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Biox Mask


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Earth was a planet with boundless natural bounty, freshwater bodies, huge forest reserves, beautiful landscapes with countless species of flora and fauna. It was the most suitable planet for any life form to thrive. We were blessed with abundance, enough; to provide for us easily. So, we took all we needed and then we wanted more, so we exploited the reserves, till a point that the once green planet is now stripped of all its reserves, air, water, soil and everything else that is left; is heavily contaminated. Our careless and irresponsible attitude has pushed many life-forms out of existence and now we are in a situation where our survival is in danger.

We are now living in dangerous times with the ever-increasing pollution and the recent pandemic spread, it is now upon us to look out for ourselves. The most difficult issue now is how to get clean air for breathing? You can purify the air indoors with an air purifier but what about outdoors? How do we step out and ensure we are not breathing in air laced with pollutants and pathogens? There are face masks available but most can keep out only dirt from the air you breathe. We need something better, more efficient and with better filtration technology. So, what do you do? How do you decide which mask is suited and effective enough to be able to provide you with clean and germ-free air? The all-new Biox anti-pollution mask is the ultimate solution you have been looking for. With this product review, we will help you analyze the Biox anti-pollution mask in detail and help you decide if this product can be trusted to protect and keep you and your family in good health.

Biox Mask

Biox Mask

Nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to step out of the house without the fear of exposing yourself to various pollutants and air-borne viruses. we live in a state of constant fear; fear for our health, for our family’s health. It is time we found a fitting solution to this problem, some way to safeguard our health and put that mind at ease.

The new Biox anti-pollution mask is the answer to all your questions. It’s a face mask with activated carbon filters, that is not only capable of keeping out dirt from the air but also filter out the harmful air-borne pathogens that pose a risk to your health. Its advanced technology is capable of filtering out 95% of particle matter from the air and ensure you get clean and fresh air to breathe, no matter where you are. All you need to do is put the mask on and you are good to go.

The mask is snug yet comfortable fit. It is made of breathable and elastic fabric, which makes it easy to wear and a good fit. There is no possibility of polluted air entering your lungs once you put the mask on. The Biox anti-pollution mask is washable and re-useable; all you need to do is replace the carbon filters from time to time and you can use the mask for a very long time; it is not only efficient but also cost-effective, you need not worry about having to buy a new mask after a few uses.

The product arrives pre-assembled and in a ready to use state, you can use in right away upon receiving your order of the Biox anti-pollution mask. You can buy your Biox anti-pollution mask on the product’s official website, there is a 50 % discount being offered currently on this product by the manufacturers, early orders can also avail promotional free shipping. It is available in black color, so you can probably use it for quite a few numbers of times before it needs a wash.

How does the Biox Mask work to purify the air you breathe?

Biox anti-pollution mask is based on the advanced activated carbon filter technology. Its activated carbon filters trap and prevent any dust, toxins, and pathogens from entering your breathing space.

When you inhale air, it passes through the layered fabric and the activated carbon filters and enters your breathing space. The air that reaches you is completely devoid of any harmful chemicals and viruses. Your lungs can ease and take in that gulp of pure and fresh air and in turn pump your body with life-giving oxygen, devoid of any harmful particle matter.

The carbon filters also trap any unwanted moisture so you can easily use the mask for long hours without any sweat. The stretchable fabric ensures that your Biox anti-pollution mask fits you snugly, ensuring that none of the atmospheric pollutants can enter your breathing space and you get only clean air, purified by your Biox anti-pollution mask.

In earlier times, we had trees all around, which purified the air and gave us clean life-giving oxygen. Alas, our growing population and quest for making the world a concrete jungle have deprived us of that privilege. In such times the Biox anti-pollution mask is possibly the easiest way to ensure that your lungs get pure, pollutant-free air for breathing and keep you and your family healthy and disease-free.

The rapidly spreading pandemic is also a major cause of concern nowadays. It is advised to wear a mask and practice social distancing, which we do. But once in a while, we need to step out for our daily essentials and grocery and it is impossible to do so if you do not equip yourself with suitable protective measures. Wearing the Biox anti-pollution mask will keep you protected and safe, by blocking out any pathogens from entering your airway.

biox mask review

Benefits of using the Biox Mask

With the rising levels in air pollution, a face mask has long become a crucial part of our lives, however earlier, a normal paper mask would also have sufficed. However, now, times have changed in addition to the pollution we are now faced with the problem of a rise in the levels of air-borne diseases and deadly pandemic like the Coronavirus. Now, more than ever we need an effective mask, that not only traps out dust particles but also prevents these contagious viruses from reaching our respiratory tracks. The Biox anti-pollution mask has the following list of benefits:

