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Dogs are our best friends in every way, but some times even best friends need boundaries. While they’re adorable, dogs can also be aggressive, loud, and impossible to control. Most people, when they encounter these problems with their dogs, prefer to drop hundreds of dollars on dog trainers. If that doesn’t help, they give up their dogs for adoption, despite loving their dogs. This is a heartbreaking situation that can be easily solved.

If you are someone who cannot afford to hire a dog trainer, there exist several non-violent devices that can help you. When you train your dog by yourself, you not only discipline but also connect with them. Who wouldn’t want both a disciplined dog and a better connection with their dog in one go?

Ultrasonic dog training devices are your shortcut to this reality. These devices are a boon for dog trainers. Even dog owners who don’t have big bucks to spend on trainers and would like to train their dogs at home can make use of them.

You need no prior expertise in handling dogs. If you just live in an area with a lot of dogs and want to get home safely without dogs following you, this device will save you. It works on dogs of all breeds and sizes. You can expect your intimidating german shepherd to follow it as smoothly as your dachshund will.


About BarXBuddy

BarXStop is essentially a bark controlling device. It helps dogs stop barking by emitting sounds of higher frequency that calms them. These sounds are inaudible to human ears, but dogs can hear and respond to them.

The device has been created to be lightweight and pocket-sized, which makes it easy to carry anywhere. Just pop it in the pocket of your jacket or jogging pants when you are taking your dog out for a walk. With one device, you can train your dog as well as keep strays away.

How Does BarXBuddy Work?

It is basic science that dogs can hear sounds in frequencies that humans can’t. This is why advanced devices like dog whistles exist. This device works by emitting sounds in a frequency that only dogs can hear. Neither humans nor other animals in the house will be able to hear the sound this device emits. The device can work from distances up to 50 feet and boasts of 3 modes.

barxbuddy review

How To Use BarXBuddy

BarXBuddy is extremely easy to use. Even if you have never had a dog before, you will find that having this device in your hand will help you discipline your dog well. Just follow these simple steps:

  • When your dog starts doing the thing you want them to stop, calmly go to them with the device in hand.
  • Position yourself where they can see you and the device in your hand clearly.
  • Press the button. The device will start emitting an ultrasonic sound. Your dog will now stop what it is doing
  • Now that you have your dog’s attention, speak your instructions clearly and loudly. If you are using the device outside and would just like to shoo away a stray dog, do that now.
  • For more stubborn dogs, supplement the ultrasonic sound with visual stimulation from the LED light. This will get their attention.
  • Reward your dog after they follow an instruction you have given. This helps reinforce good behavior in the minds of dogs.
  • Keep the device handy so that you can repeat these steps with your dog as often necessary. Only repetition and practice will help your dog learn good behavior!

Is BarXBuddy Safe To Use?

If we’re talking about the safety of using it, then this product is both easy and safe to use for you. You will not need to go too close to an aggressive dog if you are trying to calm it down. It will work very well from a distance.

If you are worried that the device might cause pain or harm to the dog you are using it on, you can rest easy. The ultrasonic frequency used by this device is very comfortable for dogs. The device is completely harmless and just uses a little sound science to whisper in your dog’s ears.

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Benefits of BarXBuddy

Affordable And Easy To Use

If you compare the hundreds of dollars you spend on dog trainers to the cost of this device, it will be clear, which is more affordable. This doesn’t mean dog trainers have become redundant – you will need the help of a trainer to teach your dog complex commands. But for basic disciplining, this device is your friend and savior. All you need to do is click one button to make your dog calm down and obey commands.

Harmless And Painless

A common myth surrounding ultrasonic devices is that they make a dog obey commands by inducing pain through sound. This is absolutely false. This device simply uses higher frequencies to get a dog’s attention. Dogs can comfortably listen and respond to higher frequencies than humans can.

Works On All Breeds And Sizes

It is a common misconception that ultrasonic devices work differently for different dog breeds. Some also think that big dogs are not as responsive to ultrasonic sound as small dogs. These are simply myths. All dogs are equally sensitive to ultrasonic sounds and will obey you when you have this device in hand.

Visual Stimulus

Some dogs are simply don’t have the attention span to respond to just sound. Or they are too stubborn. If your dog is one of these, the LED device in this device will help. It will supplement the ultrasonic sound with a visual aid to

Works From Distance

You can have dog-phobia, or a dog can simply too aggressive to approach it directly. If your purpose is just to drive a dog away, this device can help you out. You don’t need to be too close to a dog for it to work. Simply press the button from a safe distance and watch the dog run away.

