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Are you a man whose sex drive has dropped drastically due to your advancing age? Or are you still young but not able to sexually satisfy your partner due to your performance in bed? Irrespective of the issue, what if we tell you that you can bid adieu to all your sexual woes by only taking a male enhancement supplement? Yes, you heard it absolutely right! In this post, we will be reviewing a medically approved enhancement supplement called Bioinvitagen. This product boasts of helping men combat all the sexual issues that they commonly have to confront in their lives. It claims to address various sexual problems to help men continue living a sexually satisfied lives with their partner. Are you already excited to know all about Bioinvitagen? Then read on.

Bioinvitagen Review

About Bioinvitagen

Bioinvitagen is one of the best male enhancement supplements in the market today. It is a blend of natural ingredients, all of which are clinically proven to help restore your sexual youth.

This male enhancement supplement boasts of a dual action formula that will provide you with an instant surge in both your sexual power as well as performance. Bioinvitagen is a prosexual nutrient matrix that can help you reach your peak performance, so that both you as well as your partner can continue to pleasure each other just like you did in your early 20’s.

As compared to its counterparts, Bioinvitagen uses a breakthrough absorption and extended release technology that allows the supplement to be easily absorbed into your bloodstream. This helps in delivering an instant surge of sexual power and also helps you enjoy sustained results that last for a long period of time.


 Bioinvitagen is made of completely natural ingredients that have been proven to help with sexual issues in men. The ingredients used in this dietary supplement are as follows.

  • L-arginine – It is an essential amino acid that is found naturally in many sources if food like poultry, dairy, and also in some fish and green leafy vegetables. This compound is one of the most important ingredients used in Bioinvitagen as it helps in the production of nitric oxide. Increased production of nitric oxide further helps in boosting blood circulation in your body, including your penile chambers and helps you stay erect for longer.
  • Asian red ginseng extracts – This extract is derived from the perennial plant that grows in the mountains of Eastern Asia. It is a very popular ingredient in Chinese medicine and is often used to treat sexual issues like erectile dysfunction in men. The active components in this plant are called ginsenosides and they are known to help in boosting your energy and can thus also help in increasing your libido.
  • Saw palmetto berry – It is extracted from a small palm called saw palmetto. These berries are often used in many herbal formulations owing to its medicinal properties. It is mainly used to prevent the breakdown of testosterone in the body so as to help the level of the hormone to increase in males. Most cases of sexual dysfunction in males are a result of low testosterone levels and saw palmetto berries can help in reversing this.
  • Horny goat extract weed – It is derived from the horny goat weed plant. This plant is known by many other names like barrenwort and bishop’s hat as well. It is widely used to treat erectile dysfunction and low libido. It works by preventing the arteries in the penis from blocking. This helps in promoting the flow of blood to the penile chambers of men, thereby helping men achieve longer lasting erections.
  • Piperine – It is the main alkaloid present in black pepper that gives the latter its pungency. Piperine is believed to increase the level of free testosterone in males, thereby helping in increasing their sex drive.

It is quite clear now that Bioinvitagen uses some of the best ingredients to help men increase both their sexual performance as well as energy all naturally.

How Does Bioinvitagen Work?

As we have already discussed in the previous section, Bioinvitagen gets all its beneficial properties from the ingredients used in making it. One of the main factors responsible for getting an erection and keeping it is the flow of blood to your penile chambers. When you take Bioinvitagen, it stimulates the production of nitric oxide in your body. This, in turn, results in increased blood flow to your penis and increases its holding capacity.

The subsequent expansion of your penile chambers helps in adding a few inches to both girth and length of your penis. As a result, you get to enjoy increased sexual stamina and strength.

The formulation of Bioinvitagen is such that it helps the ingredients it is composed of to be rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream, thereby delivering an instant surge of sexual power to its users. The extended release technology that this supplement uses helps its users enjoy sustained results that lasts all night long.

Bioinvitagen functions by triggering two significant mechanisms that help in increasing the size of the penis as well as one’s sexual performance. This male enhancement supplement firstly works toward increasing the level of free testosterone in the body. Low testosterone levels is one of the leading causes of sexual disorders in males. Secondly, Bioinvitagen prompts the production of nitric oxide in its users, thereby enhancing the flow of blood to the penile chambers. Therefore, men can get to have harder erections that last for a longer time period.

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Benefits of Bioinvitagen

Bioinvitagen offers its users a multitude of sexual benefits that helps you enjoy harder erections as well as increased stamina and sexual energy. The following are all the sexual benefits that men can experience from regular consumption of this advanced male enhancement supplement.