  • It keeps out 95% of dust particles from the air you breathe, giving clean and fresh air for your lungs to breathe.
  • The Biox anti-pollution mask is also capable of trapping air-borne viruses and bacteria and keep them from entering your breathing space.
  • The Biox anti-pollution mask is fitted with an advanced activated carbon filter which is also able to keep the air you breathe, devoid of any foul odor.
  • You can wash your Biox anti-pollution mask and re-use multiple numbers of times.
  • The carbon filter can also be replaced when worn out. You can simply get a new filter and you are good to go.
  • The Biox anti-pollution mask is made of easy breathable fabric and is comfortable to wear.
  • It is lightweight and easy to wear; you can use this anti-pollution mask for long hours without being uncomfortable and without sweating.
  • The Biox anti-pollution mask is fitted with a valve which makes breathing through a mask very easy. You will not feel short of breath.
  • This anti-pollution mash is available only online, this ensures that the customer receives a genuine item only. This minimizes the risk of fake products being circulated in the brand’s name.
  • The Biox anti-pollution mask website is offering an exclusive 50% discount to its buyers. Early birds can also avail of free shipping on their orders.
  • You can wear the Biox anti-pollution mask and now step out confidently, without the fear of being attacked by an airborne virus and bacteria.
  • There are many attractive combos available on the website for buyers. You can now buy Biox anti-pollution mask for your friends, family and loved ones at great prices.

Price for the Biox anti-pollution mask

The Biox anti-pollution mask can only be bought online, on the product’s official homepage. The company is currently offering a 50% discount on its product and also various discounted price options for bulk purchase. The initial orders can also benefit from the promotional offer of free shipping on their orders. Following are the price options for the Biox anti-pollution mask:

  • 1 Biox anti-pollution mask for 55 USD, discount applied is 35%
  • 2 Biox anti-pollution masks for 89 USD (44 USD each) discount applied is 40 %
  • 3 Biox anti-pollution masks for 97 USD (32 USD each) discount applied is 50 %
  • 4 Biox anti-pollution masks for 112 USD (28 USD each) discount applied is 60 %

You can select any of the above-mentioned combos and avail these attractive discounts and get the safety and assurance of good health, your family needs.

Cons of the Biox anti-pollution mask

  • The Biox anti-pollution mask is not available at local stores, you cannot just go around the corner to buy it.
  • The product is available online only, so you need to be aware of how to shop online and have a stable internet connection.
  • The Biox anti-pollution mask is available in one size only, which is meant to fit adults. There is no customized size for children available.

What are the customers saying?

In this time of world crisis, an anti-pollution mask is the need of the hour. It is best to be pre-prepared and to take all safety precautions now, only then will we emerge from this pandemic unscathed. People all over the globe are buying Biox anti-pollution masks. Let us hear from them, how are they benefitting from this product.

I have been reading the news and constantly follow the news to keep track of the recent developments happening in our environment. Off late, however, there is only one topic on every news channel; the Coronavirus pandemic. Initially, when the news began to surface, we all that it is in China, all the way over in Asia, we are safe in our homes here and then suddenly before we knew, it sneaked up on us. We were unprepared and instantly spiraled into a state of panic. That is when we started seeing the awareness drives telling us to wear masks to protect ourselves. I started to search for one instantly. The Biox anti-pollution masks with its advanced formula seemed like a wise choice then. I quickly bought a pack of four for my family and me and the order was delivered pretty quickly. The company was kind enough to offer decent prices and discounts even in such a state where they could easily be up-selling their product. – Jasmine

I have been plagued with allergies every time the season changes. The pollen in the air just sets me in a sneezing frenzy. Every couple of months I have to pop in those anti-allergic pills, which somehow always make me drowsy. Besides this whole routine had become quite irksome. I wanted more of a preventive measure instead of a curative one; that’s when my doctor advised me to wear a face mask. I looked at many options and like the features of Biox anti-pollution mask the best. It is been 2 months since I have been using this mask and I must say it has controlled my allergies tremendously. – Alister


With the tremendous rise in atmospheric pressure, our lungs are working overtime to filter the polluted air you breathe in and often catch infections in the process. It is time we made it easy on our body and give it a helping hand. Biox anti-pollution mask will help you do that. With these anti-pollution masks the air you breathe will be devoid of the harmful virus and bacteria, dust and toxins. Your lungs will get clean life-giving oxygen.

The Biox anti-pollution mask’ s ability to keep out the air-borne pathogens also provides you protection from the ongoing pandemic and you can finally, step out confidently, without having to fear the virus. Biox anti-pollution mask is the best way to ensure that you and your loved ones stay safe and free of illnesses and get only clean and fresh air in your system.

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