Purchase & Price of BarXBuddy

The manufacturer’s are offering the product in 3 steal deals that you don’t want to miss out on. For a limited time, the official website is offering 50% off on their products as well as free shipping. Also, you can choose from 3 value-for-money packages:

  • 1 BarXBuddy device costs $39.95. This is the only deal that charges a separate shipping fee of $7.95.
  • 2 BarXBuddy devices cost $66.95, with free shipping.
  • 3 BarXBuddy devices cost $82.95, with free shipping.
  • 4 BarXBuddy devices cost $97.95, with free shipping.

The official website accepts all major credit cards and Paypal. The makers of this product also provide you additional lifetime protection and replacement warranty on all their products for the tiny cost of $4.29.


Refund Policy Of BarXBuddy

It is common to not like a product after you order it or be dissatisfied. Or receive a damaged product. In case that happens with this device, the manufacturers provide a 30-day window for you to send the unopened product back with the original packaging.


What Is BarXBuddy?
BarXStop is a pocket-sized ultrasonic device used to train dogs.

How Does BarXBuddy Work?
The device emits an ultrasonic sound that only dogs can hear. It also has an LED light to capture a dog’s attention. It will help calm aggressive dogs, train them and shoo strays away from your home.

Who Can Use BarXBuddy?
Anyone from dog owners and trainers to anyone who is scared of dogs can safely use the device.

Is BarXBuddy Safe For My Dog?
Dogs can safely hear frequencies that humans can’t. This device simply emits ultrasonic sounds that dogs can hear and respond to. It is completely safe for both domesticated and stray dogs.

Where Can I Buy BarXBuddy?
You can only purchase BarXStop from the official website of the manufacturers.

Can I Return BarXBuddy If I Don’t Like It?
Absolutely! The manufacturers of the product provide a 30-day return window if you are dissatisfied with the product.

Will I Get My Money Back?
If you send the product back unused, with the original packaging intact, your money will be refunded. But without the shipping fee and taxes.

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  • This device is completely harmless and painless for dogs.
  • The device does not need you to be very close to dogs. If you want to use it to drive strays away, you can do it from far away.
  • The device works equally well for dogs of all breeds and all sizes.
  • For stubborn dogs who don’t respond well to ultrasonic sound, the device has an LED light that provides visual aid.
  • The size of the device is very manageable and fits in a pocket.


  • It can only be bought from the official website.
  • You will need to keep it handy at all times if you want it to work. This doesn’t always work out.
  • This device cannot teach your dog to bark selectively – there might be times you want them to bark and they won’t.
  • The effects of this device will not just be limited to your dog, but for all dogs in the range of the device. This can include other pets at home as well as neighborhood dogs.

Customer Testimonials

Gary – My neighbor has 4 dogs who make a ruckus in the yard all day when he’s off to work. That’s also the time my wife usually goes to bed with our newborn. But the dogs were not letting either of them sleep. My baby would wake up terrified and my wife was unable to catch up on sleep. It was really cutting into our family life. Talking to my neighbor was useless so I just got online and bought this device one day. Now the dogs stay calm in the yard all day. BarXBuddy saved my marriage – I’m not kidding! I don’t come home to a cranky wife and a bawling baby anymore. My wife is well-rested and my baby is in a good mood. It has made such a difference in our lives.

Jess – We love to travel as a family, and this includes my lab Sheila. A year ago, we got into a minor accident and Sheila developed road anxiety. Our fun hiking trips with the dog turned into nightmares. Sheila wouldn’t stop whining and drooling and crying as soon as we started the car. I really wanted to help her start enjoying life again so I bought BarXBuddy after asking our vet. I cannot believe how calming this device is for our dog. With a single click of the button, Sheila calms down instantly and stays that way during the entire ride. A year ago it didn’t look possible that we could travel again with her. But we’ve just got back from the best hiking trip of our lives! Thank you BarXBuddy.

Rahul – After my dad died, I adopted his loud dachshund Mark who barks all day. I work from home and was finding this difficult to handle. It was so annoying that I almost considered putting him up for adoption. But I also really didn’t want to give my dad’s dog away. BarXBuddy helped me settle Mark’s bouts of barking. He also seems much more relaxed now that he’s not draining himself by barking all the time. We’re best friends now and I’m so glad I don’t have the make the tough decision of sending him away!


Despite being the best friends of humans, dogs can be quite bothersome sometimes. From incessant barking to aggression, they can impact your life even if you don’t have a dog personally and just live around them.

Training is all well and good. But sometimes you need additional help to manage your dog’s aggression. BarXBuddy is a device that speaks to dogs on our behalf, in a language they understand. It is easily one of the most popular devices used to train dogs. It uses ultrasonic frequency, which doesn’t harm dogs at all to teach them stuff. No more yelling at your dog or resorting to violent training methods. You can be best friends with your dog while teaching them good behavior.

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