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Why the new ‘Bioshock’ is both beautifully epic and soul-crushing

Adam Ramsey, Staff Writer

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“Bioshock Infinite,” the third installment in the “Bioshock “series, brings first-person shooters to a whole new level. Literally. Unlike its predecessors, which had players crawl through the sunken city of Rapture, “Bioshock Infinite” takes its players to the flying city of Columbia.

Led by “prophet” Zachariah Comstock, the people of Columbia are gunning for you as you fight your way through the city to rescue Elizabeth, Comstock’s daughter, and escape safely.

With everyone in the city against you, there’s action seeping out of every doorway. You get thrust into a power struggle between two factions: Comstock and his racist, hyper-religious goons versus the Vox Populi, freedom fighters that seem no better than the current regime.

The game proved to be a thrilling and addicting game that I plowed through in two days. The story drew me in, the action kept my heart racing and the gameplay broke up the monotony that plagues other first-person shooters. Unlike other first-person shooters, it unique ability to fight your enemies while grinding on rails that occasionally sprawl across the map.

There is one aspect that makes it impossible for me to love it as much as other critics and players do. The save system set up in this game is horrid. It’s an evil little devil that angers me to no end.

“Bioshock Infinite” doesn’t allow its user to save manually; instead, it autosaves at checkpoints throughout various points in the game. Had the game functioned properly, that type of save system would have been dandy. However, that’s not what happened. On the contrary, I ended up putting in three hours of boss battles and all-around difficult missions that went poof after I turned off my Xbox 360. The surprise was soul crushing.

Granted, it was only a bug. If had I purchased Xbox live and updated the game, I wouldn’t have had the trouble I did.

All in all, I recommend that fans of the “Bioshock” Series or first-person shooters in general pick up this game; just make sure you have Xbox live to avoid the trouble I had.

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Wright State University
Why the new ‘Bioshock’ is both beautifully epic and soul-crushing