BlueChew VS Roman — Which Is Right For Me?

We have seen a rise in the number of problems we face in the last few years. Have you ever wondered why it is so? Being happy has become a task to most of us these days, being discontent runs in our blood on automation. Yes, we have seen developments in various sectors in our societies, it could be in the world of technology or the world of arts; however, there’s one discomfort or unhappiness that has begun to cling onto men off late in a much more noticeable manner—unhappy in their sex life. By this we don’t mean that the men aren’t happy with their love partners, we mean to say that the men are not happy with themselves. Love life is of utmost importance for it is in this life that you find solace, happiness, peace, and you know, the surge in your hormones as well. And if this very foundation of happiness takes a hit, it’s very sad and depressing, isn’t it?

For those who haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about the problem of erectile dysfunction that has seen a rise among men these days. Men love being proud of their capabilities and if they fall prey to this problem, then they are most likely to feel depressed and ashamed of themselves. As their partners, it is your duty to help educate them about this problem and how to solve it as it is something that can be solved very easily. If the last few years have seen a rise in the percentage of men suffering from erectile dysfunction, then there are more treatment options than before as well when it comes to solving this erectile dysfunction problem. Two of the most popular solutions to solve is BlueChew and Roman—both of these are erectile dysfunction pills of generic nature and are priced at competitive numbers. While these two are considered to be the best solutions in the market for the treatment of ED, how do you know which one would be a better option for you? Read on, for we’re going to help you in doing just that.

A Brief Peek Into BlueChew


If you look at generic medicines to solve the problem of erectile dysfunction on the internet, BlueChew is one of the top contenders as well as providers out there. The BlueChew actually boasts of a well-trained medical staff who have a lot of experience in this field, so, you can be confident and less worried as you’re in good hands. They offer you generic forms of two ingredients that are Cialis and Viagra. The best part is that their doctor will also provide you with a prescription for the same and they guarantee you that this experience is the most painless medical experience you’ll ever have.

A Bried Peek Into Roman

Roman has become one of the top contenders in the world of men’s health as it offers men a convenient way to access healthcare products online in discreet mails. It works almost as same as the BlueChew. Their doctors too will write down prescriptions for you and along with generic drugs, they additionally provide you with brand-name drugs as well. And their services aren’t limited to just finding solutions to the problem of erectile dysfunction but also to help men deal with other problems like low testosterone levels and hair loss as well.

Main Features Of The Two Face-to-Face

  • BlueChew and Roman, both offer two-ingredient drugs that are Sildenafil and Tadalafil.
  • Roman offers brand-name drugs along with generic ones whereas BlueChew sticks to just generic ones.
  • Both BlueChew and Roman’s medications are known to be approved by the FDA.
  • Both of them are known to offer free consultation services to their respective users.
  • Both of them work only after their team of doctors provides the person with a prescription.
  • BlueChew is likely to offer free trials for its users whereas Roman doesn’t provide its users with that.
  • BlueChew is priced at somewhere around $5 per dose whereas Roman is priced at somewhere around $15 per dose.
  • BlueChew offers its medicines in the form of chewable tablets whereas Roman doesn’t offer that option.
  • BlueChew focuses only on providing medications for erectile dysfunction problems whereas Roman offers more services that help solve other men-related problems.

Ingredients That BlueChew and Roman Are Made Of

Both of these offer the same two ingredients in their medications—Sildenafil (generic option for Viagra) and Tadalafil (generic option for Cialis). When it comes to the difference between these two medicines, there is no such difference. The only difference is that of the amount of dosage given which depends on their respective doctors and the problem of the patient as well. However, both these promise the same results. But if you are someone who doesn’t believe in generic medicines and would rather opt for medicines that have some brand value and recognition, then you should probably go for Roman as they provide you with brand-name drugs.

Safety Information

Before you decide to go and buy any medication, it is very important for you to pick the pills that are manufactured by reputed legal companies. This is because several companies offer prescription medications without submission of a prescription—now these dear readers are not just illegal but it also has the potential to put your health at stake. Both Roman and BlueChew provide prescriptions. The only difference however is that BlueChew provides prescriptions that are completely anonymous whereas when it comes to Roman, you will have to speak to Roman’s doctors over the phone or via video call. While this is a good practice, some guys might not feel very comfortable doing it. Therefore, you can pick between BlueChew and Roman depending on your comfort level.

Availability Of BlueChew And Roman Medicines

Both BlueChew and Roman handle everything on the internet, therefore you can use their free consultations and order their medicines from the comfort of your homes itself. The medicines are available but both companies don’t just hand them out to you.

You are required to fill in a questionnaire and in Roman’s case answer them through video messaging and the rest is taken care of by both these companies.

Key Takeaways Of BlueChew

  • They provide chewable pills which are much more convenient and work better when compared to the normal ED pills.
  • BlueChew gives you an option of two dosage—this makes the process of decision-making easier but it also ends up limiting your options.
  • They specialize only in the treatment of erectile dysfunction disorder.

Key Takeaways Of Roman

  • Roman medications aren’t chewable. They come in the form of pills only. However, you will have more options to choose from in their case.
  • They don’t just help in treating erectile dysfunction problems but also help in treating other men-related health problems as well.
  • The variety of dosage options that Roman provides its user might be daunting to make the right choice.

If you’re suffering from erectile dysfunction, both BlueChew and Roman are great options for treatment. Consult your personal doctor to help choose the one that copes well with your requirement.

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