Best Diabetes Apps of 2020

Irrespective of which type of diabetes you are battling, it is pretty important to understand the interaction between the food you eat, your daily physical activity, and your blood sugar. You may find it to be quite overwhelming if you begin keeping a count of your carbohydrate intake, A1C glucose, glycemic index, wright, and so on. Hence, the requirement of an application to track all of these at once becomes even more prominent. There are many phone applications out there that have been designed to simplify the experience of tracking and learning.

Today, in this post, we will have a look at some of the best diabetes apps of 2020 that can help you keep a track of all your diabetes concerns under one roof.

  1. MySugr
  2. Fooducate
  3. Health2Sync
  4. My Net Diary Calorie Counter Pro
  5. BG Monitor Diabetes Pro
  6. Diabetes Connect
  7. Glucose Buddy
  8. OneTouch Reveal
  9. BeatO

diabetes app

  1. MySugr

With its customizable and intuitive dashboard, this application has the ability to be in sync with your glucose monitor. It is this very function of MySugr that sets it apart from the other applications having the same orientation. Additionally, there are other features in this application that can help you make the most of it by helping you set reminders to follow-up with more data such as your blood sugar levels to post a strenuous workout. The data and chart within MySugr is quite easy to access and present to your physician during your next appointment. This paves way for you to have a one-on-one discussion with your doctor regarding the lifestyle changes you should make considering your chart readings recorded in the application.

  1. Fooducate

This diabetes application is quite a favorite among the masses and has garnered a rating of 4.7 and 4.4 from iPhone and Android users respectively. Fooducate is based on the belief that knowledge is power and this is quite evident in the way this application works by supporting you in figuring out which foods out there are best for you considering your present health condition. As you must already be knowing, none of the foods out there are created equal when it comes to their sugar content. This is where Fooducate comes to your rescue. It helps you scan for the foods that you are planning on consuming so that you are well reversed with its calorie count, nutritional facts, and added sugar content.

  1. Health2Sync

If you are looking for a diabetes-tracking application that is both convenient to use and also provides you with an insight into a diabetes log that is digital, then Health2Sync can be your perfect companion. The dashboard provided by this application can help summarize your recent blood glucose history. This reading is presented in a color-coded distribution. Furthermore, you can also invite your near and dear ones to this application so that even those close to you can reap its benefits.

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  1. My Net Diary Calorie Counter Pro

Those who have been on the lookout for an application that works best for tracking diabetes without burning a hole in their pockets can count on My Net Diary Calorie Counter Pro for taking care of all diabetes-related stuff for them. This application functions mainly as a calorie counter and is created by keeping diabetic individuals in mind. It fulfills all the duties of a calorie counter including that of tracking A1C, blood pressure, blood glucose levels, as well as your total intake of carbohydrate-rich foods. Furthermore, this application also provides in-depth reports and comprehensive tracking of your health that helps you understand how your current lifestyle choices are impacting your overall well-being.

  1. BG Monitor Diabetes Pro

Another application that allows you to successfully monitor your blood glucose level while also acting as the perfect diabetes log is the BG Monitor Diabetes Pro. All you have to do to start using this amazing application is to insert your target numbers into it and your insulin will be calculated for you automatically. By using this application, you can directly move your log into it rather than noting it down on paper. This way, you can leverage your data analytics in such a way that it helps chart your trends while also assisting you in making smarter health choices. Other important features of BG Monitor Diabetes Pro helps you share important information related to your current health condition with your loved ones and healthcare providers. It also helps you program multiple reminders so that you can take some time off from worrying about managing diabetes and instead spend more time doing things that you love.

  1. Diabetes Connect

Diabetics looking for an application that can be used to control their condition by switching the feature on or off depending on one’s use must give Diabetes Connect a go. This application helps you track a variety of your health aspects including your weight, diet, blood sugar levels and much more. In addition to allowing you to store all such significant information in one spot, this application further also allows you to sync the data in hand across several other devices. You will also be able to avail access to your dashboard via a web browser or the application itself for better viewing. Diabetes Connect also makes it possible to print out your data so that you can share it with your healthcare provider with ease. This application has been given a rating of 4.5 by both iOS as well as Android users and is thus a great choice for all diabetics out there.

  1. Glucose Buddy

If you have a Dexcom glucometer and have been longing to use it effectively, then here is your chance to do just that with the Glucose Buddy application. This application is designed to connect to any Dexcom glucometer so that you aren’t just logging your numbers manually but also tracking your steps, diet, and exercise regime. Although this application is available free of cost, if you wish to avail of some of its best features, you will have to subscribe to any of its plans for an ad-free experience and also to report your A1C in-depth. The customizable display option that comes with this application makes it easy-to-use for every individual, irrespective of whether you are tech-savvy or not. iOS users have rated Glucose Buddy 4.8, which further

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  1. OneTouch Reveal

Those looking for an application with automatic insights ought to find what they have been looking for all along in OneTouch Reveal. This app is designed to assist OneTouch Verio Flex meter. It uses your blood glucose readings to spot a trend and push notifications accordingly so that you are alerted to take action. Another impressive feature of OneTouch is that it plots all the significant trend events so that ongoing patterns are easy for you to spot. The data entered into this app can also be reviewed by your physician so that your care plan can be adjusted accordingly. The interface of this application is color-coded and thus helps you to easily keep a track of your daily readings.

  1. BeatO

This application functions by pulling data almost instantly from the BeatO glucometer. It thus helps your smartphone turn into a glucometer. Even those using a different glucose monitor can use this application to log their glucose levels manually. The best feature of BeatO is that it is backed by a team of medical experts who are ready with a reminder whenever your levels are off. This team also helps in guiding you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Apart from applications, if you are still looking for something different to battle diabetes, we highly advise that you give Halki Diabetes Remedy a try! This book is written by Eric Whitfield and comprises some amazing remedies that will help you tackle diabetes all naturally! The crux of this program is practicing a 60-second habit twice daily, which was supposedly practised by the inhabitants of an Aegean island named Halki. To find out more about this secret habit and much more, you will have to get hold of this book online!

Meanwhile, here are a few tips that you can try to manage the progress of diabetes:

  • Exercise regularly to lose weight and also to increase insulin sensitivity
  • Limit your intake of carbohydrate-rich foods
  • Increase your fiber intake to slow down the digestion of the carbohydrates as well as sugar absorption
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and keep your blood sugar levels in the healthy range
  • Eat a controlled portion of food at every meal to consequently control any further weight gain
  • Choose foods that have a low glycemic index to lower blood glucose levels naturally in the long run
  • Manage your stress levels as hormones released due to increased stress can cause your blood glucose levels to go up
  • Monitor your blood glucose levels regularly
  • Get ample sleep and rest regularly as sleep deprivation may have a negative impact on your blood glucose levels
  • Eat foods that are a rich source of chromium and magnesium

Adapting to these tips on a regular basis can help do wonders when it comes to managing your blood sugar levels. You can choose any of the above apps to chart your diabetes readings as per your requirement. Also, don’t forget to try diabetes freedom to battle diabetes in the most effective yet natural way!

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