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You have gotten quite a lot of stuff over the years. And most of them are precious to you; call it sentimental value. Not everyone will understand the importance of some of these items. In fact some will even look at you funny when you begin to tell them of the history of a souvenir which they think is just a piece of junk.

And because of this disregard to the things that are important to you, you may find some people have broken or cracked your most prized possessions. Have you ever tried bonding a souvenir that has been broken to no avail because the strongest glue, super glue, has been unable to fix it? You dutifully kept the precious pieces hoping to someday find something that would work to bond your special souvenir back to the way it was.

Today is your lucky day because there is a solution that is available that will be able to bond virtually any material together within seconds. You will be able to recreate your very precious items together to restore your memories back to you. And this happens with the help of Bondic, a revolutionary new bonding plastic that is set to change the course of repair work and handiwork.


About Bondic

Bondic is a liquid plastic solution that has been formulated to stick anything together. It uses a unique technology that activates the liquid plastic to solidify when exposed to ultraviolet rays. The bonding formula is able to seal cracks, bond items, insulate spaces, create new projects, and even restore broken souvenirs.

The matter of not being able to get the things you love back is a thing of the past as this new bonding system works like magic.

Parts Included

This revolutionary piece of bonding material comes in a starter kit that has everything you need to use it. It comes with the handheld liquid applicator which serves you by allowing you to apply the plastic glue on whichever surface you are working on. It also comes with a LED UV light beamer. Then it finally has 4 grams of liquid plastic adhesive. All this is packed in a small, metal case that has been made strong enough to keep everything inside it safe.

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How Does Bondic work?

Bondic has a simple working formula. It uses liquid plastic as its main medium of bonding. It has the power to stick to many different materials together. You can stick metal, plastic, wood, ceramic, and even glass together using this amazing repair kit. This plastic is essentially not glued as it does not follow the makeup or characteristics of glue. First, it requires an LED UV light stick in order to solidify while normal glue only needs exposure to air to clamp together. At times normal glue even dries up in its container before even being used.

When you take the liquid plastic and apply it to the clean surfaces you want to bond together you will just need to stick it together by use of the LED UV light which solidifies four seconds after exposure to the light.

Second, the liquid plastic does not dry up in the container it is in. It remains liquid until you expose it to the UV light. You can be sure you will save a lot as the liquid plastic will always be available until you finish it. You will not throw any of it away.

This liquid glue is actually really safe to use. You will not have the struggle of keeping your fingers from touching the liquid afraid they will stick together as is the case of super glue.

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How to Use Bondic

All you need to do to use this liquid plastic is to ensure that the pieces being repaired fit together almost seamlessly. You will need to roughen the places you want to apply the plastic to. This will ensure the plastic has a grip on the material. You will then clean either of these parts so they are free of any dirt, grime, or grease. These parts also need to be dry of any moisture. Once you have the parts clean and dry you will take your liquid applicator and insert the liquid plastic inside it.

You will then take your two pieces that need to be stuck together and position them how you want them to fit. Ensure they are well-positioned. You then take your liquid applicator and position it above the pieces and apply just enough liquid plastic to cover the area between the pieces. Ensure the pieces are in their right position.

You will then take your LED UV light pen and shine it on the liquid causing it to solidify in four seconds. This step ensures that you only get the bonding material to stick where you want it to. Depending on the work that you are doing you may need to use more than one layer of liquid plastic to get it right. This will mean that you apply the liquid plastic after the first layer has solidified. You will be able to decide how many layers are adequate based on how well it fills up on the second layer and you have dried it.

To complete the process you can then file away any unwanted hardened glue so that it blends with the shape of the object you were repairing. Once you do this you will have your object strongly bonded and almost as good as new.

How Much to Use

The use of Bondic is on a case by case basis. You will be required to use different amounts of the liquid plastic applicants for different purposes and materials. For spaces that need filling then you will use significantly more liquid plastic than for two parts that are just being stuck together either directly or by overlap. If you need to fit two parts together that have a missing piece then it will take you relatively more plastic as it will be like you will be making a cast to fit the space of the missing piece.

Bondic review

Is Bondic Safe to Use?

Bondic is one of the safest bonding solutions to ever be under the sun. The reason for this is because it is non-toxic. It does not have a smell to it ensuring that you do not inhale any harmful fumes from toxic chemicals like those used in superglue and other forms of adhesives.

You can also control when this liquid plastic will solidify meaning you will be able to avoid it sticking on any other parts apart from the ones you intended it for. Unlike other forms of adhesive which stick on surfaces when they are exposed to air, this one ensures you do not get sticky fingers nor have parts stuck together that you did not intend to stick together.

