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Have you been experiencing forgetfulness lately? Have you been experiencing embarrassing moments when you have forgotten someone’s name or your trivial things in place? Do you miss your younger days when you had a photographic memory?

Does aging make you feel insecure? Do you feel sidetracked when youngsters out-do you with their memory?

Maybe this makes you feel like your brain is aging more rapidly than your body. You feel like your mind is sluggish. Your brain seems to be dragging like an old machine.

Don’t worry! Here is some good news! Scientists from Zenith Labs have made extraordinary studies on the Human brain development, working and the decline that happens due to aging.

The decline in the brain seems to cause some mental blocks. These blocks affect the memory or thinking and the cognitive outcome.

Zenith Labs focuses on research and health solutions through natural methods with a rich background of real science. Firstly, the company made a detailed study on the regression of brain functioning. They found the main three slayers that attack the brain regularly and slowly reduces our ability to be vibrant and sharper.

Let us get to know a little about the three main assassins of the Brain.

Brain c 13

Assassin No 1: Constrained Flow of Cerebral Blood

Your brain uses 20 percent of the oxygen supply in the body. It is only two percent of the weight of your body. Your memory is affected when the blood flow to the brain is restricted. The blood flow is restricted when the small blood vessels and the muscle cells all over your brain contract.

The main blood vessels enter the brain at the base of the skull. They branch into small arteries and then again into small capillaries. As you age, the blood flow gets restricted. The oxygen-carrying arteries become thick and the flow of oxygen is curbed. The brain is composed of millions of neurons. These neurons are an important part of the memory system. When they are deprived of oxygen, your memory is affected.

Now, don’t let this science put you down. Your blood vessels can be stimulated with proper nutrition and a healthy diet.

Assassin No 2: Deficiency in Vitals and Nutrients For The Brain

The human body produces fewer of the required biochemical and neurotransmitters to keep up the healthy functioning of the brain. Lack of choline affects our memory at firsthand. Studies have uncovered that two main chemicals-Acetylcholinesterase and Acetylcholine must work hand-in-hand for the perfect functioning of the memory system.

For instance, when you recall something, your muscle movement instantly activates to trigger the nerve fibers and then is deactivated immediately. This, in turn, makes the neurons communicate one with another like the ripple effect all over the brain.

Acetylcholinesterase and Acetylcholine must function together evenly to constrict and loosen the brain tissues. Over time, if Acetylcholinesterase is in a higher proportion than the other, it can lead to degeneration of short-term memory. Other external factors like stress, fewer nutrient foods and toxins from the external factors also affect the stability of these chemicals.

All of these factors affect your memory slowly. There is a slow decline in the memory that starts with your beginning to forget trivial things. If this is left untreated, it might lead to serious memory disorders.

Before you learn how to overcome this lethal killer, you need to know about the third kind of Assassin.

Brain C 13 Review

Assassin No 3: The Neural Connection Cutter

These are very advanced times in terms of technology, in history. This adds many advantages to the style of living but this has also added a lot of tension and stress to life.

Over 80 percent of the human race today, is affected highly due to stress. Stress is a Chronic problem to most Americans.

It has a taken great toll on health and equally affects the brain cells as well. Stress affects the cortisol levels in the brain.

The brain secretes high amounts of cortisol hormones when you are stressed. These hormones are lethal assassins of healthy brains. They cause the neural connections to be cut-off in the brain.

The decaying of the neural connections affects the memory and mental sharpness on a large scale.

Sadly, most people fail to recognize these factors affecting their cognitive health. Slowly, when they start forgetting things or feel sluggish, they feel embarrassed and hardly realize that it as a disorder.

It is also a common thought that deterioration of brain function is an irretrievable problem.

Thanks to the valuable research by scientists, it has been established that the brain can be exercised, naturally treated and can function as during the youth.

Here is how you can overcome the three lethal assassins of the brain: –

After a series of studies, research, experiments, and testing, a scientifically approved, natural based formula has been invented. This is completely natural, proven and healthy for the brain cells. This is Brain C-13.

Brain C-13 can be used by age groups over 35 years of age and protects the health of their brains.

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Brain C-13

Brain C-13, profoundly named as Zenith Brain C-13, is a high Octane, which energies your brain like rocket fuel. It will not only energize your brain, but also make you feel fully recharged. This formula fights the ‘three unseen brain assassins’: stress, oxygen decrease and decline in essential nutrients in your brain. Brain C-13 is formulated to awaken the dormant brain cells. Activating the brain cells increases your mental sharpness and alertness.

Brain C-13 uses natural and rare herbs that are powerful. It also has added essential nutrients that will maximize your mental health and sharpen the brain’s performance.

Zenith Brain C 13 Dosage

The product is a cognitive booster. It increases your intelligence, creativity and cognitive performance at a rapid rate. Here is a brief on all the ingredients used in the exception Brain C-13 Booster:- 

Phosphatidylserine: This strengthens the communication between the nerve cells and helps in effective signal system. It also balances the level of glucose in the brain. It improves the mental performance of the brain.

