed to tap into your canine’s natural intelligence with simple exercises and games. Few modules are also supported with videos which thoroughly explain how you can train your dog and what is the outcome you can expect.

The more important thing to note here is that you can train your dog without having to force him/her. The technique focuses on fun activities to activate your pet’s thinking and eliminate boredom. You can positively reinforce a behavioral change in your canine by using this online program, no matter the breed or age.

About The Author

The program was devised by Adrienne Farricelli. She is a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer- Knowledge Assessed). She has over ten years of experience with training dogs. Adrienne herself has two pet rottweilers who she has coached using techniques from her program.

Adrienne’s work has been featured in renowned magazines such as USA Today and Every Dog Magazine. She has even written articles for eHow and All Experts. She is the owner of a successful cage-less board and train company. She has trained thousands of dogs, from personal pets to service and even military dogs. She brought together her practices of training dogs to use more of their natural intelligence in Brain Training For Dogs.

Brain Training For Dogs review

How Does The Program Work?

Brain Training For Dogs has simple yet effective techniques to enhance your dog’s cognitive thinking. There are force-free activities and games which can help you coach your dog without the need for a professional trainer. Thus, you can bring about changes in your canine’s behavior with continuous conditioning.

The online program works on the idea of neuroplasticity. Like humans, dogs, too, can adapt to and learn new mannerisms. Brain Training For Dogs will stimulate your dog to think and understand your commands more effectively. Soon, you will have a pet who is not only well-behaved but also obedient and thoughtful.

What Does Brain Training For Dogs Include?

Primarily Brain Training For Dogs includes seven modules. Each module will take you a step higher in training your furry friend.

  • Module 1- Preschool: This forms the base for the entire program. It teaches your dog to concentrate on you and works on improving communication between you and your dog. Your canine will start to obey your commands more right from this module.
  • Module 2- Elementary School: This module will enhance your dog’s skill further. The module includes games to focus on eliminating boredom, stimulating him/her mentally, and tiring him/her to handle them better.
  • Module 3- High School: This module is designed to develop patience and to control impulsive behavior. The exercises will help your dog calm down quickly after an activity. It will also help in eradicating the fear of water.
  • Module 4- College: This module focuses on motor abilities. It improves your pet’s concentration power while allowing him/her to be composed.
  • Module 5- University: This module taps further into your dog’s intelligence. It trains your canine to handle being alone, controls his/her impulse to bark at other dogs, and also boosts his/her confidence.
  • Module 6- Graduation: This is an advanced course. It further heightens your dog’s cognitive thinking. Your pet will be able to recognize toys by names, among other activities.
  • Module 7- Einstein: This is referred to as the Genius level. Here your dog will learn to clean up after himself/herself, organize and stack his/her toys, and maybe even play the piano.

Besides these online courses, the program also offers training videos for simple tricks, enhancing obedience, and more.

How Effective Is The Program?

Brain Training For Dogs has been planned and put forth after gathering experience of 10 years. You can be assured that the program is indeed beneficial. You don’t have to leave your dog with a trainer; instead, you can train them yourself with these simple games.

Each module comes with an exam and a grading system to test the effectiveness of the program. You will be able to judge first-hand as to how successful the plan is for your furry friend. You can keep track of how much they have improved and where you need to work more.

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Benefits of Brain Training For Dogs

  • The most important part of training your pet is to ensure that they are having fun while being coached. Therefore, Brain Training For Dogs offers force-free techniques and games.
  • Each module comes with pictures and some videos of how to teach your dog a particular game or exercise. The modules cover everything from potty training to controlling impulses. The bonus programs are in video format, making it easier for you to follow instructions.
  • Brain Training For Dogs focuses on tasks that are simple and easy-to-follow. Hence, you can train your dog using these steps; you don’t have to hire a professional trainer.
  • By the end of the program, your dog will have developed intelligent skillsets and a calmer temperament. Your bond with your canine will be more profound as he/she will cultivate better understanding.
  • Brain Training For Dogs has an additional benefit where you can get customized programs to address your specific problem. So, for example, if your dog has an excessive barking problem, then you can get help in training him/her for that particular problem.

