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We all sweat excessively in the summer heat because the body makes an effort to maintain a proper internal temperature. What an air conditioner does is to control the air temperature and humidity in your living space, be it in your office or home. And you can feel cool and active throughout the day. Without an air conditioner, you feel lethargic, and your work output is low.

But affording an AC or paying for the power bills may not be possible for a common man. Keeping this in mind, a well-known electrical-equipment-manufacturing company designed the Blaux Portable AC. This is a small and portable AC that has a chargeable battery. Once you charge it fully, it cools your environment for 8 long hours. The electric consumption of this AC is zero.

And the best part is, you can use it at your home and even carry it to your office. Keep it on your desk, it will keep you cool, and you can focus on your job. You will thank the manufacturer for the low-cost, no maintenance portable AC that doesn’t require any electric connection to run.

Book your Blaux Portable AC today and enjoy a cool, tension-free summer.

Blaux Portable AC 

About Blaux Portable AC

This is a portable air conditioner and air purifier that can establish a rejuvenating environment in your room. It runs on a powerful rechargeable battery and can run for 8 hours when fully charged. You can use a USB port and charge it at any place. It consumes very little power for charging.

It does not produce any sound when working, so you can study or sleep without having to switch it off. This popular and safe portable AC does use any chemicals to purify the air. It only uses powerful and replaceable filters to purify the surrounding air, so that you get cool and fresh air.

Features of Blaux Portable AC

Humidifier Function 

Blaux operates using water and provides you with a pleasant and humidified air. It cuts the discomfort due to dry air and heat by producing cooler air.

LED Display

It has a powerful LED display screen. You can see the battery level, the fan speed, the mode of operation, etc.

Two Modes 

It has two modes, consisting of regular fan mode or the cooling breeze mode. Also, you can adjust the flaps of the ventilation grills to give a direction to the air.

Three Fan Speeds

The portable AC has three fan speed modes, lowest, medium, and high. You can choose one as per the weather and your own needs. The comfort level offered by this portable AC is similar to that of a large AC.

Fast Cooling 

The fast cooling mode provides you with cool air in less than 30 seconds.

Lightweight and Portable 

The weight of the Blaux Portable AC is 2.2 pounds, and it is less than one foot tall. It also has a convenient handle. So, you can carry it anywhere.

Water cooling Blaux uses water for cooling the air. So, the air is free of any chemicals and unhealthy things. The water tank of the Blaux Portable AC is simple to refill and has a capacity of 300 ml that ensures you not to fill it again and again.

Mood Light 

It has a space on the top where you can attach a mood light. So you can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in your room. It can also be a nightlight for your kids.


This is a noiseless device. You can take a nap while putting the Blaux on.


This is very affordable compared to any large-sized AC but works similarly.

Powerful Rechargeable Battery 

Blaux has a battery backup of 8 hours when on a full charge.

Blaux Portable AC Review

How Does the Blaux Portable AC Work?

Researchers and expert electrical engineers designed this effective portable AC. They know that to cool yourself you don’t need a room air conditioner. A personal and portable AC is more convenient and cost-effective.

It is unique as it runs on a rechargeable battery. You have to charge the battery before using it. Then pour in some cold water from the top. This AC uses cooling plates, semiconductors, pumps, and filters, along with some other electrical components. You can adjust the fan speed to your comfort level and change the airflow direction using the adjustable grills.

Blaux Portable AC throws out cold air by using the electrical cooling plates. It creates a Peltier effect that is a difference of temperature established by providing a voltage between the two electrodes connected to a semiconductor. So you can get cool and humidified air.

This cool air then passes through the air filters. These filters purify the air of dirt, germs, and microorganisms. You can breathe in fresh, humidity-controlled, and purified air.

How to Use Blaux Portable AC

This is a simple-to-use gadget. You have to just plug in a USB charger to the device and charge the rechargeable battery. When the battery is fully charged there is a LED indicator that blinks. Then pour in cold water from the top opening of Blaux Portable AC. This makes it convenient as you don’t have to pull out a water tank like in other portable ACs. Then insert the water curtains and put on your AC. It will start by giving you cool air almost immediately.

Benefits of Blaux Portable AC

  • It is light, portable, and easy-to-carry.
  • Blaux Portable AC provides you with a compact and small design that takes very little space.
  • The machine is very easy to operate with switches and a display screen.
  • The device is noiseless. You can work in your office or even take a nap while it is on.
  • This powerful and effective Portable AC can cool your room within 30 seconds from the time you switch it on.
  • Children can also operate this AC as it is a safe-for-use device.
  • It has a LED display that shows the battery level, modes, and other working details.
  • The machine has a powerful battery that cools your room for 8 hours without stopping.
  • The machine does not require any maintenance.
  • The portable AC purifies and cleans your surrounding air.
  • The machine does not consist of any cord or wire which makes it more mobile.
  • The machine is a 3-in-1 device that acts as a fan, humidifier and AC.
  • The company of the portable AC offers you a unique 30-days money-back guarantee.