Mucuna Pruriens: It enhances cognitive outcome, moods. It also improves problem-solving skills and out of box thinking.

DMAE: It acts as a neural antioxidant and protects the neurons. It also helps the acetylcholine in the body to function efficiently.

Rhodiola Rosea: Happy Hormones! We all love happy hormones. This ingredient is keen on generating happy hormones at the right time and gives you confidence as you regain your lost memories and improve learning.

Rosemary: Rosemary boosts the functioning of the neurotransmitters. As a result, your brain’s rate of recollecting memory is rapid and exact.

Centella Asiatica: This ingredient blocks the production of cholinesterase and helps to develop memory power. It is very important for people over 50 years of age.

Bacopa Monniera: This herb is known to improve your verbal skills and speed up processing information on your brain.

Acetyl-L-Carnitine: It alerts the dormant neural transmitters and quickens the response of the brain. It even fights the negative energies off your brain.

Sarcosine: It maximizes the function of your memory and moods. The performance of your neural receptors is enhanced.

Magnesium L-Theopnate: It alters the brain to function right by reducing all kinds of background disturbances; It restores lost memory, activates brain cells, wakes you from mental sleep and reenergizes your thinking capability.

Vincopetine: This assists the blood vessels to increase the blood flow thereby increasing the oxygen levels in the brain.

CDP-Choline:  This helps your brain to be alert and remain focused. It reduces your mental fuzziness without consuming caffeine

Brain C-13 helps you regain your memory like that of a youngster. You can protect yourself from aging issues in your brain. It boosts your self-confidence, your identity and helps you be on par with your colleagues and friends.

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You can experience the following improvements with Brain C-13 capsules: –

  1. Brain C-13 solves issues in your brain naturally. This product is completely natural and tested. It has no known or documented side-effects.
  2. Brain C-13 is combination of herbs that are collected from their natural environment and all essential nutrients for your brain. This increases your brain’s performance at a quicker pace.
  3. Brain C-13 is affordable and has no side-effects.
  4. It is the most effective remedy to regain your lost memory, build your brain and to retain the health of your brain.
  5. The manufacturers also offer you money-back assurance respecting the customer. 


  1. Take the capsules as directed on the product for best results.
  2. If you are already using any other drugs, kindly consult your physician before you use this supplement.
  3. Please take these supplements for 60 days regularly to get the best results. Otherwise, you might see poor results.
  4. Brain C-13 can be purchased online only and it is not available offline.
  5. This product is not recommended for children and pregnant women.

Customers Reviews

Tyler ~ Hi, I want to share with you about my cognitive diminishing story. I am 52 and I was slowing beginning to forget a common thing like where I place my car keys, my credentials, and so many things.

I was so worried and then I came across Zenith Lab’s product. I wanted to try it for a while. I ordered the 30-day supply and to my surprise, it gave me progress. I wanted to complete a full course and ordered the 90-day supply. I took the capsules regularly for 90-days. Guess what: I am healthier and happier. My memory has become sharper and my thinking capacity has increased.

Wendy ~ I am 74 years old. My children live far from me and I live in the countryside. I have been having a very sharp memory and could remember everything in place. Suddenly during last fall, I began to forget a few things one by one. My memory was diminishing. I was so afraid.

My son gifted me Brain C-13 90-day supply. My brain began to function effectively. I could do my chores normally and write diaries and letters. 

I have now recommended this product to my neighbor as well.

Anonymous ~ I am in my late forties and my memory has been failing me. I felt embarrassed, as I couldn’t connect with my friends and my colleagues. I secluded myself from people. I was so disconnected. I avoided my family, close friends and I was dejected.

A friend of mine, who is a doctor spoke with me and encouraged me. He suggested me to take Brain C-13 capsules. I began to take these capsules regularly. I visited my friend, who is a doctor, to see if there was any improvement. My good friend took me through therapy and I was surprised to see my brain cells rejuvenating. I can regain all the memory I lost. My improvement has been steady. I am continuing with my course of Brain C-13 formula capsules.

Brain C13 reviews


Aging, stress, bad nutrition and a lot of other unsaid facts have laid huge negative marks on the good health of the brain. A healthy brain leads to a healthy lifestyle. A small tweak in memory, thinking patterns, problem-solving techniques affects the lifestyle, relationship, and even self-image. Most people add more worry thinking that these problems cannot be solved.

The Scientists from Zenith lab have made a great revolutionary discovery of a natural and effective formula, Brain C-13. This is composed of very rare natural herbs and essential nutrients to activate the neurons, brain cells and the blood vessels in the brain. As a result of stimulating the neurotransmitters, your rational thinking, creativity, memory power increases.

This formula heals the dead brain cells, which means it brings dead brain cells to life. Brain

C-13 increases the functioning of your brain.

Your thinking can become vibrant, stronger and youthful. Yes! Even you, who thinks it is impossible! Brain C-13 will help you make it possible.

This is a breakthrough in the discovery of the Human Mind.

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