To top it all off, you have the liquid in a clear finish that you can always sand off any parts that you did not want it to be on. This is unlike any other adhesive which can give a shoddy finish when it sticks on unwanted surfaces.

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Benefits of Bondic

  • Strength: This bonding solution is an extremely strong bonding agent that will bind almost every kind of material strongly together. This makes it the go-to solution for repair work or handiwork that you need to last a very long time.
  • Bonds All Surfaces: It is made in such a way that it fuses with metal, wood, ceramics, glass, and plastic. It is that it has a plastic foundation that makes it work strongest on plastic items as well. This said it is able to bind any kind of materials together as long as you follow the right procedure.
  • Cure Control: This revolutionary bonding agent only solidifies and sticks when it is placed under an LED UV light pen. This ensures that you are able to control the time the agent will stick. This ensures you safely put things together. It also ensures your fingers are out of danger of sticking together.
  • Stay Liquid: The bonding agent is able to stay in its original state. This is as long as you keep it away from the intense UV light that solidifies it. This ensures that you never get to lose the glue at any point because it dried out before you used it.
  • Easy to Use: The bonding solution is the easiest to use in the market. It has an easy 4-step process that allows you to easily use it correctly. By following this process you ensure you get things right from the manufacturer’s perspective.
  • Safe: The solution is non-toxic to you as it does not have any dangerous fumes it releases while solidifying. It also does not burn or irritate the skin like other adhesives do.

Purchase & Price

Bondic is available on the official manufacturer’s website. It is comes under three pricing models where you can fit in any depending on the budget you are on. The single bonding kit goes for just $19.99 including shipping and handling. You get two bonding kits for $39.98 and get one free kit meaning you get to save $19.99. The best value package is where you buy three bonding kits at $59.99 as you will get two bonding kits absolutely free. The two and three bonding kits packages come with free shipping within the USA.

Money Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The company has a thirty day money back guarantee in force. In order to enjoy the service of the money back guarantee you will be required to contact the company and request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This will enable you to return the kit and have it accepted by the company when you include the RMA number with the return. The kit you are returning must be in its original package and must have been tampered with in any way.

If you happened to get your package damaged then you will be required to communicate to the company within seven days from when you received it. You will then be issued with an RMA number which will ensure that you get to have your package accepted when it gets back to the company. You will need to carefully ensure the package has been returned as you received it. If the company accepts your product back it will either refund you your money or issue you with a different kit to replace the one spoilt.



How long will it take the glue to cure?
The glue cures within just 4 seconds after you expose it to the LED UV light pen.

Should I wear gloves when using this product?
The solution is a non-abrasive product that is safe to use without protective gear.

How much liquid plastic should I use per bonding?
The liquid plastic amount varies from project to project. Every project will require its own amount of solution. You will realize just how much in the process of bonding when you are following the step by step bonding procedure.

Can I use this solution to bond metallic parts together?

It is possible to use this solution for metallic parts. The strength of the liquid plastic will be tested depending on the amount of force that the metallic parts will have against them as well as the weight they possess.

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  • It has an easy to use four-step process.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is non-toxic making it safe.
  • It bonds various materials together.
  • It bonds fast without strain.
  • It gives perfect clear finishes.
  • Stays liquid throughout its life.


  • It comes in a small package.

Customer Testimonials

“I’ve had a great time bonding materials with this solution. I do a lot of DIY projects and this has really sorted me out with them. I used to use super glue and water-based glue but always struggled to keep things together when I wanted them together or apart when I wasn’t ready to have them together. This solution has solved those problems for me.” Sandra Thomas.

“I am now a believer of Bondic after seeing the results work not once on my broken items. I have used it with great success on my bike indicator lamp that was broken. I have also used it on my mom’s china that I inherited. My cat decided to end the life of one fine china cup. This solution was magic to it as I was able to restore it back to the way it was.” Richie Mullen.

“I’ve always struggled with getting a solution that would work to help me put my projects together. I struggled with super glue for so long as it was the only glue that I knew would stick all my plastic parts together successfully. It was a breath of fresh air when I discovered Bondic solution. Now I don’t have to worry about getting glue on my hands or having my pieces setting wrong. I have control!” Margaret Hatcher.


If you are looking for a bonding formula that will work on any surface that you need to attach together then Bondic will give you that solution. Designed to use just liquid plastic and UV light it is the safest and strongest bonding pair that you can get in the market. You have different pricing options depending on how many kits you buy but you can easily get one kit for less than $20 on the official product page. You can be rest assured from the many testimonials that this kit does the magic it says it will do. Try it today.

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