Purchase and Price

The manufacturer offers attractive discounts and a money-back guarantee on their product when you order from the official website.

There are several packs available on their website and you can choose one as per your requirement.

Personal Cool Pack of one portable AC is available at $89.99. The original price is $138.45.

Too Cool Pack that has two portable ACs cost $179.98 after discount.

Three’s Company Pack of three portable ACs will cost $202.48 after discounts.

Mega Cool Pack of four Blaux Portable ACs is available for $247.47, while the actual price is $553.78.

Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

The manufacturers guarantee their popular product with a 30-day money-back offer. If you are not satisfied with the performance of your Blaux Portable AC, you can get a full refund. You have to return your portable AC to the company within 30 days. The manufacturers approve your return within a few days after deducting the shipping and handling charges.

Blaux Portable AC Price


Can you control the humidity of the machine? 

Yes. You can control the humidity of the air thrown out by the Blaux Portable AC by simply adjusting a knob.

Can you trust the battery life of the Blaux Portable AC?

This portable AC has a high-power chargeable battery. The machine can cool your room for 8 hours on full charge.

Does Blaux Portable AC purify your surrounding air?

Yes, the device purifies your surrounding air by using air filters. You can be sure of breathing fresh and clean air when it is switched on.

Does the machine cause any harm to kids? 

No, the Blaux Portable AC causes no harm to kids or in fact anybody for that matter. It is easy to operate and also purifies the air. So it is beneficial to all.


  • Portable air conditioner.
  • Acts as an AC, humidifier, and air purifier.
  • Easy water filling.
  • High capacity rechargeable battery.
  • Convenient USB charging.
  • 30-days money-back guarantee from manufacturers.


  • It is a very popular product and the stocks may get exhausted. So you have to order immediately.
  • The money-back guarantee and discount offers are available when you order the product from the official website. 

Customer Testimonials

I got transferred to a new city for 6 months. When I checked into my apartment, I was surprised to find that it did not have air conditioner. As I was supposed to stay only for a short time, I was looking for a portable AC. I wanted an air conditioner, which I could easily carry back home. I also didn’t want to spend my money on unnecessary installation. So, I bought a Blaux Portable AC, which suited my requirements entirely. As it was portable, I could carry it to any room and also carry it back with me. Christopher, 35, Illinois.

My husband is very particular about the devices he purchases for our home. He looks at the quality, price, and usability. When it came to purchasing an AC for our home, he chose Blaux Portable AC. We availed of the offer and purchased 2 units at a special discounted price. Being portable, it had the advantage of being carried and plugged in any room. It has a compact size and fits on a table and we can enjoy cool air anytime. Further, it doesn’t consume a lot of electricity and also purifies the air. Sophia Williams, 42, Chicago.

I was tired of the hassles of fitting a window or split ac. Also, the rising bills of traditional air conditioners were giving me sleepless nights. My friend came to the rescue. He suggested that I go for a portable ac as a solution to my problem. He recommended Blaux Portable AC, which I bought online at a deal price. Blaux Portable AC doesn’t need any installation. It just needed to be plugged to get started. It is small in size and absolutely noiseless. It also gives me the added benefit of purifying the air. I am completely satisfied with Blaux Portable AC. Arthur, 25, Florida.

I purchased 4 units of Blaux Portable AC online at a discounted offer price. Blaux Portable AC is just amazing. It cools my workspace, bed, and even my kitchen. It gives focussed cooling so that I can stay cool while my partner can enjoy it hotter. It has a 30 day return period, which is of course not required as I am absolutely satisfied with it. It also has a filter that uses silver to kill germs. It is noiseless and compact. It consumes much lower electricity than conventional cooling solutions. Michael, 54, New York.


Summers are unbearable for everyone. Heat and dryness are not only uncomfortable but also lessen your productivity. The solution is buying and installing an AC. The question is, can everyone afford to buy an AC? Also, there are problems with installation in rented spaces or fear of paying high power bills. So, many times people prefer to bear the summer heat rather than buying an AC.

But now there is a simple solution to all the problems you have in the hot summers. This is the Blaux Portable AC. It is an energy-efficient, portable AC that provides you with a cool room temperature during summers. It throws out purified, cool, humidified air and removes excess dryness. This portable AC is lightweight and portable. So, you can carry it with yourself. Place it on your desk, in your kitchen, or even carry it with you on camping or fishing trips. It will be useful in all places.

You can order more than one Blaux Portable ACs, one for each family member, and avail of the ongoing discount offers.

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