Purchase And Price

You can purchase Brain Training For Dogs online from their official website. The entire program and bonuses come for an affordable cost of $47. Since it is an online course, you can download and start using it immediately after buying it.

brain training 4 dogs review

Money-back Guarantee And Refund Policy

Brain Training For Dogs comes with a 60-days money-back guarantee. You can try the techniques and tests with your dog, and if you are not satisfied with the service, then you will receive a full refund. You will only have to send them an email regarding your dissatisfaction with the program.



How long is each exercise or game?
Brain Training For Dogs has taken into consideration the fact that not everyone has hours to dedicate to training their canines. Therefore, each activity in every module is 10-15 minutes long. You can easily teach one activity each day or as per the requirement of the course.

How soon can you see a change in your canine’s behavior?
Just like how every human has a different pace of learning, dogs, too, have their own speed. No two dogs are similar; hence there is no fixed timeline for seeing a behavioral change in your pet. You can, however, be assured that you will see a difference as the methods provided are tried and tested.

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  • The book has a lot of clear pictures to guide you through the activities. The text, too, is simple and easy to understand.
  • The program is online, and you can use it even when traveling with your pet. If you are on holiday with your furry friend, you don’t have to skip out on his/her training.
  • You can get personalized help from Adrienne Farricelli. Through chats and emails, you can address your queries directly to the expert trainer herself.
  • The course gives you access to a private chat room with dog lovers such as yourself. You can freely discuss your problems and solutions with each other via this forum.
  • Brain Training For Dogs is a cost-effective program. For $47, you get expertise from one of the best trainers in the field, along with other benefits.
  • The course offers a 60-days money-back guarantee.


  • If you are not a reader, then this e-program might get a little difficult for you to interpret. The book needs a lot of reading, although the pictures make it significantly convenient to understand.
  • Some of the activities require props that you may have to source out.
  • There is no fixed time frame in which you can see changes in your dog. You just have to follow the instructions and hope it works.

Customer Testimonials

My dog is my baby, and I have never treated him otherwise. I pampered him a lot and still do. But the fact that I have to train him became apparent when he started chewing on my shoes. Once a friend had come over, and my little one chewed her ballerina slippers. I was too embarrassed and decided to coach him but soon found out the harsh reality that professional trainers are expensive decided to watch videos and train him myself. While researching online, I came across Brain Training For Dogs. It seemed like a solution to my training problems, and indeed it was. I could easily make my fur ball perform the activities mentioned. It was fun for him and me too. He no longer chews footwear and also is more responsive to my commands. This is an excellent program if you want to self-train your pets. Carrie Wiles, 33, San Diego

Who doesn’t love it when their pet comes to them, wagging their tail and jumping on them when they are happy? I, too, believed that it was only normal for my dog to greet me, excitedly every time I returned from work. But when he started greeting my guests the same way, I started getting a bit worried. My friend, who also owns a dog, told me about Brain Training For Dogs immediately got to work with the activities in the book. I saw a steady change in the behavior of my pet. He became less aggressive; he even stopped making whining sounds every time I left the house. The book is still a work in progress for me, but I feel in the long run, it will help my dog and me a lot. Foster, 29, Los Angeles


Having a pet is a significant responsibility. You have to ensure they get the best care and nurturing, just like children. When it comes to educating your canine, it may not always be easy, especially if you don’t know the right tricks to use. Hence, Brain Training For Dogs is an ideal program to help you understand what your dog needs.

There are several other online training programs for your dog, but none have the expertise of this program. The book has a detailed approach to every problem that you may come across with your pet. If the book does not address your particular issue, then you needn’t worry, as the program has archives and forums that are customized to help you. If you want a healthy bond with your dog, then you must try Brain Training For Dogs.

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