  • Increased sex drive and libido – Men can experience an increase in their sex drive once they start consuming Bioinvitagen. The ingredients in this supplement are proven to have a positive impact on the sex drive of males and also assures to help in restoring your sexual performance.
  • Harder erections – Those battling erectile dysfunction will not be disappointed with this product as it claims to help one achieve harder erections. This is made possible with the increased flow of blood to the penis.
  • Longer lasting erections – This is another important benefit men can experience from taking Bioinvitagen. The enhanced blood flow to the penis don’t just help you get a harder erection, but will also assure that it lasts for a longer time. Hence, those who are struggling with premature ejaculation will not go wrong with this male enhancement dietary supplement.
  • Increased penis size– The increased blood flow to your penis causes your penile chambers to expand so that they can facilitate more blood. Hence, you ought to observe a slight increase in the length and girth of your penis as well.
  • Increased sexual confidence – Once you start observing a positive difference in your sexual performance and energy, you ought to feel a lot more confident in bed as compared to before.

Bioinvitagen can help you experience all the sexual benefits discussed above upon regular use.

Pricing, Money Back Guarantee, And Refund Policy

Bioinvitagen is extremely efficient and thus is a little expensive as compared to many other male enhancement supplements in the market.

One bottle of this product will cost you $88.31 and it will last you an entire month.

Bioinvitagen is also offering a 14-day trial to new customers. To avail this trial, you will have to visit the official website of the product and follow the directions. You will be charged for both the shipping and handling of the product and this fee will be non-refundable. If you place a return request before the completion of the trial, you can return the product and will not have to make any additional payment for it.

However, if you continue using it without cancelling the trial, you will be charged for the product the day after the trial ends. The money will be deducted from the credit or debit card that you provided at checkout.

bioinvitagen trial

Biovintagen also provides 100% money back guarantee to all its customers. You will get 30 days to decide whether you want to continue using this supplement or if you want to return it.

To return the product, you will have to contact the customer service of Bioinvitagen and attain a Return Merchandise number. You can return both used and unused products if you are unsatisfied with the performance of Bioinvitagen.

The return address for the product is as follows.

Bioinvitagen Returns Department

Fulfillment Center:

PO Box 15911, Tampa FL 33684

You can contact the customer service of Bioinvitagen via phone as well as email.

Phone – 1-844-274-8916

Email – [email protected]

Side Effects

Bioinvitagen boasts of an all-natural formulation and thus the chances of it causing any adverse reactions in its users are close to nil.

However, there are chances for some individuals to be allergic to certain ingredients in Bioinvitagen. Hence, those prone to allergies are advised to talk to a physician before taking any additional supplements.

Men below 18 years of age should not take any male enhancement products and must give their body enough time to develop completely before taking any additional supplements.

Customer Reviews

Here are some experiences that the users of Bioinvitagen have had with the product.

John – My sex life with my wife of 8 years had taken a hit and it was clearly affecting my marriage as well. As you age, you often forget the importance of sex in your day to day lives. I was no more as interested in sex as I was during my early adulthood. But, that was a problem with me and not with my partner. She was a woman with normal libido and I am glad I realised that I wasn’t able to sexually satisfy her before it was too late. It was my brother who suggested that I give Bioinvitagen a try as he too had experienced positive results with it. I am elated with the results myself and would highly recommend Bioinvitagen to all the men dealing with sexual problems!

Shawn – No matter how hard I tried, I always end up ejaculating prematurely during sexual intercourse and this has had a negative impact on my sexual confidence. But, ever since I started taking Bioinvitagen, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in ny staying power. My girlfriend is also ecstatic with the results and I am getting to enjoy the best sex of my life now. I am not just a lot more in control of my ejaculations, but also very confident in bed. This has had a positive impact on my relationship with my partner in general as well. I will forever be grateful to Bioinvitagen and would suggest every man out there to give this male enhancement a try!

Conclusion – The Final Verdict

Bioinvitagen is an advanced male enhancement formula that can help men get longer lasting erections and may also help them add a few inches to the size of their penile chambers. It is formulated using some powerful ingredients that are completely natural yet effective and thus provides its users with long-term benefits. This supplement utilizes a rapid absorption and extended release technology to assure that its users get to experience optimum sexual benefits. In addition to helping men get harder erections that last for a longer time, Bioinvitagen is also observed for the positive effect it has on the sex drive of males. It helps in promoting the production of nitric oxide in its users, thus promoting blood flow to their penile chambers. It is as a result of this increased blood flow to the penis that men can enjoy harder erections from using this supplement.

The best part about Bioinvitagen is that it doesn’t cause any side effects due to its natural composition. Hence, you can use this supplement confidently without having to worry about consuming any artificial or synthetic ingredients. Men who are still sceptical about purchasing Bioinvitagen can avail its 14-day trial offer as it will give them enough time to decide whether the supplement stands up to its claims or not. This product is selling out at lightning speed, so better hurry and place an order for it as soon as you can!

bioinvitagen reviews

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