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New semester, new look

Brandon Semler, Editor-in-Chief

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The frigid beginning of Spring Semester is now upon us, and with that, a newly designed “Guardian” print and online publication. The new look is completely different from any that The Guardian has presented in its almost-50 year history, and we take great pride in it.

For those that have not yet picked up our weekly publication, “The Guardian” now features a black and white logo, stories on the front page, a more contemporary approach to the fonts and most importantly…A PUZZLE IN THE BACK. The new approach to the layout was taken to offer a more contemporary and stylish paper. The online version has also changed to a black and white theme, with green and gold fluxing with the different stories and sections.

We first considered a revamp to the publication while meeting at a lengthy oblong table at the Marriott hotel in New Orleans, LA. Much of the staff was attending the ACP (Associated Collegiate Press) Conference, and after a day of taking in priceless information about the state of the contemporary journalism field, we felt inspired to act immediately. Our group met around midnight to discuss what the new look would be, considering what our audience would prefer.

Many students and staff told us that they would prefer something closer to the standard newspaper look, rather than our magazine-like strategy of only images and headlines on the front. We decided to remain a tabloid, but to feature stories on the front page. This way, we could push our stories to the front, but continue with the tabloid setup that has become associated with our organization.

Our website is most important to us, and we are still working on the details for it. We are aware that online material and social media is the key to success, and they are the most important elements to us at this point. We are not going to rush anything; the website will be tweaked and perfected until we feel it is 100 percent. Whether that be this year, or next, it doesn’t matter. The content of our website however, is stronger than ever.

Please let us know how you feel about the new look. This publication is YOUR publication. It belongs to the Wright State community. You can send responses to [email protected], or [email protected]


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Wright State University
New semester, new look